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    The Erratic dreams of StaySharp

    Fragment Collection 16

    by , 03-11-2012 at 03:29 PM (570 Views)
    The infected plains:
    A really creepy dream about a big piece of land with all kinds of different grounds, at the start of the dream I was seeing a map of the place with different colors for different types of ground (including things like: stone, sand, grass, shallow water, deep water), they were also labelled with numbers from 1-99. I think the 99 meant no human can normally pass through, which I think was assigned to deep water as normally passing through was defined by walking on it.
    I was walking around together with someone else, and there were somehow infected humans who had a horribly distorted voice and language, who obviously were dangerous, the higher level infected ones however were able to imitate normal behavior to be able to more easily infect others. A part of me was unaware in the dream immersed, yet I had another part watching and knowing about their infection and the danger. In the end the combination of both sides compelled me to touch an infected cat which then made strange noises and gave me a scratch on the leg which woke me up.

    Spear gun trip:
    I was laying out some type of magical traps in this slightly western like looking city (the street however was very sloping and really narrow) and some people started shooting at us (whoever was there with me didn't follow me though), I picked up a bit of ammunition and got my spear gun (Bioshock 2) with some rocket spears ready.
    But as I went around the corner the dudes were gone and I found myself in a slightly dark underground complex, there was a sniper (TF2) whom I missed with my first shot, he decided to taunt me and got himself a rocket spear in the face, then 2 scouts came for me from the level below and I immediately hit one of them with a rocket spear, the other one using the stairs to come after me. After a undetailed fight I was searching through my weapons, confused not to find the weapons in the order I'm used to. On slot 2 I found some types of wine of which I used so called Sourwine to attack him and inflict acid damage.

    Strange mission:
    I was having a mission together with a companion (a girl slightly younger than me if I recall correctly), through some gestures I send her to get something (a small thing, maybe a key) while I myself was going in the opposite direction. From the green hills I was walking on a short moment ago I come into this dark place where a lot of magicians gather some strange points, they were my enemies and I tried to take them out one by one without getting the attention of the whole bunch.
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      The first one sounds very interesting. I especially like the map thing.
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