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    12-18-2013 Nuclear Meltdown

    by , 12-19-2013 at 10:59 PM (457 Views)
    Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    TTT at Home:

    I'm playing a game of TTT. Me and a friend of mine are in my room. Enemies are scattered around the house. My friend leaves my room and dies. Soon after, a sniper walks in and i manage to kill him. However, a team arrives and I'm quickly captured. Then my room suddenly turns into a classroom. I walk out into my hallway and start walking. As I pass one of the rooms, i see the teachers assistant doing work inside a shack in the room. I make it outside and start walking down a road. I drink some tea and start jogging. As i turn the corner, i see some friends of mine at a sort of fortress road block. I have an urge to pee so i start doing that and a biker comes around and gives me a weird look. Then a bike with no rider slides into the grass next to me with the rider running after it. I then head up to the fortress.

    Nuclear Meltdown:
    I'm inside a giant floating sphere somewhere above earth. Inside the sphere, Experiments are being done with nuclear materials. Something goes terribly wrong and i see a clock telling me how much time i have until an explosion happens. As the timer ticks down, i hear Asuka (that lady from evangelion) screaming in the background. I then get in a pod and eject at the last moment. The next scene, I get a zooming view at some sort of Hive structure in space. These are huge structures, this must be where a majority of people live. I then see a business man of high status in a futuristic, dark, and interesting room. He starts talking about the destruction of earth due to the reactor incident and simulates it by pouring his coffee all over a map. He says that the public doesn't need to worry about it now, they only need to see the aftermath.

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