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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Hunting With The Winchesters

      by , 03-12-2012 at 12:35 AM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      Wow...I haven't been on in forever. I'm so good at this "consistency" thing.

      Anyways, I'm back, and I'll celebrate my return by posting a couple of recent dreams I've had!

      I'm driving down the road with my mom, at an intersection that I recognize from real life. There are other people sitting in the back of my car, but I can't remember who they are (probably my brother and sister).

      We're going on a trip to my best friend's aunt's house and staying there for the weekend
      (I've stayed at her aunt's house several times in real life, so nothing unusual here), but we can't find the place. After awkwardly driving around for a bit, I finally recognize our destination.

      I point to the run down little house
      (looks absolutely nothing like my BFF's aunt's house in real life, but oh well) and say to mom, "Look! Right there!"

      My mom kind of looks at the house questioningly and says, "That's her house? You sure?" I tell her that I am, and she drives the car onto their backyard.

      I'm not sure exactly what happens in-between these two parts...it wasn't a dream switch, because pretty much the same story line was being followed, but I can't recall a lot of details. Anyways...

      Somehow, a character from the show Supernatural named Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) shows up. There are giant flies inside the house, and they were gross. Dean explains to me that they're demon bugs set out to destroy humans.


      Anyways, I guess somehow I'm Dean's assistant or something, or at least that's what it feels like. Dean seems really angry or upset the whole time he's trying to get rid of these bugs, but he won't tell me what's wrong.

      He goes outside into the backyard to try and exterminate the last of the bugs, and I follow him outside to help. He sees that I'm following him, and he turns on me angrily.

      "No. Back inside."

      I shake my head no. I'm going to help him whether he likes it or not. He doesn't say anything else, just points towards the house and keeps giving me angry looks.

      I refuse to leave, and he sighs. He knows I'm not going anywhere. That's when a random woman (don't know who she was, she had wavy red hair, though) ran outside, followed by another character, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki).

      Now other people are walking around the house, and we're trying to keep the whole 'bug' things under wraps. People are watching us from the house, and we kind of all just awkwardly wave and give them the thumbs up to assure them that everything is fine. We just want them to leave us alone.

      I don't think we ever even stopped the bugs...they just sort of left. The atmosphere changed and everything was happier, like we had succeeded. I specifically remember hanging out with a ton of people in the house and laughing and having a good time, and Dean was actually happy. I could tell he like the family environment.

      I remember him saying, "This is nice, isn't it? Y'know...being around people and stuff."

      Then I wake into a False Awakening...

      I'm laying down in the same spot that I fell asleep in. In real life, I had spent the night at a friend's house along with a couple other people. As I'm laying in the bed, I notice that I'm holding a baby doll in my arms. It's really creepily realistic and acts just like a baby. I shrug and say, "Huh, must have gone shopping in my sleep again." My friend is sitting next to me and reaches out to touch the doll's face.

      The doll starts crying and goes, "You slapped me! You slapped me!". My friend looks at it in panic, because she barely touched it, and she doesn't know what to do.

      I wake up for real, and I feel like I should still have the doll with me...
    2. LD 11: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

      by , 01-02-2012 at 11:17 PM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      This was definitely a LONG dream. And it consisted of more famous people than I'm used to...which is saying something, because they're pretty much all I ever dream about.

      I'm at a ski resort with two characters from How I Met Your Mother, Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan). We're all there to go snowboarding. We all push off from the top of the hill and start boarding down, but not in the proper way. At least, I wasn't. I was sitting down on my snowboard and sliding down like I was sledding. But it was fun, and we kept shouting out "WEEEEEEEE!"

      I kept getting stuck on piles of snow or something, but eventually all three of us made it to the bottom of the hill. There, we met a business-looking man who was trying to advertise new ski slopes to us. He had a model of the Black Pearl, the pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. Apparently there was a new slope modeled to look like the boat, and of course I got really excited, exclaiming, "Oh my God, that is my favorite movie. We have to try this thing!"

      So, somehow, I'm standing in a line waiting to get inside to this ski slope at the top of the hill again. Marshall and Lily are gone, and instead a bunch of people from my school are in line with me. Everyone has these plastic cards that have about 50 cents on each of them, and you cash them in to get your ticket and go inside. I only have five cards in my pocket, and when it's my turn, I give them to the old man who's running the register.

