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    1. 1/31 - prison field trip / semi-lucid to AP

      by , 01-31-2023 at 03:55 PM
      I was chaperoning a school field trip with my husband where the kids went to observe a prison.
      The prison guards escorted the kids and us to an upstairs viewing area behind chain link fence with barbed wire on top. the kids sat down in front of the fence and were observing the prisoners while my husband found a spot to peek through as well. The kids were having a good time and talking and pointing, but they were unusually well behaved. Even though the viewing area was ~ 12-15 feet off the ground, we were on the same level as some of the prisoner's heads since they were abnormally tall. The guard begins to give a speech, but the dream changes....

      me and my husband are at the jail's waiting area/loby alone. We are sitting together on a bench. the area is in an open air patio with entrances to the prison on our left and right. In front of us are some vending machines with a large oak tree providing canopy. I begin to see an hotel room out of my left eye as if im slowly opeing my eye while sleeping.
      This makes me think im dreaming. the rest of the dream switches to the hotel room scenario where i am laying down in a bed and have the familiar tingly feeling of being semi-paralyzed. i think to myself 'since im already awake, i should try AP once again'. I do the rocking technique, but something very strnge happens. Just like I was seeing the image of the hotel room out of my left eye as if i was opening it, I began to see the image of my room since I had begun to open my real eyes. So I was seeing the dream and my actual room superimposed on eachother. In the dream and irl i began to sit up and leave my body laying down. the dream faded, but as soon as I was done sitting up, my astral body slingshotted back into my physical body

      After this, I felt like my physical body was not calibrated with my astral body: I felt about half a milimeter further ahead than my physical body, and the tingling sensation remained in the back of my head. The feeling is gone now that i have written this, though my head still feels a bit tingly.
    2. 1/30 - being chased by federal agents through a labyrinth of rooms

      by , 01-30-2023 at 08:26 PM
      I had been in this area in prior dreams. escher-esque architecture + maze of pointless rooms; plain light concrete walls + no view of the outdoors. and yet, soft light coming from nowhere.

      Me and my husband were going to our room, but some federal agents came out of a disguised opening on the ground. They were wearing dark trenchcoats, sunglasses, and a poker face. the opening was square and incredibly dark to the point where i could barely make out the set of stairs leading downwards. me and my husband went down the opening, but the dream perspective stayed above the surface so idk what went on down there. A federal agent escorted me out of the opening, but my husband stayed inside. The federal agents disguised the opening again and i went off to my room to sleep.i got into my room which was a smallish room with floor, walls, cieling being made of the same light concrete as the rest of the dream structure with a bed on the wall opposite the door i entered from. i began to get suspicious of the agents and the suspicion soon became fear. I ran through another door and kept running through empty rooms. Soon I heard the agents crashing through trying to find me. As i continued running through the maze of rooms, the rooms became darker and more house-like. I got to an empty room with a small door near the floor which when opened revealed an old chimney. I climbed inside the chimney opening and found a crevice where i could hide half of my body. luckily there was a lot of clutter and debris in the chimney, so i covered the part of my body left exposed with the debris. A federal agent opened the door to the chimney opening, but thought that i was just clutter. So i successfully hid from the agents.
    3. 1/22 - chased by a demon tiger at a multi-story pier

      by , 01-23-2023 at 05:21 PM
      I am with a few of my friends. It is nighttime and the moon is very bright which along with lanterns and streetlamps helps illuminate the setting. We are at a harbor. while very crowded and energetic during the day, is quiet at this time of night. it consists of at least 7 wooden stories of piers which are meant to accomodate enormous ships and small vessels alike. you can get around by climbing stairs and ladders between the stories. the piers are also directly connected to a vast labyrinth of shops and restaurants (mostly seafood). [I had the feeling I had been to this city in a dream from months prior. me and my husband had gone sightseeing and were looking for a museum which held the city's famous masks, ut we stayed on the surface level and were there during the day] Me and my friends are on one of the upper stories when we see a white and yellow [like the white and yellow from a previous dream] tiger which begins to chase us. we run to the lowest level while the tiger-demon shapeshifts to chase us down ladders and stairs. EVentually I lose sight of it and make my way very quietly down to the small boat to meet up with my friends again. we are all there and we begin loading onto the small wooden boat.
    4. 1/23 - talking about my actress twin sister / / short lucid / / at work

