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    1. Escape through a reflection | Some indecent stuff | Suicide mission in space

      by , 03-21-2018 at 05:54 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Escape through a reflection: I don't remember what caused me to RC, but I got lucid through the classical nose pinch. I seem to have been escaping from something, but I can't remember more than that basic detail either. But there is one scene I remember vividly, which was moving up to a glass window or door which was closed. I've seen an incomplete reflection on it, mostly bluish like the sky, but there were wooden parts and also silhouettes blocking part of it, similar to how it might look like in reality. I instinctively focused on the reflection, completed it, then stepped right through without opening it, into the reality of the reflection so to say, after which I immediately flew, and it seemed to have been very high up. Unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy my free flight for long.
      Some indecent stuff: Some time after that I had a false awakening and I was in a building, and somehow pretty quickly realised I was still dreaming and did a nose pinch again.
      Spoiler for 18+ Stuff:

      This was a different dream, but same day.
      Suicide mission in space: So this dream had a weird melancholic component to it. I voluntarily went on a suicide space mission with 100% chances of suffocation from a lack of oxygen, I was in a missile in an orbit around earth, but I didn't focus on the panorama. I had breathed out of a sort of bag but as previously indicated in the dream I ran out of oxygen soon. Except that I kept breathing in the vacuum of space without issue whatsoever. I probably would've realized I was dreaming if I hadn't woken up at that point.

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    2. Tornado Steel Building

      by , 02-01-2017 at 03:25 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in a dimly lit building, and I know there was someone with me, but I don't know who. Outside there was something huge and grey rotating in the distance, at first it looked like an tornado. But then it turned out to be a huge weird steel structure and it flew right over the building I was in.
      That was so bizarre I instantly turned lucid. I flew into a long corridor and tried to morph into Ryuuko, trying to change my hands, but the dream wouldn't let me. I only saw some red scaly stuff on my hands. I turned 90° left and there was a weird red dragon which I... made disappear with a weird handchop. It was really glitchy and it was all in plain sight.
      I turned 90° right after a couple of meters and there were 2 girls, going at it with a strap-on. And that's were I woke up.

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    3. [Long and detailed lucid!] WILDing, summoning Ryuuko and taking a look at her (glitched) model

      by , 12-16-2016 at 03:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      So this was probably the most stable and most vivid lucid dream I've had so far. Maybe not the longest but it was rather long too.

      I'm not entirely sure how exactly I got into the dream. I had been drifting back and forth between sleep for hours in the bed, always trying to think about visualization and WILDing, but never really managing as I always fell asleep quickly. I think this time I lost consciousness just for a very short moment and snapped back at just about the right moment.

      So I was lying in a bed, had my eyes closed, and saw mostly normal phosphenia. I didn't feel entirely normal and I wanted to open my eyes and be in a dream.
      So I opened my eyes, being in a state of what I'd call skeptical lucidity, I believed that I was kind of in between dream and reality. What I saw in front of me was a massive cupboard that covered the whole wall, though it was composed entirely out of drawers. My vision wasn't normal either, it's like I saw a correct main image but then much weaker and transparent copies of the main image slightly wavered around.

      I left the small room and went down a hallway to the left, it was dark outside and the light was very dim. My vision normalized somewhere here. A bit down the hallway I turned left again and entered a very large staircase (5m x 5m or so, the structure was very similar to my first boarding school). Around here I tested my powers for the first time, summoning a faint green glow on my fingers. I also heard some unintelligible voices from somewhere else in the building, but I didn't really care. I wanted to fly but I still didn't trust my current state completely. Then I summoned some weird stone, it was beige and glowed somewhat white and it had levitation powers focused in it, and this is when I trusted my lucidity. Then I did something I didn't ever do before, instead of looking for an exit point or breaking the glass, I just phased through it, and by that also through one of the steel bars that were between the glass panels.

      Now I was outside, floating around a bit. Either it quickly turned bright or I have a memory gap here, I'm not completely sure. Now I was in a place that was kind of city, kind of village, kind of medieval, kind of modern. Imagine a small clearing and a raised plateau in front of me, there were tables there with some stuff on them, parts of the ground were neatly layered with stone, parts were grass. Around the perimeter of that clearing were buildings which seemed kind of medieval, but the further the buildings were away, the more modern they seemed. There even appeared to be tall apartment blocks in the distance.
      I remembered I wanted to do stuff with Ryuuko in my dreams. I suppose this is the time and place to elaborate on her, refer to this place:
      Ryuuko Drakisu | Dream-Alter-Ego and persistent DC
      So I landed close to the tables on a small free patch. I remember a bearded man standing there. Think of a Nord from Skyrim, just looking better, more realistic and having less of an annoying aura. He greeted me shortly I think.

