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    I Did It - Maxis' Dare Completed - Struck By Lightning Survival!!

    by , 10-23-2014 at 12:24 PM (624 Views)
    Been waking up several times on my own last night, and used two of them to do some self-suggestions - and tadaa - lucid!
    It was an optically beautiful dream, all was shiny and sparkly and had intense colours, like I unfortunately don't have it so often. It was so beautiful, that I refrained from trying any tasks for a while and just flew about in a city with lots of old-fashioned houses and trees and little gardens and parks.
    There was a VW-beetle, cream-coloured, and I used to have one as a student, so I landed and boarded and drove about a bit, first lucid driving ever. Much too smooth for a real beetle, it drove itself more or less, but it was a great memory of the good old times...

    Quite astonished over the duration, I decided okay - this is the time, when I finally get it right after maybe 5 or 6 fails at Maxis' dare.
    So there I was, standing in the street, and ordering a lighting storm. Came almost instantly, got dark in the process, and first I thought, it's going to end like the last times, just no one bolt dared touch down on me.
    But I really gave it my all, hands reaching to heaven, beckoning, imagining myself transforming from getting hit, too.

    And then I got hit!!
    A bolt maybe only 5 cm in diameter, but it struck me directly in my outstretched right hand and went through my body.
    The sensation wasn't overly strong, but I did feel electricity shoot through me and into the ground, it was a tingling, sizzly feeling, completely pain-free but astonishing. Maybe it worked, because I had imagined how it would feel directly in the dream, before the beckoning.

    My field of vision almost went into the sort of total white-out I had experienced when the real episode of me almost getting struck happened, but not quite. Not as mercilessly bright and overwhelming as it had been in reality.
    I had concentrated on transforming into a cat, too, besides surviving, I imagined a great cat, one for which I wouldn't have to loose mass from my human physiology, imagining a small cat wasn't helpful I had decided.

    And what I got was a sort of spiky white fur, half electricity, half real, I felt my body distinctly differently, but I woke up before I could go on exploring further, what it was I had transformed into. But looking out from my face, I could see all the spikes coming out of naked me, maybe 10 cm long and in patches, not evenly, there was skin visible between them. Fur seems to be the most easy thing for me, when it comes to transformation.
    Almost the only thing, I ever got from attempts, to be honest. Well - and once a beak.

    Very satisfying long lucid!

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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Awesome Steph!! Congrats on achieving this and on what sounds like an awesome LD before going for the lighting strike!!
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    2. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Awesome job!
      StephL likes this.
    3. StephL's Avatar
      Thank you two!!
      I'm really proud of it - it was so difficult to realize, to get over the fear I suppose - now I feel more dream-powerful, I really do!
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    4. fogelbise's Avatar
      Feeling more dream-powerful is awesome indeed! With that confidence you can just do about anything you set your mind to!
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    5. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      I'm sooo happy to see that your perseverance paid off!
      And what a lovely start to the dream!
      Congrats Steph, this is a really great step in your dreaming journey!
      StephL likes this.
    6. StephL's Avatar
      Thank you fogelbise and ~Dreamer~!!
      Yes - it was something special, can't wait for my next one!
      Yesternight was darts and jolliness again - but tonight it's going to be a WBTB after a long while!
      Going to try a WILD, these two German guys, unfortunately nearly nobody here will understand, made it sound so incredibly easy...