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    8-11-11 Basic TOTM

    by , 08-11-2011 at 05:58 PM (764 Views)

    I was driving to Madison's house. I remember this funny part where I was on the highway and the genie from I dream of genie showed up in front of my car as an apparition and tried to sell me the first season of her show on DVD. I thought to my self, Oh no you don't, I'm not listening to this crap, and drove through her.

    I stopped at a gas station. They had a bunch of food, I don't have much to eat in the house right now and they had low prices so I got excited and looked around. I picked up some pita, and when I went to put it back the shelf was gone. I thought, "this must be a dream" and did some RCs. I tried to put my finger through my hand but I was really shaky. It still worked but I wanted to be sure so I flicked on and off a couple light switches. I wound up in the basement. When I turned around there was a girl a few years younger than me with no panties on standing there. Then her bra did this weird thing, kind of flapping around and off and flew away like it was a bat or something. I asked her to sing me a song. So blew a raspberry and shook her head and made this weird noise. I held her hand and looked her in the eye and said please. She said OK. She sang this very simple melody(do re mi do re mi do re mi so, ti do re ti do re do re mi so...) The words were somehow even simpler, Violin violin violin song, Violin violin violin song. I woke up while she was singing.

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    1. Flying Spaghetti Monster's Avatar
      awesome dream man! given me some inspiration to get the basic ToTM done this month