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    1. 1/22 - chased by a demon tiger at a multi-story pier

      by , 01-23-2023 at 05:21 PM
      I am with a few of my friends. It is nighttime and the moon is very bright which along with lanterns and streetlamps helps illuminate the setting. We are at a harbor. while very crowded and energetic during the day, is quiet at this time of night. it consists of at least 7 wooden stories of piers which are meant to accomodate enormous ships and small vessels alike. you can get around by climbing stairs and ladders between the stories. the piers are also directly connected to a vast labyrinth of shops and restaurants (mostly seafood). [I had the feeling I had been to this city in a dream from months prior. me and my husband had gone sightseeing and were looking for a museum which held the city's famous masks, ut we stayed on the surface level and were there during the day] Me and my friends are on one of the upper stories when we see a white and yellow [like the white and yellow from a previous dream] tiger which begins to chase us. we run to the lowest level while the tiger-demon shapeshifts to chase us down ladders and stairs. EVentually I lose sight of it and make my way very quietly down to the small boat to meet up with my friends again. we are all there and we begin loading onto the small wooden boat.
    2. 1/15 At school // restaurant in korea // dirty shower

      by , 01-15-2023 at 04:49 PM
      I was in charge of moving a middle school class to a room on the 3rd floor with my coworker. we put the kids in a line behind each of us so that there were 2 even lines of kids. We walked through the hall fine, but when we got to the stairs, the bell rang and the halls became very crowded. Now it was difficult to see all the kids, and some of them started moving very fast ahead of me and my coworker. I walked faster to catch up with the kids who went ahead while my coworker stayed behind with the slower ones. These kids were moving extremely fast. the halls died down eventually and we all got to the same place. My coworker started scolding the fast kids for intentionally walking faster than us and not staying in the line. He said he could see their footprints on the ground (I couldnt, it was tile) and their stride length was far greater than that of a 6 foot tall person.


      After work, me and my coworker meet my husband at a restaurant. We are in Korea. There are no other customers at the place. Even though I can read Korean, the server brings me an English menu. It is very difficult to understand. the food entries dont have descriptions underneath and have un-intuitive names and most didnt have any pictures, so im reading the menu for a while to try to undserstand. from what i remember there was a tray with some banchans but no rice, a tray with a boiled carrot rectange and a slice of spam, and some other unappetizing options. The server comes by and asks for our order but I say Im not sure what to order since the menu doesnt make sense. my husband, coworker, and the server point to a tiny poster on the wall with a diagram of 4 squares labeled 1-4 and some arrows. the server says first you pick a meat, then vegetables, then rice or noodles and then cooking method. With this new info, i try looking at the menu again, but it still doesnt make sense.


      Im at an hotel with my husband and taking a shower. the shower looks very dirty and grimy. something about this gave me dejavu so I did the nose plug check. For some reason, i couldnt breathe through my nose in this dream, so that convinced me i was irl. I looked at the grime of the shower and determined it had to be real since it was so detailed. Then i looked around the room and the architecture didn't look strange, so i was completely convinced this was not a dream.
    3. 12/18/22 - time school fragments / shadow confrontation

      by , 12-18-2022 at 04:17 PM
      I dont remember too much from tonight. here are the fragments I remember.

      I was in an auditorium style classroom built in the architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright. There were large slanting windows as walls to the left and right, as well as a glass ceiling. In front of us was the professor explaining something about time dilation or time manipulation (I cant remember too clearly). The classroom was a time manipulating room. As the professor was explaining this, the stars visible outside through the glass began to streak through the sky like in long exposure photographs. We were either moving through or outside of time.


      I was at the same school as the fragment above, but after class in the daylight. Me and a group of other people were walking along the top of a wall (or maybe it was just a thin path). I was ahead since I think I wanted to show them something. We may have been following another group who was much further ahead. I turn back to look at the group and see, to my horror, there was a luminescent purple mark hovering a few inches above the path I had just walked across. The mark was circular, about 5 inches in diameter, with either an X or some other mark in the center (I cant remember too well). In the dream, I had seen this before which made me realize I was in a time loop. I fell outside of time into some kind of void.

      ...Not sure if fragment above led to fragment below since there is a lapse in memory between the 2, though the transition would make sense...

      I fell into the 'void' (A place I have been before during meditation and AP, but never during a dream.) and out of the haze saw scary demon faces materialize. They looked like Aztec Quetzalcoatl depictions or maybe like Japanese masks, but its hard to tell since they were so hazy. I demanded to see the one in my psyche trying to scare me and then saw a figure materialize in the distance and walk toward me. I felt no fear during this, but im sure I would have if i was lucid. I dont remember anything after this.

      I don't remember what brought on the 'lucidity', but I would assume it was DILD. Though it is strange that I dont remember the moment at which I became lucid, or if I was lucid at all.
      Tags: semi-lucid
    4. 12/15/22 - plate fight / dorm room shuffle / sleigh chase

      by , 12-16-2022 at 01:43 PM
      I was in my Grandmother's (passed away) apartment with my mom and my brother. me and my brother got angry with eachother (can't remember why) and he began to throw sliverware, plates, and glass at me. My mom looked very sad about this.


      My uncle (passed away), my two cousins and my brother (and I) were heading to the airport. One of us remembered we had to pick something up from our dorm room (we all went to the same college in this dream). Uncle drove us to the school, but my brother didn't have an ID card to get inside the building. I told him that he could use mine since I didn't need anything, but then remembered that i probably should get another pair of shoes. He didn't want to give me back the ID, so i used a red mascot bear hand with an ID at the palm as my fake ID. The building was a harsh fatalist concrete structure, though the surroundings were almost tropical. We waited in line to get inside, and the security person thought my fake was strange but too strange to be an attempt to get in with a fake ID. I got through and went to the 'blue' elevator. The elevator layout was confusing since each elevator would only take you to certain rooms. Me and my family got split up here. I got in the blue elevator, and it moved up and sideways like in a manufacturing plant. below me was an open concrete part of the building with students walking around. Two of them turned to look at me which i recognized as my cousins in the dream, but looked more like 2 children I know.


      (vaguely aware this is a dream. felt like a daydream)
      An ugly old man was on a giant terra cotta roof tile using it as a sleigh to ride on a path also made of giant terra cotta roof tiles (3rd person POV). He was being chased (i forgot by what) by somebody also riding a roof tile, and was chasing a girl also riding a roof tile. the path forked and slanted upwards toward the sky. the girl went to the left and the old man followed, but the person chasing the old man went to the right.