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    Weird violent dream

    by , 05-26-2011 at 10:31 PM (664 Views)
    In this dream I go in and out of being lucid.

    Im at this music festival and I become lucid by noticing the vast amount of stars in the sky (I live in a big city, no stars) as well as shooting stars. All of a sudden riot police show up and start beating up all my friends and I notice my principle among the chaos.

    I escape by changing the dream scenario( I have a bad habit of becoming lucid, facing problems and making the scenario disappear instead of manifesting a giant sword or flying away) and wind up at my school. I see this kid (who Ill call John) who is a junkie in real life and he is trying to throw a syringe at me. I duck and try to run away but he gets next to me and stabs me in the shoulder with the syringe.

    I freak out and beat the shit out of him and he invites me back to his house to smoke but once we get there we both pull knifes on each other and square off. Suddenly his big brother comes out of nowhere and throws him in the oven but I convince him to take John out after a minute.

    I learn it is Halloween and the night is young. We go to Johns friends house to smoke but when we get there a giant robot guard dog jumps over the fence and we run our asses off. We split up and I hide in a mailbox which the robodog destroys but I still get away.

    The dream changes again and I am at my deceased grandmothers house and it is Christmas now. 3 old ladies I have never seen before are there and they are stealing all of the presents. I wrestle with the old ladies and tell them to GTFO and steal back the presents. This is when I woke up.

    It was a strange and violent dream but it was pretty cool.

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