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    Cool SP dreams

    by , 09-08-2013 at 09:45 PM (384 Views)
    ((So sometimes I get what I like to call, SP dreams. When I go into an SP, I often switch back and forth between reality, and a dream world, which causes some crazy chain of events. Unfortunantly, the details of my most recent one have faded, but lets see what I can recover while writing, This will sound very fragmented.))

    Dad was going somewhere, didn't want me to be alone, put me in this daycare place (weird that I didn't think "HMMM... I'M 17.... THIS IS A BIT STRANGE") Woke up with SP, but then went back into dream after struggling to wake up. Wasn't lucid. Was outside of the daycare place now, was exploring around, with a voice in my head asking "Wait, how old are you?" to which I replied 17. It was very dark and gloomy outside, and wet because t was raining. I saw this pile of tires I think that had a piece of flatwood on it. On top of the flatwoof, was some post-it notes and notepad papers. I put my hand over them and felt the rain coming down on them, yet they didn't appear wet. I looked up, and saw a thin cloth roof was over us. For a second I questioned it, but then I figured the water must be seeping through the cloth (which actually makes sense). But just incase it was a dream, I did a reality check. Sure enough, it semi-failed, air passed through my nostirils even though they were clamped in a way that made sense to me, I thought to myself I must not be clamping them tight enough. I still became semi-lucid, somehow. Was suddenly in a differen't dream scene. A robot monster was going to eat me. I was still lucid. The robots mouth had rows of very sharp spikes. I let it happen, hoping I would wake up (I knew I had some work to do in waking life) but then I just woke up in a FA SP, and went through several more mini dreams before finally woke up.

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