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    The Party

    by , 08-07-2012 at 08:24 AM (488 Views)
    I went over to Gabe's (my boyfriend's) house. I entered, it was kind of dark. There was a computer monitor, on it was a picture of a random black kid, around my age in a Superman costume.
    I felt as if he was my friend, (even though IRL I've never met this kid...). I turned around, and saw the same kid on the display, except he was now 3... and in a much smaller superman costume sitting on a couch.
    The middle part of the dream is kind of a blur, but I saw the kid from the picture AGAIN, but this time he was with my dad, and the same age as me, and wearing normal clothing. Soon after, some of my
    Dad's relatives entered and a party started. My dad, and some of his realtives, noticed that I hadn't had my hair cut at all, then suggested I should get it cut. Faith (my step brothers wife),
    started talking about how people should shave their pubes (WTF), and one of my aunts chimed in and said we should shave our butt-hair as well (....wut?). I agree'd. Then, I was flipped on to my belly, and I started getting
    spanked () for no apparent reason by... I don't even know who. Everyone was cheering on whoever was doing it and laughing... This is when I woke up, and the dream was over.

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    1. NewZealand's Avatar
      haha so random.
      I laughed at the spanked part lol!