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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. 2-5-11 Gas station pizza

      by , 02-06-2011 at 04:17 AM
      I remember leaving school with Ben to go somewhere. He had just taken some kind of test and I somehow got out of taking it. I felt anxious because I ddin't wanna waste all my gas. Then he offered to drive. We got in his car. We went to the gas station. He asked me for some money for gas. I told him I didn't really have any, that's why I asked you to drive, but maybe I have a few ones. Then he took 2 checks out of his pocket, one for $60 and another for $10. Then he said something about toppings to the guy. He went outside and started making a pizza at the gas pump. He had a big square pizza shell and was pumping pizza sauce out of the gas pump onto it. I remember being hungry and wanting some but at the same time feeling grossed out thinking that pizza probably has gas on it.
    2. 2-5-11 Science experiment, WILD in the dream and FAs

      by , 02-06-2011 at 04:12 AM
      I had a bunch of FAs too. In one Daniel in his friends were in my room and I was trying to get them out. My dad came in and said Oscar's dad was here and led him out. Sean was looking through a big stack of holographic pokemon cards. I asked them if those were Chris' and he said no, Jackie gave them to me.

      In another my phone was ringing or maybe I just got a text. When I found the phone it was my sister's. I had this weird charger with a bunch of small magnetic balls on it that connected to the phone. When I connected them there were balls on the phone too.

      Then I had this crazy dream where I was going to take part in a science experiment. This was another FA and everything took place in my room. I talked to the scientist fro a minute and they told me I would have to wait a few minutes so I went back to bed. I was WILDing. I saw amazing visuals as I lay there. Then I heard the scientists voice and remembered that I was supposed to be doing an experiment so I jumped out of bed totally naked and the scientist, who could see me from the hallway, made a joke. There was a lot more to this but I don't remember it now.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    3. 2-4-11 Washing dishes

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:34 AM
      I was washing dishes and found $50 in the water.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. 2-4-11 Creepy Choir

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:31 AM
      While I lay in bed after waking I had a dream about a choir singing at Gesu. They were singing very strange verses. I could tell I made them up. I didn't really become lucid, this was hardly even a dream, kind of just imagery. I sort of realized I was laying in bed thinking all this but I wasn't even really there, it was just an image.
    5. 2-4-11 Hanging out with Nick

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:31 AM
      I had a dream where I was hanging out with Nick. Before that I was writing some music with Brad. Nick kept wanting to make more food. I told him I needed to go to Durdel's to get some strings. It was 6:40 and I said we needed to go now to get there before they closed. I was thinking it was sunday even though the're closed on sounday. Nick wanted to make one more thing to eat first. He handed me a fruit by the foot and told me he'd drive and loan me the money to buy them if he could(for some reason I thought we had to go to his house to get my money). I said fine. He put something in the oven. I checked it a minute later and the fruit by the foot was in there sizzling yellow goo(I think he origianllay put something cheesey in there). I told him it was done. He said I dunno before he even looked. Then he checked and the goo sixxled up and hit him in the face. He winced in pain and closed his eyes. He had the tea kettle on and it was shooting out water.

      It was 6:45 now and I told him we had to leave in the next 3 minutes or we'd never make it. He said give him 6 and I said alright for some reason. I looked in the driveway and saw my car there and not his and I said I'll just drive. Then it was 6:49 and I noticed I was wearing pajama pants and a ratty sweater. I ran upstairs to change. I put on some pants and decided the sweater was alright since I was just going to the store. I found a bunch of money in my pants. My room was extremely messy and reminded me of the table in Nick's basement.
    6. 2-3-11 Fiction character and Greg's wedding

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:27 AM
      I had another dream where I was either on the computer or reading about this really interesting character. I called some random phone number and got an electronics shop in Columbus. I was just messing with them, but ended up haggling the guy down on something and then listened to his boss bitch him out. Chris was there and we talked about the character. I remember putting something other than a guitar on a guitar stand, maybe a soda.

      This connected to a dream where I was at the rehearsal for Greg's wedding. I remember these big stairs and screwing something up right in front of the camera. This dream was much more vivid at the time but I had it early in the night and don't remember it well now.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    7. 2-3-11 Alien german shepherd

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:25 AM
      I had a dream where I was at Mike's appartment getting stoned. It looked a little like his old house but just because it had a bunch of couches and a big TV. The room was different, and it changed throughout the dream. When we were smoking we were standing up in a room with bright fluorescent lights, similar to the recording studio yesterday. When we finished smoking Mike and Nick went outside for a cigarette. One of the girls went out to but she just went to her car, got her smokes, and came back inside and smoked there. She had rolling tobacco. She was doing something weird with it where she would roll the cigarette and tobacco would come out of the end, then she would roll it the other way and it would go back in and come out the other end. A black hipster looking guy came in with three packs of cools that turned out to be more hand-rolleds. He gave everyone but Madison and I one. He blew smoke in my face and it made me feel really high and I had to sit down. Then we were watching TV. One guy kept saying we should watch this thing about the universe with an experimental soundtrack. I kept trying to say we should watch this movie about a character from the dream before, something Ray Bradbury had made(not really thought).

