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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 2-5-11 Science experiment, WILD in the dream and FAs

      by , 02-06-2011 at 04:12 AM
      I had a bunch of FAs too. In one Daniel in his friends were in my room and I was trying to get them out. My dad came in and said Oscar's dad was here and led him out. Sean was looking through a big stack of holographic pokemon cards. I asked them if those were Chris' and he said no, Jackie gave them to me.

      In another my phone was ringing or maybe I just got a text. When I found the phone it was my sister's. I had this weird charger with a bunch of small magnetic balls on it that connected to the phone. When I connected them there were balls on the phone too.

      Then I had this crazy dream where I was going to take part in a science experiment. This was another FA and everything took place in my room. I talked to the scientist fro a minute and they told me I would have to wait a few minutes so I went back to bed. I was WILDing. I saw amazing visuals as I lay there. Then I heard the scientists voice and remembered that I was supposed to be doing an experiment so I jumped out of bed totally naked and the scientist, who could see me from the hallway, made a joke. There was a lot more to this but I don't remember it now.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    2. 1-18-11 Blue Tooth

      by , 01-19-2011 at 06:05 AM
      I was sleeping when I heard someone playing drums downstairs. I went out in the hallway and yelled, "STOP IT, I"M TRYING TO SLEEP!". One of the guys replacing the carpet on the stairs said, "oh, sorry" and I went back into my room and laid back down. Then my cell phone rang, it was on the bookshelf, which is strange because I never keep it there. It was Jake(who I never talk to and don't have his number). We started talking about smoking weed or partying and I noticed all my bottom teeth were loose. I started to feel nervous. Then one fell out and I panicked and thought about how permanent this was. I told Jake I had to call him back. I looked at the tooth, it was dark blue, like a piece of candy and gritty. I went and looked in the mirror and I had to rows of bottom teeth. Then I remembered that my teeth falling out is a dreamsign. I flipped the lightswitch on and off and nothing happened. Then I went to the batheroom and did the same. I was extremely excited and wanted to run around shouting, "It's A DREAM> MY TEETH ARE OK!" but then I thought about the guys replacing the carpet and didn't want to freak them out. But then I realized they were just dream characters so I ran down the stairs(they seemed to have disappeared). I decided that I wanted to drive around in a red corvette and smoke a joint(I tried smoking a cigarette in my last dream and was unsuccessful). I walked out to my garage. It was empty, so I decided I'd close the door and when I reopened it there'd be a corvette in there. I closed it with my mind and turned around. I was getting spun out from being so excited and was starting to wake up. I tried to look at the sky and focus on the details to keep myself grounded. The sky was a dark, a tannish light brown color, and the barren trees looks ominous and depressing against it. I tried to pull a cigarette case full of joints out of my pocket but don't remember what happened next, must have woken up.
      lucid , false awakening