      by , 01-23-2023 at 05:04 PM
      I was in bed with my husband and I was telling him about my twin sister who is an actress. The room looked just like our room irl. my twin played catwoman in the latest batman movie. [the perspective shifts to 3rd person of the movie im explaining] I was explaining to him that I am worried she is into some very evil things since if you look closely at the frames in the movie you can see some weird messages hidden. The perspective zooms in on one of the perfume bottles in catwoman's vanity titled 'I eat little babies'. It was housed in a very luxurious crystal bottle whith the lettering done in cursive gold imprint. The bottle was among many others on a glass shelf. She finishes getting ready for a gala that she and batman are attending. She is wearing a beautiful flowing gown but she still has her cat woman mask on. The gala is hosted in a large rococco ballroom and is quite crowded. they climb up some stairs which are supposed to contain some occult symbolism but I forgot what it was. [perspective shifts back to me explaining this to my husband] I am worried that the batman actor is leading my sister in a very dark direction. After I tell him this he is stone-faced which makes me worry that he is in on it too. He looms over me and grabs my side very painfully which wakes me up.

      [i fall back asleep] .....

      realize im dreaming and the dream falls into a white mist. I try materializing something by yelling out 'Dream, give me more clarity' and 'Dream, bring me my twin from the previous dream'. a somewhat human form appears but it is very hazy. I end up losing lucidity eventually.


      I am at work as a teaching assistant in the dream. The school is large with a modern, open floorplan. The classroom has a beautiful design where one wall is full of windows to the park outside, the opposite side is open to the hallway, and the cieling has a curved '~' shape. The kid's tables are arranged around a shelf where the kids can grab materials like paper scissors etc. I dont remember the situation too well. I wanted to grab one of the covers to a CD case since I needed it for something and I assumed it would be fine since the teacher had told me i can grab anything from the shelf. As i go to grab the case the teacher yells out 'No! do not take my cd cases!' ....... I am in the front office ready to clock out but one of the front office girls is having trouble applying to something using a PDF application. I tell her that she should be able to apply online using the school district's wesite. They have a 'jobs' page where you just have to fill your info in online. I tell her that is how i applied to my job and one of the older office ladies says she did the same.
      dream fragment , lucid
    5. 1/20 - really short lucid // DC1 turning DC2 against me

      by , 01-20-2023 at 02:28 PM
      Im not sure which dream came first chronologically.

      Lucid- I dont remember what the dream plot was before getting lucid, but i was on a long and wide garden path during a sunny day and there were children running around playing. The main path was long (i couldnt see the end) with lots of smaller tributary paths at even intervals with square patches where flowers grew to chest-height. the hand-size stones that made up the paths were also square. I think I was playing a game with the children + i was my male twin. I didnt do a RC, i just noticed i was dreaming. Once i realized this, I looked around for something to explore and one of the kids started chasing me (in good fun). I ran but focused on the feelings of running-the ground beneath me, the wind flying past, etc to strengthen the dream. This worked ! but then my cat woke me up or the alarm rang idk.

      ...opened the door for my cat and then tried to sleep a bit more before my alarm rang....

      non-lucid - dont remember much about this one but it seemed significant and was (sort of) about the book im reading. I was my male twin again. I think i was playing a game gone sour between me and 'my feminine' vs another person and their opposite (i dont remember if i was playing against the man or woman). The significant thing was that the longer 'my feminine' stayed with my opponent, the more she was turned against me. I remember her changing colors from my black and blue to my oppontnt's white and yellow (or the other way around idk). She didnt look like me so I wonder who she was supposed to represent.
      lucid , dream fragment
    6. 1/15 At school // restaurant in korea // dirty shower

