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    1. [ENGLISH] 21/8 - 22/8 2011 Lucid: DWA visit no. 1 (in a shopping street)

      by , 08-23-2011 at 10:50 AM (Spyguy's DJ)
      It started in a sports stadium. I was watching Ajax vs Feyenoord with my classmates. They weren't just playing soccer though. It was some sort of mix of a lot of sports. When it was time for the break, we went back inside. I lost my classmates, but I was in some sort of castle. I walked down a corridor and looked at my watch. I have been using my watch as a sort of anchor over the past few days as an experiment. It made me lucid So I went into the main hall of the castle. It was a sort of crossover between Hogwarts and my RL school. I met 3 very good looking girls of my age. One of them gave me a card that said 'congratz on getting lucid!' She kissed me the way people do on a birthday party. She then asked me if i wanted to sleep with her. I kindly refused, cuz I had another dream goal i wanted to fulfill. I wanted to follow a class on Sharingan in the DWA. I looked around me. The entrance to castle was in a busy shopping street. The castle must have looked like a shop from the outside, cuz i could see some vitrines with stuff in them. If you entered the building, the sports stadium was somewhere to the right. The 3 girls were sitting on some steps in front of a door. The door was located right in front when you entered. I realized that i was already in the academy. I decided to take the other corridor; the one to the left. That is where the classrooms were. I went to the 1st floor knowing my class would be there. Sure enough, it was. A teacher came to get me and told me the Sharingan class was moved to the next day. I forgot that it was MY decision when i followed that class. So i went to the place which was the dining hall in my real school. Instead of tables and a catering service i found a dark room with a gigantic statue. It had the form of a Sharingan. I decided it was worth investigating. Floating above was a statue which resembled a Mangekyou Sharingan. I was about to fly up when i woke up instead.

      I still have no idea what was behind the door in front of the entrance. The girl who asked me to sleep with her pointed towards it, so i guess there were at least some bedrooms.

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