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    1. Long lucid dream

      by , 08-19-2012 at 06:08 PM (Strange dreams and experiences)
      (( )) = Waking life
      ((I woke up at exactly 7:00 AM, frowning because I couldn't remember a single dream I had. This had been going on for the past couple days, this dry spell that I've been having. Anyway, I got up, got myself a snack, then went back to bed around 7:30, still pissed at the fact that I hadn't remembered a single dream in a LONG time, and even more so that I hadn't had a lucid one. I began thinking that I may never have a full lucid dream, and decided I would put that goal on hold for a while to do other stuff instead. I fell asleep...)) I opened my eyes in the dream world. I was standing in my living room, right next to my T.V stand. I knew somehow, that this was a dream. I started feeling my TV stand, and started to rub my hands to anchor myself more to the dream.

      After that, I yelled out "CLARITY NOW!" several times while still rubbing my hands more. Everything in my dream became much more stable, and my awareness heightened. I was astonished how... real everything look. It looked like I was waking like, and I was amazed how my mind could create such a realistic looking scene. So then, I decided to look at my hands... they had the right amount of fingers, but my fingers were also short, and chubby (my fingers IRL are long, and slender). I chuckled a bit, then went to check my reflection in the living room. My reflection MOSTLY look like me... except I had this white... mass moving around my face. It kind of looked like shaving cream, but it was bubbling. Disgusted, I looked away and moved away from the mirror. So then, after this, I remembered you can... have sex in dreams.

      So, I decided I would give it shot. I walked up to my mothers bed room (I have no clue why I decided that would be the best place to have sex... maybe because she has a big bed?) and saw the bed room door was closed. I tried a trick that I learned, and thought to myself "Okay... when I open this door, there will be a hot chick waiting for me on the bed." and opened the door. I saw there was something on the bed, but it was covered up by... well covers. I grinned "This must be her~" and whisked off the covers, excited... and well... there was girl... but... she was kind of dead. And rotting. Horrified, I went back out of the room, and slammed the door shut. I tried it again, and imagined a attractive girl.... I opened it, and saw two guys having sex on the bed. I got aroused by this, but I decided I wouldn't intervene (did I ever tell you guys that I'm bisexual?) so I closed the door. I opened once more, trying one last time. On the bed, there was only one of the two guys that were having sex before. I gave up, and decided this was close enough. I went up to him, and saw he was wearing a spandex gymnastic suit. I tried to take it off of him... but I couldn't. I became frustrated, and gave up, then just went out of the room.

      So I stood there for a while, thinking about what I should do next. After a few moments of thought, I decided that I should go outside and explore for a bit, mostly because I wanted to compare the dreams rendition of my neighborhood, to my actual one in waking life. I went out my front door, and looked around outside. frankly, I was surprised to see that it looked extremely similar to my waking life's neighborhood, the only real difference being that it was smaller. I walked off of my porch, and down the steps that lead to my front yard, and went into the street. It was snowing outside, and kids where having snowball fights in the middle of the streets. This, somehow triggered a idea in my head, something I always wanted to try if I ever became lucid, which was telekinesis. I looked at a stop sign (oddly, we don't have stop signs on my street in waking life) and put out my hand. I focused on it, trying to lift it up, or manipulate it in some way. After a few moments, I bent the sign over in half, and I grinned, satisfied with my work.

      So after this small experiment, I bent down, and made a snow ball (it looked kind of dirty...) and put one hand above it. I tried to lift it up using telekinesis, but for some reason, I couldn't... even though I had just bent a stop sigh in half with telekinesis just a few moments ago. I became frustrated after a while, and looked back up to the kids. I frowned... one of them was using telekinesis, and was throwing snowballs at the other kids. I grumbled to myself, "Haha, very fucking funny dream." and sighed. I got up, and decided to give up on the telekinetic snowball fight, and to just explore my dream neighborhood some more. I began walking, looking around it, still astonished at how accurately my dream captured it. Everything was in the right place, the trees, the houses, the side walks, the fences, the signs, the cars... everything. After I walked for a bit, another idea poped up in my head: how about I look for that one girl I liked from my school in my neighborhood (In my dream, I knew in waking life she didn't live there, but I knew that if you just looked for a person in anyplace in a dream, chances are that you could find them). I walked around my neighbor hood for a while, looking everywhere for the girl, but soon I decided that that I should just give up, because I couldn't find her ANYWHERE.