      He says, "Sorry, I'm gonna need about 40 more of these." But when I check my pockets, all I can find is plastic wrappers and other random junk. I say, "Can I go back and get more?" and he says, "Alright, but only this once. I'm not gonna let this happen again."

      I thank him and run off, not sure of where I'm going, exactly. Finally, I make it inside a nearby building, which turns out to be my school. There are a few students I recognize walking around, but I ignore them. I take out my cellphone and call my mom, to tell her that I don't have enough cards to get into the ski resort and that I don't know what to do. She doesn't answer, and, annoyed, I leave a message.

      I remember catching a glimpse of my reflection in some sort of mirror. I was wearing a thin white sweater, black pants, and my hair was in a ponytail. Definitely not proper snowboarding attire, that's for sure.

      Anyways, somehow I come to the decision that I'm just gonna leave and go home, ditching the whole snowboarding thing. I start walking in random directions. I cut through classrooms, which are apparently all connected by doorways. Finally, after walking for a long time, I come to this little library thing and see and open window leading outside. I start climbing through it, but some lady (who I guess was a teacher) stops me. She asks me some sort of history question. I think about the answer for a minute, but I don't know it. So I shrug and say, "I don't know. I'm not in this class."

      Then she says, "Oh! Well, second hour tomorrow, then!" I feel like it's useless to try and keep explaining to her that I'm not in her class, so I just laugh and keep walking away. The walk is extremely short, and I suddenly find myself hopping over a fence and in my backyard. I look into my neighbor's driveway and see my cat. He's fighting a squirrel. Apparently, this is normal, so I keep walking towards my house. Suddenly, though, the squirrel heads for me, and tries to attack me. One of his claws gets stuck in the back of my sweater (which is now red) and he starts pulling me back.

      That was one strong squirrel. He keeps pulling and pulling and he's winning. I shout out for help, when, suddenly, I realize that none of this makes sense at all.

      I become lucid. I instantly relax, knowing that I can't get hurt, and the squirrel lets go and runs away.

      I wake up. Or, so I think. With my eyes still closed, I know I'm still dreaming. However, I'm afraid that if I open them, I'll actually wake up. I perform a reality check. Okay, I'm dreaming. I need to open my eyes, so I do. I'm in my mom's bed, which sort of makes this a partial false awakening, because that's not where I fell asleep. Thankfully, I haven't woken up in real life.

      Now I feel like achieving a personal lucid goal of mine--flying. I stand up and walk to the edge of my mom's bed, crouched down, and got ready to jump off. Suddenly, the song "You Can Fly!" from Peter Pan started playing. I pictured how Wendy just started easily flying around her bedroom with the help of Peter Pan, and while I didn't have pixie dust, I did have faith and trust. So I jumped off the bed, and to my surprise, I was flying!

      I started floating around and flapping my arms like a bird before I flew into my living room. I saw my mom sitting on the couch, texting. "Look," I said, "I can fly!"

      She looks up at me and smiles a little, before going back to her phone. What? Why isn't she more excited? I'm flying, after all.

      "No, look! I'm actually flying!" I say, and start flying in circles right below the ceiling. She says something along the lines of "That's great," and goes back to her phone again. Whatever.

      The dream switches, and I'm not lucid anymore. Aww. I'm standing in what I guess is supposed to be my dad's basement, even though it looks nothing like it. A bunch of people are down there, including Justin Timberlake. I don't know. So, anyways, the basement is designed to look like a rainforest, complete with plants, rain, and animals. Lots and lots of animals, mostly birds. I decide that our basement is so cool, that I just have to take some pictures.

      I walk over to one little section of plants that has a bunch of birds. The birds are all very pretty and colorful, and they seem to be posing for the camera. There's one bird, however, that just gives me the creeps. It can't fly, it just walks around. It's fat and grey and has a reddish pink bill. It starts fluffing up it's feathers in a threatening way when I start taking pictures, so I start to walk away. Unfortunately, it follows me.

      Scratch that, chases me.

      Everyone starts laughing at me (including Justin Timberlake, the bastard) as I try to outrun this freaky bird. I pick up a big white blanket which is just sitting around and hold it up in front of me so that the bird can't hurt me, but it starts pecking at my feet, which the blanket isn't protecting. Now I'm freaking out, but my dad is standing there, teasing me about the whole situation. I throw the blanket aside and run up the stairs, finally escaping the bird.