      by , 01-15-2023 at 04:49 PM
      I was in charge of moving a middle school class to a room on the 3rd floor with my coworker. we put the kids in a line behind each of us so that there were 2 even lines of kids. We walked through the hall fine, but when we got to the stairs, the bell rang and the halls became very crowded. Now it was difficult to see all the kids, and some of them started moving very fast ahead of me and my coworker. I walked faster to catch up with the kids who went ahead while my coworker stayed behind with the slower ones. These kids were moving extremely fast. the halls died down eventually and we all got to the same place. My coworker started scolding the fast kids for intentionally walking faster than us and not staying in the line. He said he could see their footprints on the ground (I couldnt, it was tile) and their stride length was far greater than that of a 6 foot tall person.


      After work, me and my coworker meet my husband at a restaurant. We are in Korea. There are no other customers at the place. Even though I can read Korean, the server brings me an English menu. It is very difficult to understand. the food entries dont have descriptions underneath and have un-intuitive names and most didnt have any pictures, so im reading the menu for a while to try to undserstand. from what i remember there was a tray with some banchans but no rice, a tray with a boiled carrot rectange and a slice of spam, and some other unappetizing options. The server comes by and asks for our order but I say Im not sure what to order since the menu doesnt make sense. my husband, coworker, and the server point to a tiny poster on the wall with a diagram of 4 squares labeled 1-4 and some arrows. the server says first you pick a meat, then vegetables, then rice or noodles and then cooking method. With this new info, i try looking at the menu again, but it still doesnt make sense.


      Im at an hotel with my husband and taking a shower. the shower looks very dirty and grimy. something about this gave me dejavu so I did the nose plug check. For some reason, i couldnt breathe through my nose in this dream, so that convinced me i was irl. I looked at the grime of the shower and determined it had to be real since it was so detailed. Then i looked around the room and the architecture didn't look strange, so i was completely convinced this was not a dream.
    7. 1/3 Checking into insane insane asylum

      by , 01-03-2023 at 02:32 PM
      I was a high school student walking past a gas station with "cage"-like cots surrounding the outside. I was remembering that this school year we can take a camping field trip and will get to stay in these cots. Im thinking about getting to sleep near my crush, Blonde Girl.


      I am Blonde Girl and am checking myself into an insane asylum. Im thinking its a bit of a shame since this year I would have gotten to take the camping field trip, but this is more important. when I show up it looks like the dorm building I dreamt about on 12/15. ....... Im in a room to the right of the entrance with a group of girls (5-6 of them) around my age + the headmistress of the asylum. The girls look 'inbred' as in they have distorted and somewhat ugly facial features but not terribly so, and they have hick accents. The headmistress is beautiful but scary. she looks like the crazy russian lady from Zoolander (the movie i watched before having this dream). We were having a conversation to get to know eachother since we were going to be a group therapy group together, but then one girl mentioned her girlfriend or something. The other girls started agreeing with eachother that they were all incredibly homophobic and didnt like gay people. This freaked me out since in the dream I was bisexual. I wanted to let the gay girl know later that we could stick together. I was beginning to question by decision to check myself in here.


      we are at the insane asylum lobby and the headmistress tells us to make two lines with all the other kids (co-ed group with different age kids from 6-18 ish). I try getting in one of them but its chaotic and the other kids push me out. I get in the right lane and I see its full of little kids so i think im in the wrong lane. I move back into the left lane but there is an infinite number of kids getting in the left lane. The headmistress says we are all so lazy for picking the left lane, since the right lane will do the dishes. in our line we walk toward the elevator. I start thinking 'damn i was going to go on a diet but if i do that here theyll think im anorexic'.


      This part is a bit NSFW

      The headmistress of the insane asylum (russian lady from zoolander) and natalie portman are involved in a pornographic shoot (but in the dream it is funny). they are both clothed (natalie portman in her star wars outfit and the russian lady in the zoolander outfit) with NP wearing a comically long strap-on. RL says something like 'ive been so crazy punish me' and NP tries inserting the strap on but its so long that its flaccid. They lift of their shirts a little bit and say something like 'Yeah we are still skinny'.
      dream fragment