      I started walking to the mall because I wanted to see how my dream portrayed my whole town. As I was walking, I got a different idea: how about I try to fly? I jumped up into the air, and willed myself to fly. It failed, and I fell back to the ground. I tried again with the same results. On my final try, I closed my eyes and jumped into the air, but then felt my shoes hit the ground once more. I sighed, and opened my eyes, and saw that I was now in an airport. I chuckled a bit, finding the irony in the situation. However, I did not give up, and I tried about six more times. The first three, I tried flapping my arms in the air, remembering reading about this method on this site... that didn't work. I then put my first up into the air, and yelled out "Up up and away!" three times... not of them got me airborne. However, all of these attempts of flying got me one thing: a lot of strange stares from passing dream characters. I finally gave up, and decided I'd try it in another dream later.

      I walked through the airport, just wanting to explore. As I was walking, I found this elevator with people going into it... it looked rather small.
      For some reason, I felt compelled to go into the elevator so I did... it was very cramped. I then started to notice my awareness was dwindling away and panicked, and tried to rub my hands, however I couldn't because it was too crowded! And I didn't want to say clarity now, because I knew I would get weird stares. So I decided that I would just take the whole elevator trip down, and would just PRAY that I was lucid enough to remember to increase my awareness more when we got out. We started moving, and the stewardess started talking about the company more. Luckily for me, people were rubbing up against me while we were going down, which increased my awareness. By the time we got down, I was at the same lucidity level I was when I got on the elevator, so there was no need to increase awareness. There was an office kind of place at the floor I got off of, which had people scrambling and panicking because of some attack on a plane. I simply ignored this, and went past the people, and the office soon somehow morphed into a dimly lit version of my living room. In the middle of the living room, there were some kids from my school, looking at me very seriously. Curious, I walked up to them and was about to ask them what they were doing here. But before I could even ask, one put a hand on my shoulder, and well.... started lecturing me about some more... private issues about my life (I don't wish to speak about them here). Each one did this, and each speech they gave was emotional and tear filled. After they were all done, they made me promise them I'd do what they had asked... I promised them (at this point... I was astonished at what my sub-concious had to say about my life). They all hugged me... and I hugged me back... which during, I was thinking to myself "Ah jeez... this is gonna be a lot of writing of DV..." and right after I thought that, I woke up. ((YAAAY! My first long lucid dream! Sure, it wasn't that cool or exciting, but in my dream I was just elated that i was dreaming, and that I was aware of it! I hope I have another dream like this one soon.)) Clarity: 8/10 Awareness: 7/10
      lucid , memorable
    2. First lucid!!! FINALLY!

      by , 08-12-2012 at 12:14 AM (Strange dreams and experiences)
      Anyway, I was taking a nap on my bed when I had a dream about being in some city doing something... (thought I can't remember what.) All I can gather is that I was near some building made of bricks. I woke up with SP, and I couldn't move. Instead of waiting until it wore off, I decided I would just go back into my dream and try to become lucid.

      It worked. I re-entered the dream lucid. I did a RC just to double check (nose plug) and sure enough, air went through my nostrils. All I can remember is that I started running, running at high speeds, having a blast. I repeated to my self several times, "This is a dream, this is a dream, this is a dream!" as I ran. If I were to rate my awareness level, I would put it at a VERY unstable 7/10. Unfortunately... it was very VERY short lived.

      I lost ludicity. Next thing I can remember is.... that I was in this... weird... hospital place. For some reason, my therapist was my Doctor... and he told me I had Syphilis. He told me that I had to age 38 to live. My mom was there with me, and she was angry at me for getting syphilis. What happened next is kinda fuzzy... but what I DO remember is that I was in this sort of... wooden tree-house-shack thingy majig. It was a bit hot (I didn't actually feel it... but... actually, how did I know it was hot?) and it was full of kids who I went to school with. They all seemed to have the same thing I had, syphilis. I think I talked to some of them about something... but I don't remember what. Anyway, I climbed down out of the tree-house, and discovered I was in some sort of plaza like area, the hospital on one side, a pharmacy on the other, a random building at another, and the street at the final side. I walked back into the hospital a few times, and checked out the pharmacy roof-top a bit (I don't know how I got there), which soon after, I woke up in SP once more. However, instead of trying to go back into a dream, I decided I should wake-up.

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