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    Grey walls and mazes

    by , 09-17-2010 at 10:35 PM (326 Views)
    I am walking around a huge building that is supposed to be a campus of some sort. Very spacious, made of light gray concrete and open to the sky. I spot a friend I haven't seen in a while. When she sees me her face lights up and she jumps for joy. I walk over to her and say hi. She gives me this rediculous smile, her face is flushed and she seems unable to speak, overwhelmed with excitement. She makes this squeeking noise, I ask "huh?". She replies by jumping and making another squeek noise. I am amazed by how strangely she is acting, and it is at this moment that I realize I must be dreaming.

    Right before going to sleep I had read the thread about not doing anything, so I tried it just to see what would happen. While ignoring everything that was going on around me, the scenery began to fade. I stood in a dense gray murkiness. This was pretty boring, and I began to lose some of my lucid focus. Eventually a thought came to me from nowhere, "lay down". I felt the familiar paralysis of SP wash over me, and the greyness was replaced with my room. I felt like I was laying in bed, though my point of view was slightly above where I percieved my body to be. I rose out of my body because I felt trapped, and began to float towards the window. Once outside I pushed off the windowsill and flew over the wall separating my backyard from the one behind it. The backyard behind mine was very small and housed a large black dog. I realised that "flying" was dependent on force, I had to push off of something in order to gain enough force to fly through the air. The dog jumped up and was only a few inches short of catching me, as I was decelerating, having only realised how the gravity worked after passing the first wall without using it. After passing this yard, there is yet another backyard. Eventually the place turns out to be a maze. The rest of the dream is a blur of mazes made of high gray walls, glimpses of strangely dressed people and something about a war that was somehow linked to a large field of dry grass within one of the larger parts of the maze. I lost lucidity somewhere during all of this.

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