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    1. Arsenic meat is good for lucidity

      by , 02-03-2016 at 07:45 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Now this dream had a seriously weird start. I think there was something happening before I got lucid but I don't remember it.

      I was in some kinda camp close to a small creek. There were tents and some structures which I guess were placed to dry clothes or so. I had some self made "arsenic meat" with me, it was in an aluminum pot and was essentially raw meat in a clear liquid that consisted mostly or to some degree of arsenic. It smelled abhorrently chemical and I know that I accessed a Wikipedia page on arsenic via some kind of direct neural interface, no intermediate electronic device needed. On the page it talked about its psychoactive properties (not existent in real life as far as I can tell). Either I ate a piece of that or the smell alone was enough to induce said effects and I experienced visual distortions and some degree of control over these. That promptly made me lucid.

      Spoiler for TL;DR: I had sex with my wife:

      After that I had a FA but I did not wake up. I was in my home, and for once it was spectacularly close to my actual home, only minor details like color were off which is super rare. I was standing in the bathtub and was fiddling with a tarp that had seemingly become dirty when my wife and me had fun. I had also worried about my wife getting pregnant since we didn't use any contraception. And the tarp was mostly in the toilet... the weirdness of it all snaps me back into lucidity, I do the nose pinch RC. I go onto the bed in my bedroom, and my wife was also there, talking about something. I know I half consciously listened but since I knew it was DC I didn't pay it too much attention. I thought about trying shared dreaming but ultimately didn't try.

      I jumped outside, I'm pretty sure from my balcony. I look at the sky and... it's obviously bright day from all my surroundings yet it's actually night in the sky, it's black and I see the stars.
      (I only saw it in the dream but found it weird after I woke up and thought about it, this mix between night and day at the same time is new to me.)
      I thought about flying up but didn't want to spent too much time in a black void, so I improvised and filled the space partially with a beautiful green nebula, it worked quite spectacularly. I fly up into the sky, aiming at the border of the nebula. I was rather disappointed to see that the night sky was only a texture several kilometers above the planet. Instead of fixing it I turn back towards earth and spin it around to take a trip to Japan. It takes me a moment to find it, and it's not a normal earth globe either but I managed. The globe w
      as... it was still a perfect sphere and the countries had roughly the right shape but it was vastly scaled down, so that each country was only barely a large city. I entered Japan on the east in some kind of harbor and went westwards into an industrial area. I remember seeing some soldiers and then I used a weird high precision zoom interface to inspect my surroundings. I see some products and wares and eventually find and pick up a lead-pouring game, you know that Sylvester tradition thingy. Right then I'm violently yanked out of the dream and wake up.

      And incidentally I realize I had this dream right on time to finish my first TotM (I had this dream only hours into February), and I didn't know the task by then either.

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    2. Somewhat-Lucid

      by , 09-19-2011 at 07:16 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was dreaming that I was in a big complex, much like my old favorite boarding school (Talenta). It seems I was doing some sort of missions there, after one was finished I have been assigned to the next one together with a bunch of other people. I was apparently searching for something; I know that some sort of voice explained to me that in this mission, unlike before, everyone could stray through the complex at will to search. At the start of this mission it was day, I saw the complex from the outside a moment, it looked a lot more like my most recent school though.

      Some info: My old boarding school consisted of 2 Buildings which each were constructed out of 2 long blocks, connected through a thinner strand of building. Each of the blocks has one quadratic staircase, where 3 of the 4 sides had a stairway, and the last side was connected to the hallway that led to the rooms.

      I was in the second floor of this connection (unlike in reality, in the dream there were three floors in this connection). I walked around a bit and ended in the top of the stairway of one of the buildings. I went down the complete staircase without touching the stairs, only using the handrail and centrifugal force (I think somewhere at this point my awareness slowly started to rise). I went down a bit too far and nearly went into the basement, which was pretty dark; it also was night after that. I stopped, placed my feet on the floor again and normally walked up the few steps, turned left and went into the connection again. Somewhere at this point I looked out of a window, the scene I saw was a real place of my old boarding school (I think I kind of know what window I looked out of). At that part I also remembered that there should be new educators in this complex and that I should meet the new ones. In the night scene I saw an odd moving Zeppelin, that also looked pretty crazy, it had four arrays of strange constructions, and they were slightly glowing (I can’t describe that thing so I’m not going to try further). I finally came to the thought something was off and did the nose-pinch RC.
      I could breathe through my nose so I became aware that I was in a dream. However upon realizing, the scene drastically changed and I was in a big room with a green, grass like floor. There were a bunch of tables and chairs, and also a bar; however it didn’t resemble a pub at all (as far as I can tell it also was day again). On the green floor was a bunch of different Pokémon (pretty odd because I played some of the games but couldn’t consider myself a fan; I remember I first saw an Eevee and Lugia/Ho-Oh later). I remembered the TotM but there was nothing in my surroundings that I could use. Somehow my vision turned black, I still primarily felt like watching a movie, even though I was pretty much completely aware, “and now someone turned off the screen”. I did a reality check again and tried to get the scene back as I remember it, and the “screen was on” again (it was after that that small forms of Lugia and Ho-Oh appeared to be chased or followed by the others). I got to see a little bit more of the odd scene but woke up very soon after.

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