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    1. Past Life Memories?!

      by , 02-01-2016 at 06:16 AM (Dimension X)
      I think I discovered something pretty freaky. It's happened twice now, so there must be some significance.

      I believe I actually had a past life, and I've been seeing memories of this past life in my dreams. At first there were black and white grainy visions of people from the times of what looked like World War 2 that I've mentioned in a past entry. I know I've never seen those people before. The message I got from the visions is that I was in WW2, but I never put it together until now. Those visions happened a few months ago, so I never really thought anything of them. But... Maybe like 40 minutes ago, I awoke from another pretty freaky dream. It was 1998 in the dream, and I was back to being 2 years old. My vision was a little grainy too... My parents couldn't understand me when I tried to say anything and I spent almost the entire dream trying to convince them that my consciousness was transferred from 2016 back to 1998 somehow.

      However, there was this other part, where I stepped into the bathroom and I was instantly in the early to mid 60's. My parents hadn't even been born yet. My vision was far more grainy and there was a TV in the room, with some sort of late night talk show. There was a man and woman being interviewed, although the woman seemed to be the focus of the show. She was showing some sort of dress to the audience... She must have been a clothing designer. I don't remember what the dress looked like, but... Let's just say it totally wouldn't be in style right now. The show was focused on the dress for a little bit and then the program fizzled out.

      I sort of remember what the woman looked like...

      Time to do a bit of research.
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    2. Nature Game [DILD/WILD/WBTB]

      by , 11-21-2015 at 03:58 PM (Dimension X)
      I had a few LD's that were a combination of DILD, WILD, and WBTB.

      The DILD was just any other dream, I'm not sure what triggered it, but I looked at my hands and I realized I was dreaming. I began to just ask to my dream "Who is my dream guide?" I received no answer. Everything got bright and I woke up.

      I went to go back to sleep quickly, and I managed to get to the transition. I struggled to get through it, but when I did, I began to picture things, because I've learned that's very helpful when trying to get into the dream world. I usually just picture food, like a cheeseburger, or a slice of pizza.

      The dream I ended up in was like a video game. I was playing as... something. I'm not even sure who or what it was. It was a 3D platformer. I was out in artificial nature, I heard music and everything. It was definitely a video game. Weird. I got distracted by the world I was in and tried to remember the name of the game. I can't remember it now, dammit.

      My lucidity was lost a bit into the dream, but I still managed to have 2 more LD's.

      I'll only update my dream journal now when I have either a lucid dream, or a really long and memorable non-lucid dream.

      Or, any shorter dream, as long as it feels super important or significant for some reason.
    3. Spooky Transition and Empty Room [WILD]

      by , 10-29-2015 at 06:18 PM (Dimension X)
      Hooray, I had an LD the hard way again! Am I cool yet?

      Really though, I think this is the most aware and in control I've been for a WILD, so this honestly feels like the best one. Let me describe what happened.

      I did a WBTB without even really knowing it because I had trouble sleeping last night, and eventually I got to the transition. I'm not sure how, but I began to focus quite a bit. I began to think of visualizing things, so I thought "Hmm, let's try a sandwich." And I tried to imagine a sandwich floating in the darkness. It worked. It was kinda small, and looked like one from the Simpsons. It was there though, and after a few seconds it floated out of my field of vision. Then I thought "It worked! Let's try something else... A slice of pizza."
      The slice of pizza looked a little cartoony too, but it was there and did the same as the sandwich. I moved my eyes and it seemed like the pizza left a graphical trail. It floated out of my vision due to my eye movements. It was as though my eyes were making the visualizations have... graphical errors? It looked... glitchy. Then everything sort of went a bit haywire. I started seeing random stuff that looked like it was reminiscent of World War 2. That's what comes to mind at least. I silhouettes of soldiers standing in a lineup, some child's face, some military commander... All in a 1940's old black and white photo style. Pretty spooky if you ask me. There was a bunch of those types of pictures, and then out of nowhere, I appeared in a room. I did it. I was in the dream. I felt like I was still aware of my physical body though. If I tried to move my arm, it wouldn't budge and I could still feel it on the bed. If I tried to move my arm with my mind however... The one in the dream reacted. It worked. I was able to lift my arm to a doorknob and open the door. I didn't see anything behind it though, and I stayed in the room. It had two big open windows on the side opposite to the door, where light was flooding in. I saw some environment outside, but I can't say what it was or what it looked like. The floors were a golden brown hardwood, and my bed was in the room too. It was strangely empty. I felt like I was actually alone. For once, my dream wasn't all over the place and confusing. It was just me, in this empty room. Nothing was happening. There was no one else around at all. I woke up shortly after.

