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    Unfinished grave world for unpleasent people

    by , 10-28-2016 at 04:51 AM (268 Views)
    Elderly couple own a castle, which they market as a resort of some kind. Have a general unpleasent air and look downright decrepid. They die and wind up in a void, filled with floating bits of land, as well as an upside down 1920s style car with a street light hanging from the bottom of it. They navigate this tiny unfinished world and discover at the end their graves. Come to a realisation that this is their final resting place , but it was discarded by the creator. Due to this, if they can "survive" (no idea what from, an infinite drop, maybe?), they wil eventually "drift" back into their mortal bodies.

    Before they do, a voice from the void describes their adoption of a little girl as a "sham". My dream self (sometimes an observer, sometimes the oldman) considers to be a euphamism for a far worse fate they had in store for the girl. No specifics are given but it implies abuse cruelty. They eventually return to the normal world, only to almost immediately go back to the grave world, which now has a different layout of its mini landmasses. They begin the brief journey again.

    Very chilling and eerie dream. The old couple resemble a realistic depiction of Victor's parents from Corpse Bride with a few more years on them.

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    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable