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    Ryuuko Drakisu | Dream-Alter-Ego and persistent DC

    by , 12-19-2016 at 12:12 PM (1025 Views)
    To me Ryuuko is a major part of what motivates me to pursue lucid dreaming nowadays. She's a character I created for a shared dreaming RPG way back in early 2014, it's called Dreamsphere chronicles. I even made a forum for it but it just never really took off. Kinda bad, but it was a good and valuable experience anyways.
    This journal is both a place for me to keep notes on her development, and to give context to my dreams involving her when I post them here.

    The concept of Ryuuko has stuck with me through all the years though, up to this day, and will probably stick for many years to come. So I started working on her and establishing her in my dreams outside of said dream RPG.
    When I created her I came up with a couple of requirements after which I designed her:
    1. A very different personality from mine. From the beginning I wanted a character that had a substantially different way of living and looking at anything than I do, so it would give me a truly fresh perspective.
    2. A very complex body. Rather than having a body that is simply humanoid (2 arms, 2 legs, 1 torso, 1 head) and thus easy to use I wanted something that would pose a serious challenge to control in it's entirety.
    3. In accordance with the game I needed many different skills I could learn as time passes.
    4. And obviously I wanted a body and person that would be pleasing to my personal aesthetic standards. Who wouldn't want that when designing a Dream-Alter-Ego?

    In order to get something that was truly different from me, I first gave her the opposite gender of mine (so she's female), and then created her background and story in such a way to make her a 'blank slate'. In short for her story this means she's been created, was never meant to develop her own personality, but eventually did so anyway due to flaws in the experiment. At some point she develops a taste for freedom, escapes her birth place and that's when I would start seeing things from her perspective. Since it'd be considered amoral by the creators to restrain her, and since she'd be useless for her original purpose anyway they just let her go and started over.
    The point of this weird story is to let her experience the world with an adult body, an adult set of predefined knowledge, but no actual experience and no real personality, so that I could witness the forming of her personality firsthand. And I'm doing my best not to set a direction myself.

    Next was her body. Since I wanted something that would be truly interesting to use in a dream, a simple human body wasn't an option for me. So I designed her as a Dragongirl/Ryumimi, which adds 1 tail and 2 wings to the equation. Since that didn't seem enough I also threw in 6 auxiliary limbs, which roughly look like tentacles, which then again brings her total amount of controllable extremities from 4 all the way up to 13 (2 arms, 2 legs, 1 tail, 2 wings, 6 'tentacles').
    Also she hears with her horns as opposed to hearing the way humans do, because I wonder how a notion like that might affect the senses in dreams.
    As for her skin, her entire body is actually covered in thick armor-like scales, which in turn are covered by skin or even thicker exo-scales, so she has some decent protection even without separate armor (I tend to be invincible without any intervention in dreams anyway, so it makes sense to come up with a concept that explains the sturdiness to some degree).
    All those features give her a whopping mass of around 185kg. In reality mass generally equals weight but since it's not about reality I placed her weight at around 30kg.
    If you're not aware what such a sharp difference in mass and weight would cause, it allows her to fly and keep her altitude much easier as she would only need 30kg of lift, but she still needs to put in the effort of getting 185kg moving in the first place. She can reach high top speeds, and she can turn around on the spot quickly, but she's neither going to make sudden dashes, sudden breaks or U-turns.

    Her abilities involve all sorts of things that are fun to do in a dream, flying, fire-breathing, exploding fireballs... stuff like that.
    So yeah, the concept is probably kind of over-the-top but in order to make her the most interesting to implement in dreams that's exactly what I was going for.

    As implied she's my Dream-Alter-Ego. That means that when I have (lucid) dreams I try to turn into her, experiencing the world around me not with my body, my thoughts and my perspective, but hers instead. So far I had some limited success in doing so, but typically there are many months in between any Ryuuko dreams, so I have a lot of work in the dream realm ahead of me.

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