      I think this is the most stable LD I've had. I need to have more of these...
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    4. Non-detailed Dream Week

      by , 10-22-2015 at 10:34 PM (Dimension X)
      I've had a bunch of dreams every night for the past week, although I haven't written them down because either there's been too many to keep track of, or they're not detailed enough to get their own entry.

      But in each of them, I've been on the verge of lucidity. I think I was 50% lucid for a recent one, and I actually had a surprising amount of indirect control over everything.

      I am making progress, just not writing down anything unless it's worthwhile.
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    5. WILD Transition/Multiple Dreams Nightly

      by , 10-13-2015 at 11:53 PM (Dimension X)
      These past few nights have been great in terms of dreaming. Not only have I had exactly 3 dreams every night for the past 3 or 4 days, but I also conveniently wake up between each, giving me an opportunity to WILD each time. Not to mention it's helped me to finally be able to perform the transition properly... At least last night anyway.
      I was able to actually see the "hypnagogia" stuff, and it was more vivid than ever. Not only that, but I did make it into a lucid dream for a few seconds, rather than accidentally slipping into sleep paralysis and hearing weird noises. Hopefully I can try again and be more successful tonight. I do find this to be a little weird though... Suddenly having exactly 3 dreams each night...? It's very strange. I've also noticed that I have much more ease when it comes to remembering dialogue as well. I've even noticed that even when I'm having non-lucid dreams, I still feel like I'm on the brink of lucidity, and not a complete zombie trapped in the dream's "story" and just going along with it. This is the most regularly I've had lucid dreams in a long time, and I'm glad that I'm finally back in the saddle.
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    6. Finally Flying! [WILD]

      by , 10-11-2015 at 11:13 AM (Dimension X)
      I finally nailed the WILD technique, I suppose. Either way, this was the first lucid dream I had about flying... Well, the first proper one anyway.

      It felt so real. The only thing that bothered me is that everything was actually in black and white, and it seemed to be low quality. I looked down at my feet as I was flying, and I was leaving a smoke trail. I tried spinning around, and boosting to go faster... It all felt real, but it really didn't look real. I tried to add color to the background, but it just didn't work. Anyone have any tips on clarity? I could really use some...

      I'm also really excited, I think this is the most regularly I've ever had any lucid dreams.

      I just need to master the WILD and DILD techniques, since those seem to be the main ones I've used. And with this, I'm one step closer to that.
    7. Another DILD (HOORAY)

      by , 10-08-2015 at 04:20 AM (Dimension X)
      I'm beginning to get the hang of this, I think...!

      This was a short one, but while I was in the dream, it still felt like I had a sense of time. I think this was the first DILD I've had where I felt like I was actually there, as if I used the WILD technique.

      I'm not sure when, but I became lucid for no apparent reason in the dream. There was no obvious trigger that made it happen... But nevertheless, I was with my dad outside a store at night and I remember him leaving me at the store, but then I was hiding and I saw him get out of the truck and walk somewhere. I tried to stay hidden behind a fence as I watched him walk into a house.

      This dream was a lot longer than it may seem here, though...

      Does anyone have any tips for the DILD technique, other than the really obvious ones?
    8. First DILD With Control

      by , 10-05-2015 at 04:04 PM (Dimension X)
      HOLY SHIT, what a weird night. I must have had about 6-8 dreams, and I do remember most of them, but not enough for each to have its own entry.