      So I summoned Ryuuko kind of as an empty DC, like a model with only the most rudimentary understanding and behavior possible, which is pretty much what I wanted at this point. I think she appeared in plain sight but I'm not entirely sure. Also there were a lot of details that were wrong. Her horns were reddish and on her side, her face was just wrong and from someone else, the hair was too short and had a wrong light brown color, her skin was too dark, had freckles and actually on all places of her body except the face the skin texture was missing, it was like Vantablack. Though parts of her natural scale armor, that is on the arms and legs, seemed to be present and mostly correct, I didn't focus on their details all that much though. I think I saw her wings in a folded state too, but again didn't pay enough attention to them to tell for sure.
      I told this Ryuuko model to start fixing the skin color. What it did was a bit bizarre, it touched its face with its hands and then kinda rubbed the skin color all over her body, gradually replacing the blackness, albeit the revealed skin texture was still wrong and covered with freckles, I wonder why.
      At this point I also noticed she was naked and was missing her clothes.

      At this point the bizarreness of what I saw made me think about what to do, and it seems my focus slipped and
      I lost my lucidity. Somehow me and the Ryuuko model walked into a nearby shop, where I remember seeing her one last time, still not completely fixed up. Then some people were quite frankly talking about completely irrelevant shit, some stickers and some glitter was around but I hardly want to bother remembering. I know that for some time I just observed, then I ate some of the glitter. Then I woke up, much to my dismay. Had my focus not slipped I bet I could've still done a lot more in that dream.

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    4. Turning into Ryuuko and gliding a bit

      by , 11-16-2016 at 12:53 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I remember being on some kind of tower, it was day and all around me were wide, open and grassy hills and here and there rivers and creeks. Something about the scenery was off but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the size relations. Also something here reminded me of Skyrim.

      I jumped down from the tower into a creek below, and the drop was very high. At some point I turned into Ryuuko and glided through the air, and I was seemingly close to the ocean now. I even tried to see myself from a distance, with some success, and I'd say Ryuuko looked mostly correct too, though I couldn't see details. Odd that this didn't make me lucid.
      The rest of the details were very hazy, something about a flying motorcycle I dodged and other very random stuff.
    5. The moons of Tibaro and some planetary devastation

      by , 10-30-2016 at 10:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This certainly wasn't the standard type of lucid dream for me, and I'm happy it lasted longer than a couple of seconds as well, here goes.

      I was in a big city, and I had my bike and my smartphone with me (I don't own a bike in real life). And then... a talking monkey stole my bike, I was uncertain what to do at first and considered calling the police. Instead however I decided to run after the monkey and got my bike back by kicking against the back wheel and knocking it off. I went back to where I was first, all the while that monkey insulted and threatened me.

      That's when I got angry, and lucid. As it often happens in my dreams, even lucid, I tapped into a certain power as if it was the most natural thing ever. I called upon the moons of Tibaro.
      ("Moons of Tibaro" is the clear sentence I remember I said or thought in the dream. A really interesting side note is that I thought about the dream while being awake and still had a piece of information imprinted on me when I thought about the moons, one of them was called "Shadow of Pria". I might be wrong about the Pria part but I know for sure it was a short word starting with P. But yeah, I didn't remember that from the dream, the information just popped up in my mind as if I was still dreaming.)
      What I essentially did was some sort of telekinesis/summoning to call in an outrageously devastating storm of meteors from the moons of Tibaro (I think there were 3 moons and I brought debris from all of them). The impacting objects were all mostly black, maybe a bit gray, and had a structure and sheen like obsidian. With time the talking monkey transfigured into something entirely different, something that I almost killed a couple of times but every time I almost had it finished it regenerated before the final blow. It didn't even have a defined shape anymore.
      At some point during the fight I also got to see things from a system view. I could see the moons of Tibaro, a large but uninvolved object which I presume was the planet Tibaro, and another... planet or moon that I was on. I really wonder what that place was I was on, considering it seemed to have the size of a moon, was very close to Tibaro, yet was not considered a moon of Tibaro. And here I also got the impression that the moons of Tibaro had some consciousness of their own, and they disliked the object that I was on. This is also why I said telekinesis/summoning earlier, because I feel that I've both called upon their power as well as using my own in the form of telekinesis to direct the meteors towards me.
      The fight was so huge the city was turned into fine dust in which we continued to fight, and soon the planetary object I was on got a large part of its surface blown off by the fight, up to the point that the once almost perfect sphere was now VERY unshapely.
    6. Waking up in my old home and immediately noticing that something's not right

      by , 10-19-2016 at 10:57 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I woke up in my old home in M, it used to belong to my family but we had to sell it and now someone else is living there. I was lying in the house, behind the front door, the architecture and furniture were not 100% accurate but pretty darn close. I got up, looked around and noticed I was not wearing trousers, just normal underwear and a t-shirt.

