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    Shocked into Lucidity by Four Meter Faun

    by , 10-27-2014 at 01:33 PM (610 Views)
    Veery strange. What I remember is being in a huge flat, very high ceilings, and there stood a maybe three/four meter big faun about. He didn't do something at first, was just there, like a huge devil, but in brown and not making an evil impression at all. Rather like being some sort of prehistoric faun, megalo-faun or something.
    Huge brown-furred legs...

    I asked a woman, what he would be doing there and she said, he belongs to the story, we would be filming. Instantly I was also in the know, ah - riight - that faun from the story. Meanwhile I was only surprised, why it would be in this specific scene, where I thought he wouldn't be. Instant explanation from her: yeah - but the audience loves him, we put in more material with him.

    Some this and that and then the faun suddenly comes up to me, and grabs me, and seems to want to take a closer look at me, lifts me up into the air, and I get really afraid all of a sudden, and loose optics, and then I get lucid.

    I guess it was fear, what had eradicated all optics - I just hung in the void. Tried all the pretty tips for optics, wipe my eyes, pretend to take a hood away and put glasses on - nope. Woke up from that.

    Shame I hadn't really prepared myself for a DEILD re-entry - might have worked nicely...

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