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    The Erratic dreams of StaySharp

    Amazing Antichamber X-Sectors and the Club la Forge

    by , 06-15-2013 at 05:51 PM (553 Views)
    I was flying around in an undefined spaceship and everything was much like in a X3 game. I went to a special sector where something interesting was said to happen and the whole sector was filled with fancy things like special shaped colorful moving micro-nebulas and a lot of things that behaved roughly like the physics in Antichamber. There also was this huge in weird colors glowing weapon flying around, close to one of the mentioned micro-nebulas. At some point I went to one of those chambers and then I was outside my ship (no special equipment needed), I and some other people where watching the everchanging effects until I started interfering with them, and then they took on more and more shape, until eventually a small keyboard appeared. I played on it and there were several distorted mirror like versions replicating the same accords that I played.
    Eventually I got to see something hotel like and in perfect Antichamber manner just stepped into that place, it looked a little rustic. On the frame of the big entry door was a small sign with 4 words "X Club la Forge" (I don't remember what the X was, but I think it was 'To', as in 'To Club la Forge'). Somehow I was really hyped about that (La Forge by the way definitely refered to Geordy la Forge from Star Trek) so I went out and somehow had Data accompany me there, it were just a few meters. Something about Club la Forge made me realize I was dreaming, like "damn it's the Club la Forge,
    I must be dreaming!".
    Inside I tried to start stabilizing softly with taking in all the details of my surroundings. I was at a table where a beautiful girl was sitting, maybe she was representing my girlfriend but I'm not sure. She tried to talk to me but I heard really loud music and couldn't hear anything else, then I just had the weird idea of taking my smartphone and turning down the volume, which surprisingly worked though not completely. She waved me to her so I brought my ear close to her and heard her talking, she said something about efficiency but neither do I remember what she said, nor did it make sense to me. Then I unfortunately already woke up.

    This was my 60th lucid dream.

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