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    Semi-Lucid Petting Rabits

    by , 12-29-2015 at 11:49 PM (224 Views)
    ((So wow! I had a random lucid when I when I took a nap today... but I didn't write it down, or remember it when I woke up because I hadn't been practicing my dream re-call. So unfortunately, it's a short few fragments. But, they are clear fragments, and they feel like they could connect to full on dream memory if I keep pushing them))

    I was in my neighborhood. Everything looked so clear and real, as if I was in the waking life. I knew I was dreaming, and I saw I was on a metal platform that was floating in my driveway. No idea how I got there, no idea how I got lucid, no idea what the hell was happening in my dream, I didn't care. In my backyard, were a bunch of strange looking creatures, like combinations of animals. One was a crocodile mixed with a bunny/cat (basically, it had a crocodile head.) I tried to fly, and succeed, I flew up a little bit then gently floated down again. I got super excited about this, and my heart rate went up, and I felt the dream destabilizing. I picked up that crocodile thing I mentioned early, and started cuddling and perpetuating it, which calmed me down and stabilized my dream greatly. After that I was doing lot's of experiments, before I was too, but I only remember these two parts of the dreams. Also, a winter cliff for some reason.

    ((That's all I got. Technically speaking, it was a semi-lucid, but I was lucid enough to consider it 'full' lucidity, like in-between. I know it was a long Lucid dream two, because I feel it, like the whole thing is in my head but I just need to crack it. If I do, I will come back here and put the rest in a seperete journal. I feel my body and brain to go back to sleep, as if I can get it back if I try a re-entry, so I'm going to try that. Peace out everyone.))

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