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    the realm of Provedence

    by , 11-14-2016 at 06:32 AM (264 Views)
    Unlike most dreams where I type them here primarily for my own benefit, when I woke up I had a strong compulsion to inform others about this place. I have no idea why, but its hereanyways, so, take from it (if anything) what you will.

    I'm part of an archeological team investigating a large circular marking in the middle of the floor in what might have been an old church. I touch the circle and I'm transported to a large room (which I understand to be an entirely different realm called provedence, located underneath the disc which comprises this particular dreamworld.) where a disc- like object that has the world map etched on it is rotating. I touch the disc where I believe North America is and I'm suddenly transported to the skies above where I touched it. Water is gushing down from the sky and I understand that this is the source of all waterfalls in the world. They all begin with the sky. Thanks to a parachute (which I apparently just had on me) I make it back to earth safely.

    Some time passes and now knowledge of provedence is common. People from all over the world visit. Turns out that hthe map isn't all there is in there. All of mankind possesses a "destiny force" (I'm stealing from Marvel) that allows them to influence the universe, even down to the physical laws and provedence enhances these abilities. Because of this Earth has become a utopis, as everyone uses provedence to fulfill there own desires . War etc. is simply not needed. When not in use provedence is gauarded by two men who I understand to be trustworthy.

    More time passes and I experience a false awakening. When I "get up", I see that my sister is in my room sleeping under a folded up cardboard box. I wke her and explain to her about provedence (why I hadn't done so behorehand is anyone's guess). We go there, but a friend of hers (who may be imaginary, yet simultaneously real, however that works.) informs her that he cannot go there. Only humans can. He seems genuinly scared of the place. This next scene could have happened whenever, but I think here is the likliest place for it. I'm in provedence, which is now a white void, yet it still possessees a serene quality. With me are a group of people who I think are naked (no idea if I am) and together we use the power in provednce to make ourselves more and more serene and calm and peaceful. We reach a maximum level and then through sheer willpower we surpass that too. It honestly felt beautiful and I'd be glad to revisit this place again just for that.

    More time passes. The world is now unpleasent in some non-specific way. It is understood that provedence has something to do with God. An old man now controls provedence and is using it to make the world unpleasent. A group of people (all of whom may have been the same type of psuedoimaginary people from earlier) are backing away from the entrence to provedence (now on the ceiing) in pain or discomfort. And so it ends.

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