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    1. 8-10-11 Car stolen and other dreams

      by , 08-10-2011 at 10:18 PM
      I can't find my DJ so I'm using this one today.

      I had so many dreams last night, these are just going to be short summaries.

      In the last one Madison and I were going to the zen center. When she got to my house I was making food. I had pizza and this weird milk & weed drink. I went outside, then back in to heat something in the microwave. There was cheese on one of the buttons.

      While driving we ran into Mike, he was with Lauren at a cross walk. I tried to get him to smoke with us but he was busy. While we were in conversation in things changed to us being in a laundromat or something indoors and someone else had some weed. He was talking his weed up and gave us a nug. Then somehow we had a bag very similar to his. All the different strains were in different bags with weird labeling that had countdown clocks on it. We showed him this huge bud that must have been at least an eighth.

      Then we were at this movie/play(seemed to change back and forth). There were cowboys. One actor was smoking a weird pipe during intermission. I asked him if he needed a light. He acted like a dick at first, but then eased up and gave me a little pipe tobacco for my pipe. Madison and I and he passed some tobacco around which got Madi and I really buzzing. We talked a bit more.

      Then there was some part in some store. Like a pawn shop. I asked the guy how much he made in commissions and a creepy looking old fat pasty ugly guy came out and gave him the evil eye. I assumed he was the owner. I told he didn't have to answer. He said he didn't care but then just said a bunch of other stuff that didn't answer my question. Carl called and we left to go meet him.

      Then there was a part where my car was stolen, but it was actually Nicks car. I chased after it on foot fairly successful for a long time. Then I started to get partially lucid and had a false awakening.

      Then I was in a parking lot looking for it still. Andre was outside with a tray of weed brownies. I forgot about the car for a moment and was really happy, but then I remembered and couldn't pay attention to anything Andre said.

      Then another FA and I'm in bed [at my house] with Madi cuddling. We both start kissing each other but then her mom comes in the back door and tells us she's going for a walk so and we better be dressed when she gets back.


      Had another dream earlier in the night where Madi was coming over but my phone didn't ring. I saw her pulling away and flipped out, banging on the window, trying to call her etc. I became very frantic. I couldn't get my cell phone to work. Weird things started to happen and I thought I was having some kind of acid flashback and really needed to get a hold of her just to talk.

      Had a few more dreams too, but that's enough for now.
    2. 1-20-11 Industrial Foundry

      by , 02-03-2011 at 07:00 PM
      There was another LD I had that was really fucking cool, but I can't remember it well because I went right back to sleep afterwords to try to get lucid again. I was in this creapy factory/industrial foundry complex/prison. In the begining I was helping some prisoners to escape, they were 3 guys who I considered close(only in the dream, I have no clue who they were), like brothers, and the theme of the dream was 4 Brothers, a jazz standard I vaguely know. I helped them out into this hallway, then I walked out in to another hall but had them wait because the janitor or someone was there. THen we snuck out into the next hall. Something around this point tipped me off and I became lucid. I explored the place a bit, but don't remember much other than that it was all painted and rusting metal. I remembered the ToTM and wanted to find a door I could take outside. I decided that if I kept going down I would eventually find it so I kept jumping down these little drops and going in a circle, there were some small sets of stairs to and I kept jumping and focusing on how it felt, real, but at the same time it didn't hurt as much as it would have for some of the bigger drops. I lost the visual and tried dream spinning. I remember it being succesful, but I don't remember where I ended up.
    3. 1-18-11 Mordor

      by , 01-19-2011 at 06:26 AM
      I was talking to my dad about how that big castle in front of us with the black obelisk is mordor, when I realized that this just has to be a dream. I had a group of my friends with me and we went to explore it. One of those creatures that can sense the ring when someone wears it was flying around.
      We walked up long steps up a few flights and paused to look around, we talked about student loans and stuff I'm currently stressed out about. I remembered that I wanted to try to use smoking as an anchor so I reached into my pocket and pulled out a soft pack of reds. They were pathetic looking. The filters had fallen out and the tobacco was starting to as well. I tried to smoke one anyway but gave up, so did a friend of mine who has the same first name, and when I looked at him he had tobacco all around his mouth. I tried to pull out another pack, and I think I did but I never smoked one. I saw this rusty blue door with an intricate handle, sort of art noveau, and decided that behind that door would be a coke machine. When I opened the door it was there. When I hit the button 2 cokes came out, but one was diet. They didn't fall in the normal fashion but sort of rose up in a kind of futuristic way. I opened one and drank it, it was delicious and I thought about how it tasted even better than in waking life, it was the perfect temperature etc.
      Then my friends girlfriend was in the bathroom talking to me about how much she enjoyed being in the bathroom away from the pressures of life(this might sound creepy, but it's from a Philip K Dick book, the Penultimate Truth, where people live underground and in a very high strung society. The main character has a monologue in the bathroom talking about how he enjoys the peace of just being a biological being without having to play social ego games for just a moment). When she came out of the bathroom she wanted to have sex with me, but I said no since her boyfriend was 20 feet away. Then she transformed into someone else and I tried to get her to have sex with me. She said no, but I tried to touch her shoulder and I could feel her resistance as if I was the one resisting. Then I thought about how I could change the situation. I decided that she would want to have sex with me if we smoked weed first, so I said what if we smoke a joint? She said ok and pushed me onto a bed ripped off my pants and started giving me a handjob. I got excited and woke up.