      In 99% of dreams I would probably come up with some super stupid reason for the situation, and then would go on to do some other stupid stuff.
      Not this time, it took me only seconds or maybe a minute in the dream to immediately ask all the right questions.

      -Why was I sleeping on the floor, in a home we don't own anymore?
      -Why can't I remember the previous night? Alcohol or something stupid like that can't be the reason as I stay away from all harmful (and thus oddly enough legal) drugs...
      -Why is there no one around?
      -And where is my wife?

      I walked around and scouted the house to see if I'd find anyone or anything of interest. There were 5 cats and Todd the dog. I don't know why the dog had a name or had that in particular name, but well, whatever. I noticed the staircase to the roof was also not how I remembered it.
      After leaving the pets I ended up in the living room. I have a really blurry memory about my father at this point, but I can't figure out if he was there or not.

      Then I had the realization that I was dreaming, I did a nose-pinch RC, and sure enough I got some nice fresh air anyway. And FK all of existence, a couple of seconds later I wake up, again.
      That's why we can't have nice things.
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    7. Sleeping on a balcony, and a foggy weird night

      by , 05-26-2016 at 05:04 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This lucid was pretty short, but weird in its own way. I remember getting up to some balcony on the 4rd floor or so, and there was an alien girl resting there. I just curled up close to her, and it first she became super cautious of my presence, then she went to cuddle me. After a while I got up and jumped down because of some police patrol. I ran around a corner to a spot that had many trees, potentially connected to a forest.
      I grabbed a large stick and used it to move without touching the ground, it was night and slightly foggy, a nice atmosphere.
      Eventually I looked upon a sinister road and also heard a sinister voice, I briefly became lucid but quickly woke up.
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    8. Bluescreen, double smartphone and taking a stroll through the snow in underwear

      by , 03-16-2016 at 12:20 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in my current home, mostly correctly rebuild in my dream as well. One of the most notable differences was the fact my apartment was on the wrong side of the house. In the beginning my wife and my best friend were there, we were in the staircase I think. We talked about something I guess but I don't remember well.
      The point from which I remember the dream well was when I was lying on my bed, looking at the screen of my PC across the room. It suddenly had a blue screen and then a really weird boot screen, like it would be possible and even reasonable for a boot screen to look like that, but I know none that actually does.
      I kind of had a sync of the blue screen on my smartphone too, there I saw something that didn't fit in there. Oddly enough I can't seem to chronologically order these events correctly either.
      Also I suddenly had a perfect copy of my smartphone, on in each hand. I swiped in my complicated unlock pattern, but I didn't copy it correctly, rather I mirrored it. Both phones unlocked.

      At this point I had a smile as the fact I was dreaming had undeniably dawned on me. A nose-pinch RC confirmed that.
      I didn't pay any attention to the fact I was apparently only wearing underwear and went outside (that whole getting lucid in a dream and going outside thing seems to become a thing in my dreams nowadays), it snowed and it was pretty cold. I, walking around with hardly any clothes, felt that cold in a somewhat realistic, however not unpleasant manner. After some time I got used to it and didn't really feel any cold anymore either.
      I spent most of the time walking around my neighborhood, which also was mostly correctly, all the while looking at my hands and turning them into lizard type hands, scales and stuff. It worked out pretty well too. The last thing I remember that sometime in between I shouted something out into the dream which seemed to help stabilize it.

      Eventually I woke up, or rather I had a false awakening. It seemed like I was in the same home that this dream had build, or mostly similar anyway, and my wife was beside me too.
      I shouted the same thing and startled her, and stupidly didn't realize I was still dreaming. Had I realized it I probably could've gone on a bit, but alas I woke up shortly after.

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    9. Arsenic meat is good for lucidity

      by , 02-03-2016 at 07:45 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Now this dream had a seriously weird start. I think there was something happening before I got lucid but I don't remember it.