      I remember another dream, even if it was only a fragment. There is something about a school bus carrying kids back from a sleep-away camp. My friend A is in my dining room, on some boxy, ancient looking computer. She's on the camp's website because she just got back from the camp, and she's telling me everything that happened. There are profiles for each camp counselor, and A clicks on the one for hers. Turns out, her counselor was no other than Karen Gillan.

      "No way," I say, "she was your camp counselor?!"

      A is confused. She doesn't know why it's such a big deal. She doesn't seem to know that Karen Gillan is a famous actress.

      I'm in a different dream now. I'm in the ocean, although it's very shallow. The water is blue and crystal clear. I have a bucket full of shark fins, and they're covered in butter and stuffed with vegetables. We're going to feed them to...the sharks.

      I'm with Matt Smith and Emma Stone. Matt is teaching both Emma and I how to properly feed the sharks, which have now started swarming around us. The sharks are very strange looking. The have pointy noses that are encrusted with weird, tribal-looking designs. They have yellow eyes. And they're big, about as big as a grown man. They seem friendly enough, though, so they don't freak me out too badly.

      We start throwing the fins at them, and they gobble them up. That's when Matt decides to tell us, "Oh, and this is illegal, you know."

      "What?" I say, "Illegal?!"

      "Well, yes. I mean, these are shark fins. And we're feeding them to sharks. That's cannibalism. And that's illegal," he responds, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

      "Oh," I say, "Okay." We continue feeding the sharks. Suddenly, though, the sharks all start swimming towards us at an alarming pace. Matt Smith has transformed into Ashton Kutcher, and I know Emma Stone changed to someone else, too, but I don't remember who.

      The sharks all turn so that they're swimming vertically, heads above the surface of the water. The ocean has turned into a giant pool, with rather murky water. The sharks press me, Ashton Kutcher, and the mystery person up against the wall of the pool so we couldn't move.

      "ASHTON!" I shout. I'm freaking out. I look around, and we're surrounded by the freaky sharks.

      "Stop! Don't worry! This is...this is just what the sharks do. It's their ritual. They think we're one of them! It's okay!" he says. But I know it's not okay.

      But I don't care. Somehow, I manage to pull myself out of the edge of the pool, and Ashton and the other person follows me. We feel relieved that we escaped from the sharks, but as I turn around, I see one shark has followed us. It's standing on it's fins, walking like a person, and...smiling at us, in a rather creepy manner.

      I scream, grab a buttered shark fin out of the bucket, and hold it up in front of my face, hoping it would act as some sort of a peace offering to the shark. I guess I'll never know, though, because I
      woke up.

      This was a very long dream, and a rather hilarious one, at that. Most of it was non-lucid, but the during the small lucid part, I flew, which was a personal goal of mine. Yay!

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    3. LD 8: Multiple False Awakenings

      by , 08-20-2011 at 07:59 PM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      Right, well, I haven't been on DreamViews in a while, but I just had to come back and post this one.

      So, I'm sitting in my best friend's parent's room, but I guess I'm actually in my uncle and aunt's house. Somehow, I randomly become lucid (I can't pinpoint exactly when, which is frustrating, because I would have liked to remember for future reference) and I perform a reality check.

      If ANY people read my dream journal entries, you know I'm obsessed with Inception. Well, I really wanted to hang out with the Inception team (again), so I walk out in to the living room and ask my Uncle and Aunt, "Have you seen Eames anywhere?" to which my Uncle replies, "Oh, he just left I think. Why?". I didn't know how else to respond with a 'reasonable' answer, so I just say "Uhh...he stole my lollipop." and my Uncle thinks this a perfectly acceptable reason.

      I wake up. That was definitely a weird but short lucid. I perform the normal reality check I do every morning after I wake up and I'm surprised to find...I'm still dreaming!

      Wow...this was almost a false awakening, it's a good thing I performed that reality check. Anyways, so I get up and walk into my living room (I'm at my mom's house now) and I see my brother, sister, and my best friend S standing there. I start to walk into my kitchen to explore, but come up with another idea.

      I turn around and say to my sister, "You're not real, I'm dreaming right now," and she kind of gives me that look like she always does in real life that says 'Okay...you're weird.' I turn to my brother and tell him, "You too, you're just a projection." He starts laughing. Then I turn to S and say, "You too!" and she laughs like I just told a funny joke. I brush them off. I don't have time for this.