      Then this guy had a huge dog outside. It was a 6 ft alien looking German shepherd. It had these strange black marks on it and a menacing but stupid looking face. We could see it through the screen door. He asked someone where he should put them(as in there was another one). Then someone inside looked the dog in the eye or something and it started growling at us. The owner growled at the door and I somehow knew this was to show the dog that the door was bad and he should leave it alone, he shouldn't go in there. He grabbed the dog by the collar and wrestled him into the apartment(a different one). Then there was a panther and he had to do the same with it. The panther bit him(in the head maybe). I said people shouldn't own animals like that and Madison agreed. Then the panther was inside snarling and we were all cowering on the couch. I clawed at one couch so I jumped to the other. It got really close to me and growled in my face. But it didn't do anything. Then I punched it. It punched me back. Neither of us hit hard. Then it sort of pinned me down and licked me so I licked it back.

      There was another part where I was looking at the top of my lava lamp. It was curved in a strange way. I was thinking about calling my parents to tell them I wouldn't be home for dinner. The clock below the TV said 6:59.
    8. 2-2-11 Jarius fragment

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:24 AM
      I remember little bits of a dream where an R&B band was playing. Jarius was playing guitar and I was trying to explain who he was to someone and how Nelson had shown this guy to me on youtube.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. 2-2-11 Playing catch near the creek

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:23 AM
      Then I was in another dream. I almost feel like they were connected or I was aware of one ending and the other beginning, but I wasn't lucid. I saw 2 people I knew playing catch up ahead in a parking lot next to some buildings. There was a creek on the other side of the parking lot and more water back behind it. I walked up next to the closer of the two. The further signaled for him to throw another ball. Then he said something to me and was gonna throw a few to me. I asked the guy next to me if I could borrow his mit. He said sure but before he could even throw it to me the other guy had thrown the first ball. It was way over my head and I just let it go. Then the guy tossed me his mit. Before I could put it on he threw the other ball. It was over my head but I ran and caught it barehanded. "Great catch!" he said. I went to get the other ball, it had rolled into the creek. The creek looked dirty and black and the ground and plants by it were all brown and tan, very industrial waste looking. When I got to it I saw that it had somehow connected to a cement parking block in the creek. I pulled it toward me with my foot, I didn't want to get wet. I disconnected the ball, which was now a piece of metal. I threw the metal and the other ball, which had turned into a beer can, back. I thought they would have been heavier and overthrew them.

      The two guys went into the water to get the balls. They were clowning around in the water a while. They found a rusty sledgehammer and the one guy was sitting on the other's shoulders swinging it around. They came out of the water like this. The guy on the bottom walked away and the one on top stayed that height. He had really long legs now and was all out of proportion. The other guy had his shirt off and they were getting really rowdy now, like they were raging drunk. It started raining. The teacher from the last dream drove up in a golf cart. She said, "Maybe you don't see anything wrong with your behavior, but there are other people here who do not appreciate it." Then drove off. I felt nervous because and wondered if she had recognized me.

      Then we went inside to see the boss. The shirtless guy was Adam now and he said that our band wouldn't be playing any gigs here now. We were in a basement looking at a marker-board that had a list of bands playing there soon and other venues listed as well. Then we walked upstairs and I saw some friends of mine. They were all wearing suits and looked like they were in the mafia. One guy snuck up on my friend pulled a fake gun out, held it to his back and whispered something really funny to him. Then put it away and hugged him or shook his hand. We all talked for a minute. The place was a restaurant so the other guy and I went to see the boss about getting jobs. He was really happy. He showed us the kitchen. I made a correction in his sudoku puzzle(2 2 in a line) and he said this guy's sharp, make sure you come back for an interview. Then we were walking out and the gun thing happened again but this time it was my friend Jantzen doing it. We all laughed.

      Then I was outside by myself. I saw a car back out, smash into a building across the street then drive off. It happened really quickly and violently. The teacher came out and said something like,"Do they really think they can get away with this?" I told her what color and make the car was and that I had seen them smash into the building so it'd be easy to find them, their car would be all dented up. She smiled at me and said, "I would have never thought of that I know nothing about cars."

