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    You are now female, and a stripper!

    by , 08-07-2012 at 08:46 AM (421 Views)
    So, I was standing in a very small field... I would say maybe... about half the size of a (American) Football field. It was perfectly rectangle with a forest surrounding around the perimeter. In the field, were six open walled rooms. Each room, only consisted of two walls, a floor, and some furnishings... you could imagine them in a doll house kind of style. In these rooms, there were people going about there normal lives as if they were living in a normal, full-sized house. One building was particularly interesting. It was a narrow building (kind of like a small tower) with two floors. It kind of looked like a nightclub in a tower. Like the other buildings, it was open and you could see inside of it. The lighting was red, the music was... very bass heavy. On the top floor was a stripper pole surronded by men, on the bottom floor was a fat pudgey guy with a cigar in his mouth. For some reason, I felt compelled to check it out, so I did. I walked over, and into the building. As soon as I entered, some walls just appeared behind me, so it looked like I was inside of a normal building (however, the inside was still the same size, which was just a very very small tower (about the size of a townhouse) with two floors, a stripper pole on the second floor with a spiral staircase connecting it to the bottom floor, and on the bottom floor was a small bar. The man walked up to me, and threw some powder on me and said, "You wanted to work for me, so I made you a female. You may now go up and strip for then men." Apparantly, I thought nothing of it, and walked up the spiral stair case to the waiting men. I went up to the poll, and well... I stripped and danced and stuff. A few moments later, I woke up in my bed. I lay still for a few moments, trying to register what just happened in my dream, before I started to laugh my *ss off!
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