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    1/15 At school // restaurant in korea // dirty shower

    by , 01-15-2023 at 04:49 PM (141 Views)
    I was in charge of moving a middle school class to a room on the 3rd floor with my coworker. we put the kids in a line behind each of us so that there were 2 even lines of kids. We walked through the hall fine, but when we got to the stairs, the bell rang and the halls became very crowded. Now it was difficult to see all the kids, and some of them started moving very fast ahead of me and my coworker. I walked faster to catch up with the kids who went ahead while my coworker stayed behind with the slower ones. These kids were moving extremely fast. the halls died down eventually and we all got to the same place. My coworker started scolding the fast kids for intentionally walking faster than us and not staying in the line. He said he could see their footprints on the ground (I couldnt, it was tile) and their stride length was far greater than that of a 6 foot tall person.


    After work, me and my coworker meet my husband at a restaurant. We are in Korea. There are no other customers at the place. Even though I can read Korean, the server brings me an English menu. It is very difficult to understand. the food entries dont have descriptions underneath and have un-intuitive names and most didnt have any pictures, so im reading the menu for a while to try to undserstand. from what i remember there was a tray with some banchans but no rice, a tray with a boiled carrot rectange and a slice of spam, and some other unappetizing options. The server comes by and asks for our order but I say Im not sure what to order since the menu doesnt make sense. my husband, coworker, and the server point to a tiny poster on the wall with a diagram of 4 squares labeled 1-4 and some arrows. the server says first you pick a meat, then vegetables, then rice or noodles and then cooking method. With this new info, i try looking at the menu again, but it still doesnt make sense.


    Im at an hotel with my husband and taking a shower. the shower looks very dirty and grimy. something about this gave me dejavu so I did the nose plug check. For some reason, i couldnt breathe through my nose in this dream, so that convinced me i was irl. I looked at the grime of the shower and determined it had to be real since it was so detailed. Then i looked around the room and the architecture didn't look strange, so i was completely convinced this was not a dream.

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