      Then we were in her recording studio. She was checking the computer for what files they had stolen. The studio was a big cluttered room with bright fluorescent lights and 2 computers. A younger girl was at one of the computers working.
    10. 2-2-11 Subway driver class

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:22 AM
      I was taking a class on how to be a subway driver. My teacher from American government was teaching it. He looked more mature and together, less like your average american beer bellied football fan, though at the same time younger. He was asking questions and everyone was getting them wrong. I kept getting distracted and missing the questions so I just kept quiet. I finally heard one and got it right. There was a guy who kept making really bad jokes. They were like will ferral's jokes but not funny at all. The teacher kept implying that he was stupid and should shut up.

      I remember talking to a foreign guy, I think he was Indian. He was telling me how he was trying out for the job now. He had somehow skipped the class. He walked down this strange futuristic looking staircase to the platform with a supervisor.

      We did a simulation. The teacher let one of the students drive, maybe Will Ferrell guy. I couldn't see how the driver was driving or what he saw, but I watched where we were going on a map to learn the route. I saw a red line moving over the map with the tunnels shown in blue. There was more to driving than just switching tracks like you'd think. The driver had to steer like it was a car. The teachers interface was a touchscreen and he could control the train with it. We drove all around Toledo and some of the outskirts.

      Then we took a break. When we came back the teacher changed and so did the room. We were in a room with this huge strangely shaped bed. It was shaped like 10 beds put together in a pattern but it was all just one bed. I waited for people to sit down trying to decide where to sit myself. I took one of the last open spots. The teacher sat next to me. She was a really pretty brunette about my age, maybe a little older. I could tell she liked me right away. I answered her questions very articulately. Then I needed to blow my nose extremely bad but couldn't find a tissue. It started to drip and I wiped it on my hand and my sleeve and felt embarrassed and tried to hide it from her. Someone got up and blew their nose. Then I saw the box of tissues right behind me and cleaned myself off, but there was still a stain which bothered me.

      Then we were doing an exercise where we were drawing on the carpet with markers. She kept asking me to borrow my markers. I felt like a little kid, it was very cute. Her drawing looked really bad, it didn't look like anything, just random lines, and they weren't even good lines, they were very crude.

      We took a break and one and one of her friends, heavy Indian woman, came in. She said some very nice things about the teacher. Then she said we should be learning meditation in this class and how it would help us. She said some things about Jay(the guy I study meditation with) and about how she just went to one of his talks 2 days ago. I said something about him, then she said she recognized me from the talk. I tried to think if I had been there but couldn't remember.

      Then Madison was next to me. She had taken one of her gauges out and was talking about it. She said something about a brand she wanted and how it was too expensive. I said my sister had looked at the same brand. We talked some more but I don't remember.
    11. 2-1-11 Smoking grass in the house

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:21 AM
      I had a dream where I was smoking weed in my room with Andre and some of his friends. I realized what we were doing and opened the window and told people to blow the smoke out of it. I stared at the door for a second, then went downstairs to look for my parents. I didn't see them so I asked my sisters friend where they went and she told me. I went back up to my room and saw a girl just exhaling in the middle of the room. I said comeon it's not that hard to blow it out the window. Geoff called me but I didn't answer because I was too caught up in dealing with the situation. There was a part were my little brother was naked and peed all over the floor in my room and my sister had to carry him out. I remember the keef bowl I smoked with Haley and Madison, but not sure if they were there. I remember a recurring part where I was with a girl I liked but then I realized it wasn't the girl I like in real life and felt weird about it.
    12. 1-30-11 Blue Juice

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:20 AM
      I dreamt I was in Nick's basement. The lights were off and the only light in the room was the one coming from the computer. Nick and a few others were sitting around the table talking about the website on screen, either for a band or some unusual phenomenon. I was sitting back a bit from the table at first because there were no more chairs. Someone left and I got up to take their seat. There was a stain on it(I recognized this from a youtube video on waking). I never ended up sitting down, I just examined the stain. Something about it was funny to me and I explained it to the person sitting next to me.

      Either I was looking at the computer or Nick was talking about something and the scene changed to being outside on the corner. There were 2 people, an adult and a child, I was one of them but I'm not sure which. We were talking about something philosophic, wisdom of some sort. Someone was using a butane torch to light a 15ft copper rocket.

      I walked toward school and turned into myself. Then I was driving, pulling into a parking lot with dead bushes in the front. The sky was a bittersweet orange. There were police officers and a gang both minding their own business. A mexican guy came up to me and started talking to me. He was trying to intimidate me and hinting at how he was going to steal my car. I pointed to the cops and made a joke. I sad just don't forget to steal the whole thing, don't forget the fan belt or something.