      Suddenly, I wake up. Once more I perform the regular reality check and I'm even more surprised to discover I'm still dreaming! Wow!

      I'm at my mom's house again this time, so I get out of bed and walk into my living room again. Once more, my best friend S is there, and I'm pretty sure my sister was there too, but my brother was nowhere to be seen.

      I remembered I've always wanted to try transporting to another place, but I know that using mind power alone to go there never worked for me. So I approach my front door and tell myself that when I open it, I'll be where I wanna be. Outside my house, it's dark and kind of cold. I go up to the door, close my eyes, and open it. I tell myself, 'When I open my eyes, I'll be in Hawaii'.

      My eyes are still closed, but I'm surprised to notice a sudden warmth and I can tell through my eyelids that it's now light outside. I hear the ocean.

      I open my eyes and I'm thrilled to find myself standing on a beach with yellow sand, a crystal clear blue ocean, and scattered palm trees. My vision is rather blurred, for some reason, but I can still tell where I am. My sister and S are incredulous and ask "How did you do that?" before heading off to explore. I follow them to the edge of a little palm tree jungle thing before
      I wake up.

      I'm at my dad's house now, which is where I fell asleep in real life. I'm now convinced I'm not dreaming. I go over the dreams I just had in my head, before I finally do a reality check.

      And I'm still dreaming. Uhh...wow.

      Well, anyways, so I don't know exactly what happened, but somehow I'm transported to a giant movie theater and I'm walking with my mom and a group of other people. I remember how I still wanna meet up with the Inception gang, so I ask my mom "Have you seen Arthur anywhere?" and she looks at me and asks, "Arthur?". I try a different approach. "Okay...have you seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt anywhere?" I ask her. She says, "I don't think so, why?" to which I reply, again, "He stole my lollipop." My subconscious apparently finds this as a normal excuse for wanting to find someone. Personally, I just wanna find him cuz he's hot.

      ANYWAYS. So, I'm magically transported to a giant warehouse that doubles as a courthouse in the basement, and lo and behold, there's Arthur. I'm standing there with him at the entrance of said warehouse and there's a little boy who is an orphan. He needs money donations to help pay for a surgery he needs or else he might not make it. Despite my being lucid, I don't have any money on me, so I turn to Arthur.

      "I don't have time for this, I'm a business man!" is all he says, because he knows I'm gonna ask him for money. "But he needs surgery," I tell him, and he says "I don't care how mean and horrible it makes me sound, we really should be going." and he pushes the little boy aside. Arthur is trying to stay serious but he looks upset and sort of guilty. (Why is it I always dream of him being sad/depressed?)

      Anyways, all of a sudden, the boy becomes a part of this huge court case, and it turns out the little orphan was actually evil and was just tricking people into giving him money. Geez. I start running around the basement of the place and accidentally run into a courtroom and interrupt a session. A bunch of people that look like judges and lawyers are like, "Excuse me, you can't be in here!" and look at me angrily. I fumble to come up with a different excuse besides the lollipop one, because they look too serious to fall for that. "The boy...needs...help!" is all I could manage. Suddenly they look worried and all run out of the room. I follow them, only to discover Arthur is gone, and two of my friends are sitting at a little round table, coloring pictures.

      I wake up. Well, not really. Still dreaming, according to the reality check. My vision is very blurred, but I can faintly make out my sister standing in the entrance of my room. She is standing there, staring at me, being SUPER creepy. She starts walking towards me and grabbing at me and I have to keep pushing her away.

      As crazy as it make me sound, I'm just tired of this whole false awakening thing and I wanna wake up for real. I start screaming, "WAKE UP! WAKE ME UP!" and suddenly I find myself lying in my bed, again.

      I know I'm not awake, and I don't even bother with a reality check. I'm just glad I got out of that creepy dream with my sister and I'm in a new dream.

      That's when I realize I'm still in the same dream, and my sister is still standing there. UGH.

      Suddenly, I actually wake up. It takes me a moment to realize that I'm really awake. For a second, I honestly wasn't sure whether I was in a dream or reality. I'm telling you, I'm losing my grip here.

