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    2-6-11 Table Fight

    by , 02-07-2011 at 02:21 AM (484 Views)
    I had this other really great lucid in a house, sort of like my Uncles house. The dream faded at least 3 times but I kept using LDEILD to re-enter. I decided to eat something. The first thing that popped into my head was General Tso's Chicken(I;m a vegitarian and I thought, this is a dream, might as well make the most of it). When I got the chicken it was a grayish tan color and didn't even look like chineese food. I was sitting at the table with my family and said, "What is this crap!?!" and threw the plate like a frisbee. Then I found I plate of mashed potatoas and gravy and dug in.

    Then I was exploring the house. I remember this huge table. I stood on it and tried to fly up to the balcony. I almost made it but didn't. Then I decided to practice flying by jumping over the table, it was really big, maybe 6-7 feet tall and probably 30 feet or more across. I did this a few times. Then my little brother came in and we started fighting, just for fun since it was a dream. We were throwing little tables at each other from across the big one. I might have been flying while I did this part of the time.

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