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    Call of duty dream...

    by , 09-07-2013 at 07:08 PM (283 Views)
    ((Now this is a strange dream. Mostly because I don't even like CoD that much, and I havn't played it in months.))
    Was in the airport map playing team DM I think.. on the other team there were professionals, while my team was mostly normal. It was just an averege game... me just running around, killing the other team, getting killed, using the noob tube against certain enemies etc. The weird thing is, nothing weird happened. IT was literally, an exact replica of the averege CoD match. Nothing strange happened in it at all, even the map I was on in the dream CoD was the exact same as the one in the real CoD. The dream ended near the ned of the match I think. I did preeeetty bad.. 5 and 20. The top guy had like, 20 and 5.

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