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    2-4-11 Garage sale

    by , 02-05-2011 at 05:32 AM (388 Views)
    I was in my house in the piano room. I was talking with Benny. Not sure if he was there from the start or just appeared. We were talking about music. I asked him if he still played much. He said yeah, I jam with some friends sometimes. Everything he said had no content, it was a sort of mimicry. I looked out the window and saw a young women putting stuff on the lawn for a garage sale. I thought the old lady must have died, that;s her daughter. I looked back at Benny and realized that I hadn't seen him since high-school and this was probably a dream. On top of that I had my winter coat on and it was nice outside, and I was inside. I thought about RCing but I didn't. I might have asked Benny what it's like to be a DC but if I did he didn't answer.

    Then I walked outside to the sale. I had decided I was gonna do this right before I became lucid and did it automatically. I walked throught the window. I remember looking at a latch and thinking I can just walk through this, I don't need to open it. I started looking for Madison to do the basic ToTM. I was really hot with my coat on and I thought I wouldn't mind being naked when I found her so I decided to make my clothes disappear. I was too scatterbrained to physically take them off, I felt like I'd wake up if I did. Never found her though.

    I remember looking at the sky. It had a strange jagged pattern in it of shades of grayish blue. I walked a few blocks before making it to the garage sale. The neighborhood seemed to deteriorate as I walked through it into a slum. I remember seeing a barren tree. I looked around the sale and talked to the owner(pretty sure I was still naked haha).

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