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    DVD, Market, Lift & Chocolate

    by , 10-27-2015 at 09:43 PM (369 Views)
    Last nights dream was my most vivid EVER. I never got lucid , but it ALMOST doesn't matter!

    I hear a strange sound at the door. I reckon its my pal returning some Lego men. I answer the door, my eyesights suddenly fails, I close the door for a moment and my eyesight returns. I open the door again, it is my pal, but hes returning a Doctor Who DVD. We discuss (accurately) the merits of that particular story and he leaves.

    I look out the door. The park beside my house (as IRL) is hosting some sort of market. Its the middle of thenight, no one is attending! There are three stalls that I can sse, They are all selling food . The woman in charge of each stall are all singing a strange melancholic song which is strangely relaxing and pleasant. there is a dark shape flitting amongst them but im not scared, I grab a piece of meat and eat it.

    My wife is now with me .She thinks the market is stupid so we head inside a building. We enter the glass doors to a lift. Two Chinese men with broad Glasweigen accents are with us. One says 'That door didn't shut' The lift starts swaying, the white ornate ceiling starts revolving and a siren blares. It is so noisy I think my ears are going to bleed! I pull a chair over my head for a moment. I then run around the walls pressing green buttons. A recorded voice asks for our location , I say 'Marriot' , the voice then asks for a phone number, but I forget.

    A gap but we are safe in a room. There is a really tatty looking present bag in front of me.I pull out six different boxes of chocolates. I look inside the bag, its full of lots of shite including an empty packet of Lambert & Butler.

    My wife is nowwith me

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