      Instead, allow me to talk about the first DILD I had with control.

      It was pretty great.

      It basically just involved me standing in the middle of a road, with oncoming cars, and each time a car got to me, I would just smash it in some way, or just straight up throw it off the road. It was honestly so much fun.

      I'm not sure when I realized I was in a dream but I knew I wasn't in a lucid one before the car smashing started to happen.

      There was one car that I think was a drunk driver, and he sped straight into me, but I stopped the car in its tracks, and then smashed and threw it.

      Each car felt like I was smashing air at first, so I remember thinking "This doesn't feel realistic enough" so I was somehow able to add that I could feel the impact of each hit eventually.

      I think this is the most control I've ever had in a dream now. I didn't do anything else because smashing cars was too much fun, I suppose, eheheheheh... I knew I was in a dream for sure though. I could feel myself about to wake up, but I ignored it and stayed in the dream.

      I hope I have another one of these again.

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    9. Unknown WILD Thing

      by , 09-27-2015 at 07:11 PM (Dimension X)
      I'm not even sure what this was, to be honest.

      But I did the usual WILD technique, and then I was suddenly in the dream world, except I was just in the other room playing on my 3DS and shiny Pokemon hunting.

      I remember finding a shiny Pokemon but feeling super exhausted at the same time and falling asleep at the desk, only to slip back into consciousness.

      I'm not even sure this classifies as a lucid dream because I wasn't even aware I was dreaming, but I still felt like I was in one.

      I don't know.
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    10. First Proper DILD

      by , 09-22-2015 at 09:54 PM (Dimension X)
      YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS FINALLY. I had a DILD for the first time ever, really.

      I remember there was even one time a while ago where I was talking about lucid dreaming with my dad in a dream once and I still didn't become lucid, so I'm starting to feel a bit more confident now.

      This one ended up being a bit sexual, so I'm going to spare most of the unnecessary details. Now, it also didn't feel as real as I'd have liked it to feel, I still had that sort of disconnected feeling, which is why I've been trying the WILD method, but this was still an LD so I'm happy about it.

      At first, I was in some basement with maybe 1 or 2 other people and I don't remember exactly what was happening, but out of nowhere, some visual trigger popped up which caused me to go lucid. Go ahead and guess what it was. You won't guess it correctly. Go on, guess.


      I'l tell you what it was.

      It was as if it was on my laptop screen, brightly illuminated. It seemed like a hologram at the same time though. It was a snippet of information from THIS website. It looked like it was a thread/post with some information. I immediately recognized the dark blue style, and realized it was from here. Then it clicked. I was in a dream.

      I almost woke up, but I managed to stay asleep.

      Next thing I know, I'm outside of this building on the street following two... very attractive (Japanese?) women somewhere. No they weren't wearing anything.

      Yeah. I said it got sexual. But at the same time, I'm unsure about my level of lucidity from here on out. But I'm pretty sure I was at least somewhat aware.

      One of the women became separated from the other and I stayed with one and did some... questionable things. IT WAS GREAT. Nothing really too good though. All that I can really say is that her skin was really unusually soft and smooth. Pretty strange really.

      I remember her saying something like "I like shorter guys." for some reason.

      I was shorter than her though, so...?

      Either way, this was my first real DILD ever.


      Lucid dreaming is becoming a staple thought in my mind again, so this could help me have more LDs in the future.

      But I'm going to mainly focus on the WILD method.
    11. Old LD - Nightmareville

      by , 09-07-2015 at 06:01 PM (Dimension X)
      This is an old LD that I had around 8-10 months ago. It's still a lucid dream, so I figured I'd add it in now.