      I'm rather relieved to discover that I'm in the real world after performing a reality check. That was definitely one of the strangest lucid experiences I've ever had.
    4. LD 4: Depressed Joseph Gordon-Levitt

      by , 07-21-2011 at 04:37 AM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      A friend and I had decided to sign up for the Food Network show Chopped, which is like an elmination every week reality show for cooking. We both get onto the show and are very happy. Me and my friend (H) get on the bus, which will take us to the set of the show. H and I sit down, and we're surrounded by other contestants. We try to socialize with them, and found one girl to be really nice. I don't really remember much of her, who she was, or what she said, except that she had a very narrow face, olive skin, and dark brown wavy hair with bangs that covered a lot of her face. I remember looking at a brochure for Australia, which led me to realize that these contestants came from all over the world to compete on this show. Finally, the bus arrives at it's destination. H and I get off with all the other people to find us standing in a mostly empty parking lot. We see the hosts, but I don't really remember them too well. I'm standing there and listening as we are assigned our first challenge, when I suddenly come to horrifying realization.

      I can't cook.
      In real life, I can make ice, and that's pretty much it. Even when it comes to simple things like trying to cook Kraft macaroni, I end up failing. Both times I tried to make it, I ended up making people sick...oops. Anyways, so that's when I come to the not so horrifying realization that I'm dreaming, thus making me lucid. Yay!

      So, I ditch Chopped. I remember the other contestants mocking me and jeering at me for being such a baby and backing out before the show even started, but I ignore them.

      Suddenly, I am somehow transported to a very modern looking mansion type office building. I see random DCs walking around, but I ignore them, too. I have a goal in mind. I find my friend N walking around, and I approach her. I ask, "Have you seen Arthur anywhere?" referring to my absolute favorite character from Inception, as portrayed by one of my favorite actors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I figured that if I ask someone where he is, implying that I already know he's here, I'll be able to find him. Other methods, like trying to make people appear by summoning them with mind power, never work outs for me.

      N says, "Yeah, I know he's around here somewhere. Just keep running down the halls and turn the corner, you should find him." We both set off running down a hallway, and right before we turn the corner, and outstretch my arms, because I really wanna give Arthur a hug.
      (Don't judge, I'm a huge JGL fangirl, ok?) But instead, to my dismay, I turn the corner to find my old 7th grade English teacher wearing footsie pajamas. That image will never be erased. I keep running down that hallway, once more outstretching my arms. When I turn the next corner, I instead find my Grandma running towards us. As horrible as it makes me sound, I don't feel like hugging my grandma, so I disappointingly put my arms down again. I ask N, "Do these hallways just keep going and going?" and she replies, "Yep, pretty much."

      Eventually and thankfully, though, I somehow manage to get out of the constant hallways, and I'm standing in this hotel-looking lobby. I enter a doorway, in which I find myself standing in a HUGE ballroom place, FILLED with people. I automatically know that these people are all celebrities, and if I'm going to find Arthur/JGL anywhere, it'll be here. I see a set of modern looking stairs that lead up to a platform, so I run up to get a good view of the crowd. It's obviously a very formal event, because all the men are wearing tuxedos, and every single woman is wearing a fancy, sparkly black dress. They're all talking and mingling very loudly.

      Wanting to get their attention, I as loudly as I can yell out, "HEY! EVERYBODY QUIET!". It actually worked, and everyone turned up to look at me. "I'm looking for Joseph Gordon-Levitt," I shouted. Suddenly, I notice a figure beginning to walk away, only to be pushed back in place by a random group of people. It's JGL! Yay!

      He begins walking again, towards the exit, wearing a rather awkward smile on his face. He obviously doesn't want to be here.

      Oh, and he had facial hair. Don't know why that's important, it just is.

      Anyways, my mom suddenly is standing by me, and she says, "Well? Go on and catch him!" I run down from the platform and down the stairs, chasing after him. He begins to run faster. Now we're out in the lobby. He still has that weird smile on his face, which was starting to get creepy. He sat down on a couch in the lobby, and he looked slightly upset. (Still smiling, though. Don't know how he managed that.) I found a random drink kiosk and decide it would be smart to buy him a beer, which cost $7. Geez. But he refused to take it. And he wasn't saying anything, so matter how much persisting and prodding I did. Man, he was stubborn.

      Then, I "wake up." That's right, folks, I'm now in some sort of a false awakening. Except, in this "reality", I'm sitting on the same couch that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was just sitting on, and I'm hugging a water bottle. My best friend H is there, and she laughs at me for falling asleep in such a position. I tell her about the dream that I just had.

      Then I actually wake up. But, being the lazy teenager that I am, I went back to sleep, even though it was probably already noon. Oh well.