      I was in some kinda camp close to a small creek. There were tents and some structures which I guess were placed to dry clothes or so. I had some self made "arsenic meat" with me, it was in an aluminum pot and was essentially raw meat in a clear liquid that consisted mostly or to some degree of arsenic. It smelled abhorrently chemical and I know that I accessed a Wikipedia page on arsenic via some kind of direct neural interface, no intermediate electronic device needed. On the page it talked about its psychoactive properties (not existent in real life as far as I can tell). Either I ate a piece of that or the smell alone was enough to induce said effects and I experienced visual distortions and some degree of control over these. That promptly made me lucid.

      Spoiler for TL;DR: I had sex with my wife:

      After that I had a FA but I did not wake up. I was in my home, and for once it was spectacularly close to my actual home, only minor details like color were off which is super rare. I was standing in the bathtub and was fiddling with a tarp that had seemingly become dirty when my wife and me had fun. I had also worried about my wife getting pregnant since we didn't use any contraception. And the tarp was mostly in the toilet... the weirdness of it all snaps me back into lucidity, I do the nose pinch RC. I go onto the bed in my bedroom, and my wife was also there, talking about something. I know I half consciously listened but since I knew it was DC I didn't pay it too much attention. I thought about trying shared dreaming but ultimately didn't try.

      I jumped outside, I'm pretty sure from my balcony. I look at the sky and... it's obviously bright day from all my surroundings yet it's actually night in the sky, it's black and I see the stars.
      (I only saw it in the dream but found it weird after I woke up and thought about it, this mix between night and day at the same time is new to me.)
      I thought about flying up but didn't want to spent too much time in a black void, so I improvised and filled the space partially with a beautiful green nebula, it worked quite spectacularly. I fly up into the sky, aiming at the border of the nebula. I was rather disappointed to see that the night sky was only a texture several kilometers above the planet. Instead of fixing it I turn back towards earth and spin it around to take a trip to Japan. It takes me a moment to find it, and it's not a normal earth globe either but I managed. The globe w
      as... it was still a perfect sphere and the countries had roughly the right shape but it was vastly scaled down, so that each country was only barely a large city. I entered Japan on the east in some kind of harbor and went westwards into an industrial area. I remember seeing some soldiers and then I used a weird high precision zoom interface to inspect my surroundings. I see some products and wares and eventually find and pick up a lead-pouring game, you know that Sylvester tradition thingy. Right then I'm violently yanked out of the dream and wake up.

      And incidentally I realize I had this dream right on time to finish my first TotM (I had this dream only hours into February), and I didn't know the task by then either.

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    10. Parallel dimension company

      by , 04-28-2015 at 07:05 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I'm not perfectly sure where precisely this dream started. I was together with a very large group of people in a 'company'. Actually this 'company' was just now being built, it was being built in an entirely separate dimension from ours, that began empty, but eventually the building, the parking lot, and indirectly also a beach, an ocean and a sky where created.
      There was this one girl which had black hair, at first. To be honest everyone had black hair but that was a cloaking from the normal human society, their true hair colors where all somewhat purple or lavender. Her hair was lavender and she seemed to have a strong love interest in me, and it felt that while we were sitting in a train her interest in my calmed down, but I became interested in her. We arrived in a parking lot where I became weirdly
      lucid and parked a car by making it fly, though I really had to consciously fill in a lot of details which were not filled in by the dream (like sitting in the car, opening the door, and how I should be placed while doing these thing). Then the dream faded.

      To be honest, I've been playing around with layering crystals close to my bed while sleeping, I picked the crystals according to Chakras, because why the hell not, the worst that could happen is nothing. Two of the stones I picked were the Atlantisite and the Tiger Iron, which previously had brought me the dreams with the purple haired dream demon Maya.
      So the same stone helped along with putting 3 things into my dreams, more lively and engaging people, love interests and purple hair. My conclusion is that there is a high statistical chance that the crystals or at least those two had a positive energetic or at least psychological effect. I'll resume the experiment, hoping the positive effects won't fade, like usually all things of the kind do for me.
    11. Night glass facade, and summoning Ryuuko

      by , 04-28-2015 at 06:47 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in some huge building, it was night and dark. I've been standing on some kind of ledge in the building and there was a huge glass facade in front of me. The floors were not actually connected to that wall, but rather one could fall down right beside the glass facade. On the facade there were weird crane/elevator like bots. I thought about reworking on of them in some way as I felt some danger from outside the building. Then I become somewhat lucid, and for some weird reason decided to summon Ryuuko (my dream alter ego) which carried me down onto on of the levels, which quite frankly didn't make sense.