      I don't quite remember how it began, but the general setting was a dark town set in a old spooky Prague style. It was night time, and the sky held a large moon. It felt so real. I could feel the cold air on my face as soon as I arrived. I could even smell rain. The small town itself was in a circle shape around a circle cobble road, with some sort of mausoleum in the centre. On the outside of the road between the road and the houses, there was a spire fence surrounding it all. I've drawn it below, in case my description is lacking detail:

      That's what it all looked like. Nothing much happened, except I saw weird creatures, big and small, walking around and morphing into different shapes and other kinds of creatures. I remember trying to make someone appear to see if maybe they could help, but it wouldn't work.

      I'm not sure what to make of that creepy town. It seems important somehow.

      Any thoughts on this?

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    12. Dark Room/Alley - Populated Room (2 fragments)

      by , 09-04-2015 at 03:14 PM (Dimension X)
      Not too much detail for this, but this one involved being in either a dark room or an alleyway, and I remember it could be an alley because there was a police car circling the area. Maybe police being in my dreams is a representation of guilt? But I don't feel guilty about anything super important, so that's strange.

      Another fragment of a dream from last night is where I seemed to be in a dark building's entrance, passing by my parents, and going out into a big bright room with other people I know. ...This one ended up getting a little sexual, but that's not the point. It appears that the sexual portion was a result of mild lucidity, so that's a good sign I suppose.

      Both dreams from last night weren't very memorable and were small, but I need to write them down here regardless.~
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    13. Finally some control!

      by , 01-30-2013 at 10:58 PM (Dimension X)
      I had a sixth lucid dream last week, but forgot to write it here... (Whoops)

      But yes, I finally had control! It wasn't much, but it's a start. All I remember is being in this weird building, and there was a clock high up on the wall, and rather than the clock moving by itself, I appeared to be controlling where the hands were going, with my mind.

      Fairly short lucid... there was probably more, but like I said, I had this dream a week ago, so I guess I don't remember...
      Maybe it isn't so hard to control them as I thought it would be...

      ...No rating this time, lol.

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    14. 5th Lucid Dream But Really Short... :/

      by , 01-06-2013 at 12:57 AM (Dimension X)
      Ok so after 2 months or so, I finally have another lucid dream. Since after summer, I've been busy with high school so it's even tougher to have LD's now because I have to wake up early for school. It was weird that I had this one... Anyways, like the title says, it's really short. I remember literally just a few seconds. You know how clocks don't work in a lucid dream? Well that happened here. I've had a few LD's a long time ago where the clocks didn't work, but they weren't digital, they had hands. I had really always wondered how a digital clock would be in a LD considering that I never saw one in a LD before. Well, I found my answer here. I remember just tilting my head up in the LD to look at my digital clock, which, oddly enough, was on the opposite side of where it should be, like my whole room was mirrored. The clock didn't have any legible time on it. To give you an idea of what it looked like... It did have numbers on it, where every number on a digital clock should be. Except... All of the numbers were changing at a really high speed. They were just... scrambling, I guess.
    15. It Keeps Happening! D:

      by , 10-14-2012 at 09:43 PM (Dimension X)
      Wow... It's started happening again... My bed randomly floating around and flying and whatnot... (Explained here -> http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/sup3...ays-fun-36861/ )

      So it happened again... Only this time, it was a bit worse. It kept occurring multiple times as opposed to just one, which used to be what it was like. My bed randomly floating off the ground, not being able to see it happen generally, but I could feel it as usual. It happened 2 or 3 times, then it stopped and I was awake. I woke up multiple times. Almost every time I tried to go to sleep, I would get that sinking feeling. I couldn't go to sleep for a while, Maybe about 2 hours. Keep in mind that this was at about 4:30 AM already.

      There is a good side to this though. I was able to see things happen, only once however. I looked up and saw that I was floating. I didn't see my bed floating, but for some reason I could still feel it beneath me. I floated up a bit and was then launched at my wall. Then it went black for a fraction of a second and I was back in bed laying down. Eventually, I was able to get to sleep. This was terrifying, but in the dream, I knew I was dreaming... I'm now starting to think that these dreams are maybe a weird type of Lucid Dream... And if they are, then that's good because they're pretty easily accessible to me.
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