      Then I was looking through my car for some food. I saw that white ceramic pot with some corn in it, I think it was outside the car. I found some blue juice in the car. The scene then transformed to a combination between high-school and krogers. My sister was there and I had some food for us to share. I had a pack of blue Hi-Cs on top of my car. Anthony and the gangsters ran up and stole some. I chased them around. This is when it turned into krogers. I felt like I was an employee. I chased him around throwing stuff at him worried that I might get caught. He knocked over some plates and then fell down a flight of stairs near the registers. I threw a thing of laundry detergent at him. I charged at him to get the juice while he was down. But then the manager showed up and I started walking nonchalantly. The detergent was still bouncing and sliding across the floor. The manager didn't seem upset at all. This girl who reminded me of a girl from gradechool said something that made absolutely no sense, like aren't you glad we didn't have school today.
    13. 1-29-11 Dragon Warrior

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:16 AM
      I had a dream where my mom had bought a bunch of new video game stuff for my brother. She kept asking me about the controllers. My parents said they were going to bed but they never did. I was playing dragon warrior, but it was completely different from the real game. My sister had her file open and I remembered that I couldn't save(my real version of this game has a dead battery so you can't save usuaully) so I played on her game instead of starting a new one. I was trying to cast some spell(it was a 2d sidescroller now) but all I could do was make little rupees(like from zelda) appear. I wandered around the level. It was a dungeon, the level was made of grey bricks like a castle and the background was dark, black with bits of maroon. I got hit by the first enemy I saw which made me wann start over. I stopped playing but my character kept moving by itself. I turned the gaame on and off, then I realized I just erased her game. I turned it back on and loaded her game, but it wasn't as far. Then I started a new game. I had to choose my character. They were all strange looking, most were not human at all. I was trying to decided between the 2 airplanes. One was just a normal plane and the other was called a physics plane. They cost the same so I picked the physics plane.

      There was a part with a little 4 year old girl. She was sitting on the couch watching me play(or maybe it was earlier and we were just watching TV). I decided that she was there to see my brother. She jumped off the couch and said she had to go home. I remember thinking that my brother should walk her home since it was dark out but he didn't.

      Then I was talking to Krysta and someone else about shrooms. The other guy said krysta was a shroom head, but not as in an addict, he meant it as a silly insult. I was telling them about the Mogwai concert in april and a bee flew down my shirt. Krysta said bees are always flying down your shirt. They both kept talking in a way that sounded like singing or random syllables, and like it had reverb or some kind of vocal effects on it.
    14. 1-28-11 Buying weed

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:14 AM
      In another dream I was at a friends house. I called Jon and told him I wanted to buy some weed. He came over with a big sandwich bag full of danque and this grey scale. The amount of weed I was buying kept changing from a half to a quarter. Then he was trying to sell me 1.4 grams and siad that was an eighth. I got really loud and said no way, an eighth is at least 1.7(this is actually a half eighth). My 3rd grade teacher came out from inside the house(we were on a closed in porch) and said "What's going on here?". We hid the weed before she noticed but the scale was just sitting there on the table. I felt really paranoid. We said "nothing" and she replied "a likely story" and went back inside.

      We settled on an amount, maybe 1.64(2 bags of this), it was less than what it should be but I was sick of haggling. Then we were going to leave because my friend had already left while we were waiting for Jon. Ben dropped a bunch of dirty dishes and dirty laundry on the floor. I started picking it up and told him, "we can't just leave a mess here or ____(the people who lived there) will think were a bunch of slobs."
    15. 1-28-11 Sister's spray paint

      by , 02-05-2011 at 05:13 AM
      I think the dream started out in my neighborhood. My sister and her friends were gonna go spray paint something. I was there, they needed me for some reason, maybe to drive. They were gonna pay me $10. We drove past the school and I asked them where they were going(i thought this is where they were going to spraypaint). They said St. Ursala(another school). Then one of them sprayed gold spraypaint in my face. This pissed me off a lot. I started swearing and told them they had to pay me $25 now. Then I said $40 and I'm not even gonna help you, that's just to keep me from telling mom and dad.

      Then we were in a parking lot. Might have been netty's or some chain restaurant. We were picking up another car. Geoff was there now too trying to calm me down and tell me how tagging is a good thing and I should help them. I told him it can be if it's art, if it's expression, but this is just a bunch of stupid little girls vandalizing shit. Both the cars turned into convertibles. There was this weird part where we were backing out really slowly. I dropped my keys and it looked like they fell on the ground and there was no floor to the car anymore. I reached down and picked them up.

      There was another part where we were at one of my sisters;s friends house. It was some boy's. He was a rapper and I remember him saying they can never lay down any serious tracks when the girls are over. I was watching TV. Some commercial was on with this slow intense song and basketball in B&W.
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