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    2-6-11 Basic ToTM

    by , 02-07-2011 at 02:19 AM (417 Views)
    I started in my house. I decided that I would go into my neighbors house and the girl I wanted to kiss would be there. I went outside and went across the street. I remember seeing some tigers in someones yard with collars on them like they were pets. I say my neighbor standing in front of my other neighbors house. I went up to him and exclaimed," how's it going nate? I'm doing great!" He kept asking me a bunch of questions about my lifee like he always does and I kept thinking to myself I should ask him if she's inside, then he'll say yes and she will be. I finally got him off the subject of me and asked him, and he said yeah. Everytime I looked at him his clothes changed. First he was wearing stuff he;d normally wear, then a sweater vest, then a suit, then a suit with the vest, then v neck with no shirt underneath. There was this weird fence I had to go around to get into the house, shaped sort of like the line to a roller coaster, but with a normal fence.

    I went inside and looked through the house for her. I remember this door that went nowhere, it had a wall behind it. It didn't look much like a house, just random walls and little rooms, but they weren't constructed like a house or decorated. It was very haggard looking. I went down to steps of stairs and found her room. I went inside. She was laying on a bean bag chair. I jumped on it and hugged her. We rolled around and laughed. I tried to look her in the eyes before I kissed her, but I woke up(because she text me in real life) before I really saw her face.

    In another one I ran into her on the street. This is what I had been incubating. I remember looking around a while, exploring some stuff. I ran into a DC and asked them for some gum cause my breath smelled bad. It was hard to chew and it felt like the gum was becoming a part of me. I could taste it in my neck and shoulder and arm. When I found her we embraced then I kissed her neck and started slowly working my way up, but woke up. This probably technically counts for the TOTM, but I'm gonna do it better before I submit it, it's such an easy task and all.

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