      Unfortunately I only knew that I summoned Ryuuko, I didn't even see her.

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    12. Lucidity mirror and turning into Gardevoir

      by , 04-28-2015 at 06:36 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This dream was... weird, specifically weird. There was some kind of cupboard or so, and in one of the shelves was essentially a wall, like a mixture of a mirror and water. In the dream I've put my face through this material which caused instant lucidity, and oddly enough made me immediately consciously turn into a Gardevoir (yes, the green and white Pokémon). My face which I could see reflected looked already a huge lot like a female Gardevoir with some human features left when the dream already faded.

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    13. Driving from the backseat

      by , 03-26-2015 at 03:08 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      So... in this dream I was driving a car from the backseat as if it was normal. Then the police stopped me and I freaked out a little, realizing that this was probably illegal. The whole weirdness of the situation made me do a nose pinch reality check, and the policemen (there were 2 but I only properly saw the face of 1) gave me a strange look. I didn't believe this was not a dream so I did another nose-pinch reality check, this time it worked and I knew I was dreaming. Now the policemen gave me an oddly satisfied look and then the scene switched, and I was suddenly in some kind of artificial cavern underground, though natural light came in through places in the ceiling. I spent the rest of the dream really taking in the details touching and manipulating the sand on the ground, appreciating how real everything felt.
    14. Elevator escape and a Dreamsphere Chronicles attempt

      by , 11-06-2014 at 09:37 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      As far as I can remember the dream began with me being chased by something or someone inside of a big building. Once again its dimensions were not from this world, it had 6 or more elevators in the middle and an absolutely exceptional spacey staircase. There was stuff and garbage lying all around and in order to get to the lower levels to escape I had to remove the garbage, for whatever reason. I apparently couldn't use any stairs, or didn't have the idea. Eventually I arrived at level 2 in an elevator, and realized something odd about the dream, pinched my nose and realized I was dreaming.

      The elevator opened to a maintenance shaft, through which I floated instead of crawling. I turned around once, not sure why, but the path behind me did not change at least. I exited the building but was still rather high above the ground, a dangerous or deadly height for a normal human. I thought about turning into Ryuuko, so I did that and glided down there, the place was somewhat industrial yet rural. While flying I saw myself from behind for a short moment, and again Ryuukos scales were mostly green, this time however the inner parts of the wings were a flashy blue. I looked at my hands, I could see the claws but the proportions were off, the fingers had totally wrong lengths, which I could fix however. While they were largely covered in green scales, the insides of the hands looked rather human in color if I remember right. I landed on something container like and I thought about trying to breathe fire, but remembered I didn't have the skill and needed some skill points from quests and the likes to enable it. There were a few people close by (I think they wore cloaks or something along those lines), so I tried talking to them but when I was asking for a quest I suddenly couldn't talk anymore and
      woke up with a rather dry mouth. Meh.

      Well, I tried to stabilize a little with my mind but I think I should've paid it more attention. Also next time I turn into Ryuuko I should try to not just adapt to her body, but her mind as well. In the beginning of the game there'd be no way she'd just go to random people and ask them for a quest. Next time around I should ask the game, the dream itself for a quest or something like that. Also the transformation was not complete again, I forgot to add the 6 tentacles on her back. Also I was obviously not in Cardia, so I need to fix that next time as well.

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    15. Lucid in the dream of someone else...

      by , 10-11-2014 at 11:20 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      ...or at least that's what the dream and my behaviour claimed.

      I remember sitting together (with people unknown to me) in a room that was rather bleak and normal, a weird exception to my dreams, where (as I noticed upon writing this) most of the few not-fancy rooms tend to be my fake bedrooms. We were talking about stuff, but I can't remember what. Eventually I realize I'm dreaming, doing the nose-pinch RC to fully confirm my suspicion. For some reason I tightly believe that I'm in someone elses dream, and thus I have less control than usual, and I'm not trying to act up either. The scene breaks as somehow the room is filled with water and I'm busy keeping someone above the water...

      And here comes the odd part, I both remember waking up for real after the dream, and I remember it continuing in a way I can't quite chronologically put the waking up after. The rest of the night is a weird blur of things, not really typical for me and my usual direction and type of dreams.

      And whether I was in someone elses dream... I don't think so. I mean, there were some very atypical things in there I could imagine coming from somenoe else rather than me, and I don't consider it impossible, but if I'd have to take I guess I'd still say it probably was just me being fooled by my dream mind.
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