      I'm thrown straight into lucidity. This time, I'm in this strange indoor pool place, with lots of walls that you have to climb over to get to the pools. There are lots of scattered pools that are dark and murky, but I swim in them nonetheless. I remember swimming in this one pool, doing lots of spins underwater. I heard some man say, "Huh, I guess the water's not toxic, then." I'm pretty sure he was the manager of the place.

      I get out of the water, and lo and behold, sitting on a couch by the edge of the pool, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Also, to my surprise, I had transformed into and older version of myself and I looked completely different. Usually in lucid dreams I have lots of difficulty changing my appearance, but this time, I didn't even try. I looked just like Sarah Roemer, an actress from a show I used to watch called The Event. Hmm, random.

      Anyways, I walk up to JGL, who I know is supposed to be Arthur. He looks extremely depressed and lonely, and I automatically feel really bad for him. I guess I'm supposed to be his best friend, so I decide to go sit next to him. Turns out he has to apply for this design school and to do that, he needs to fill out an information card about him. He's too upset for whatever reason to fill it out himself, so I offer to do it for him. He gratefully accepts my offer.

      I notice he has a picture with him. It's a picture of a little girl and a little boy dressed in their Halloween costumes, with the little girl dressed as a princess and the boy as a pirate. I realize it's supposed to be the both of us, and discover that I'm not his best friend...I'm his little sister.


      I still have to fill out the info card, but I pretty much know nothing about him. Inception doesn't tell you much about our dear Arthur. But what kind of sister doesn't know these basic facts about their big brother? I really wanna play the part, though, so I stay cool. Eventually, there's a part on the card where I have to put down his age. Problem is, I don't know his age. I jokingly ask, "How old are you?" as if I was just messing around. He looks rather annoyed and answers very sarcastically, "Nine." He wasn't giving me a real answer. I put down '9' on the card...then he looks at me like I was crazy. "Why are you putting that down? I wasn't being serious. Put a '2' in front of that nine." I do, and say, "So...29?". He gives me a look that says, "Duh."

      Then he starts shaking his head and says, "Can we just skip to the 'About Me' part? I'm getting tired of this." I do, and ask what he wants me to right. He shrugs, and mumbles "I don't know." I sigh. Obviously, Arthur here isn't gonna be very cooperative.

      Somehow, we both get transferred to some school where he is giving a presentation on design to some kids. But, he's still really depressed. After the presentation, he just sits down in a chair, frowning, and he's not talking again. Perfect.

      All the kids, who I realize are kids that I go to school with, start clapping for him, including me. Hey, I'm not gonna be an un-supportive sister. Then, the kids walk up to him and start trying to make him move, by waving in his face and stuff. He's not having it, though. He looks pretty spaced out. I catch of glimpse of his face through the mob of kids around him, and you can just see the pain and sadness in his eyes. It was pretty intense.

      Now I'm not Sarah Roemer anymore. I'm my regular self. I realize one of my best friends J is standing next to me. She asks, "Wait, why is he so upset and stuff?" I just shrug and say, "I don't know. I'll just ask him on the car ride home." She nods at this apparently perfectly acceptable answer.

      One girl I know, M, starts poking her finger in his face. Then...he sneezes on her, causing everyone to start cracking up, and, guess what! He actually smiled! So much for the seriousness of the dream. Oh well.

      I'm transferred to another part of my dream, and I'm no longer lucid. Sad, sad. Anyways, I guess I'm at school, but it's my old elementary school. Class is about to start, but I could not for the life of me find my locker or remember my next class. I was completely confused. I start walking down the hallway towards a random classroom, where I find a teacher who I vaguely recognize. She asks me to help her with some classroom chores, and I comply. When I try to explain to her that I can't remember my next class, she ignores me.

      Then, the assistant principal walks up and stands in the doorway. I try to tell him that I don't know where I'm supposed to go, but he just says, "Oh, that's too bad," in a kind of joking manner. Which I can totally picture him doing in real life, by the way.

      The dragon has risen from its slumber. I wake up, completely intrigued by the awesome dream I just had. When I think back to that last little part of the dream, I keep picturing Rebecca Black, so I'm pretty sure she was somehow involved. God, I hope she wasn't singing.

      Also, on a side note, I feel very achieved. I've transformed my appearance, hung out with a celebrity, and lucid dreamt somewhere other than my house, which were all personal dream goals of mine. All in all, it was a definite success. Yay!

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