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    Quarters and nickels

    by , 06-16-2013 at 08:36 PM (314 Views)
    ((Dream fragments)) I was in some sort of building, near some vending machines... or near some sort of arcade machine, it either one of those. I walking around looking for some quarters to put into the machine... but not only did I find quarters, I also found some nickels as well. Although when I did find a nickel, I beleive I just threw it back on the ground and went to search for more quarters... I think my mom was there as well, she was disapointed about something... ((the dream is very fuzzy)). Also, a women offered me a cupcake (I forgot the occasion) and as soon as I took a bite out of it, she took it back and said something a long the lines as "Oh, this is the lighter cupcake, let me get you the more heavy one."

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