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    A typical breakfast.

    by , 02-05-2014 at 08:37 AM (230 Views)
    Due to having to rush off to college shortly, this dream is a vague fragment.

    Firstly, a missed lucid opportunity. My favorite pair of trousers has the bottom of one of the legs slightly torn off. In the dream, said trousers had this part loose, but still attached, as opposed to cut off, like it usually is. I noticed this was unusual, but didn't become lucid.

    Secondly, I was in my kitchen, sorting out everyone's breakfast: hot cross buns, for whatever reason. Aside from being quite vivid, there isn't much to this dream, other than my mother informed me that I could eat them all. Apparently, she wasn't hungry. Before I could enjoy my meal, the alarm went off.

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