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    And she's human again!

    by , 07-04-2014 at 08:36 AM (304 Views)
    Had a successful Wild and immediately went to look for Ophelia. No annoying mazes this time. She was right outside my door. She was even human: a blond, thin woman in a red dress. She possessed a creepy smile that reminded me of Robot chicken and Wallace and Gromit. She waved, said "hi" and, now that my task was complete, I immediately left her.

    My awareness began to fade from this point onwards. While I'm not sure how I arrived there, I found myself in a separate room having sex with that woman from the dove commercial, involving the cactus.

    Complete loss of awareness here. In keeping with the recent theme of gaming (guess what new reality check is), I was playing a bizarre version of the Wonderful 101, involving Shrek characters. I remember a scene where Shrek and Fiona grab onto a rope that takes them to Jergingha's lair. At some point, my mom decided she wanted to play and I handed the controller to her. She was dreadful and couldn't grasp the controls at all. Just as I was about to help her, the dream ended.

    I noticed a recurring pattern at the onset of this dream: my hypagogic sensations often consist of the same tune playing decently loudly. This song seems to act as a "success" jingle, informing me that I am withing seconds of the dream.
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