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    First ever WILD - Hukif's Galaxy Collision Dare - Oh My - What a Ride!!

    by , 02-10-2015 at 08:21 PM (1032 Views)
    First time WILD!!

    This was the most spectacular LD of my life!!

    And it was so easy that I almost wondered if it was a WILD, but it was. And I took my bed with me!

    Being tired, I lay down for an afternoon nap and got quite lively HHs. Just been watching them, and from time to time imagining doing something physical in the scenery, but I did not get to feel that or enter these HHs, so I just watched dispassionately. When I started to do some mantra self-suggestions twice, the HHs went away, so I stayed without words. It felt as if I could look through my eyelids couple of times, seeing my room, but upon trying to see if it's a dream, I opened them for real, closed them disappointedly and continued.

    Suddenly* I still lie on my bed with nose dug in blanket but in space! *(sorry, if that isn't very informative, I know it no better...)

    It "stands" there in the midst of nothing, like a cosy theatre balcony for galactical audiences - and before my eyes stars are roiling and surging every which way, uncountably many, so dense from time to time as if they were spray, foam on the waters of vacuum.

    A black hole comes rolling through, swirling and drawing in my space and sweeping up my stars, but it passes the bed by and disappears to the left side of infinity.

    Checking data for Sageous' memory thread, all accessible, without effort. I know I am in the bed, I am in for real, where it actually stands and when, that I took it for a ride into my lucid dream, blanket and all. I also knew what I did before lying down - also in hindsight this was satisfactory - correct actually. But I was of a fuzzy, dreamy mind anyway, like when not sober, you can anyway remember who you are. Usually.
    Then I imagine two galaxies like on the pictures I have, but my dream has other ideas for a while.

    Instead windows open in space to other space, star-density reducing to a realistical view. And then another window and another and another, and I fly my bed through them all, clutching my blanket.

    And so I enter a space with distant round disks rotating slowly and sparkling with colour and I "brake" my bed.
    A huge tornado of space clouds appears to my left, spiralling around a centre of black with alarming speed. Looking very much like this:

    Ah I think, this is the action I'm here for! Now where is the other one?
    I get drawn closer and closer and lose my bed and start to race around the centre myself until I feel dizzy with dream-vertigo! Like an unbidden joke it comes to my mind, that one shouldn't throw up in space, if at all avoidable, even without a spacesuit, but it does not come to that.

    Again I draw on the pictures I have, like this one:

    My galaxy is all black and white, and it seems to understand me wrongly. I want another galaxy, so what it does is parting into two - it sprouts something like a feeler made of stars and births another smaller galaxy, like running the above with the arrow of time pointing in the wrong direction.

    Well - I admit it wasn't as spectacularly beautiful as the real thing above, but I was and still am blown away anyway and definitely.

    I think, this is no good, beautiful but wrong way round. I leave it happening, but once the baby galaxy dislodges itself - I draw it back in, meanwhile I am the swirl myself, I lose my human body and become star-cloud, sprouting out another feeler, this time I actually feel the draw of gravity I have and thus catch my baby back into the fold. With a plop. Hukif's call, but I guess this was the same as two different galaxies colliding, mechanism-wise.

    Then I get drawn out of being the plane and see my galaxy from above and fading out and I wake up.
    The only thing, which could have possibly topped this amazing trip would have been colour in birth and collision.


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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      I loved this LD Steph! Congratulations!! It sounded so interesting especially the end where you became the star cloud!
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      That is pretty awesome. Congrats on the cool experience.
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    3. NyxCC's Avatar
      Fascinating ld! Congrats, Stephl! The star cloud part was absolutely awesome!
      StephL likes this.
    4. Tihiti's Avatar
      Even before I read the comments, I thought awesome!
      StephL likes this.
    5. StephL's Avatar
      Oh yeah, what a trip - the bit where I was the star cloud myself was indeed the most mind-blowing bit of it - too short unfortunately, but it felt a bit like being an immense flat octopus made of stars doing pirouettes - and this sprouting was great - a new feeling, this having a gravity pull in this arm, and I also felt I wasn't solid - alien and amazing!! And a complete transformation, now I think of it, but it more or less just happened on its own.

      Thank you guys for reading!
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    6. Goldenspark's Avatar
      Congrats on your first WILD Stephl!

      Very interesting to hear that type of dream episode. I hardly ever get such esoteric visions. Very jealous!
    7. LouaiB's Avatar
      Congrats on your first WILD Steph!

      I can't imagine, being in bed all "wow this blue blob of HH is nice, ahh......wait, *opens eyes to see yourself in the bed in space*.... WTF did they put in that drink?!".

      Lol it's like this pranks of pushing the bed into the lake while the person is still sleeping, but you know, in space, and uhm you never woke up. Amazing how it feels you never slept, just teleported.

      And they wonder why we love LDing so much! w
    8. Djaxup's Avatar
      Yeah nice one! I'd love to have a stellar LD like this one day