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    6-09-2013 Stupid friends

    by , 06-09-2013 at 11:04 PM (404 Views)
    Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

    Stupid Friends
    Time: Logged at 6:02 AM, around 6 hours after falling asleep, first dream remembered.

    Dream Summary:I'm rooming at some temple place out in the woods, a bunch of my classmates are there. A bus pulls up, it's mid day, We all load up some stuff for the trip we're about to take and get on. The bus stays in place for a good two hours getting ready. While we are waiting, me and a group of friends all get on some phone game and start playing. The goal of the game is to play different games and earn in-game money which can then be used to upgrade your village. As i'm in-game, i play some sort of game on a very hard difficulty setting, i run through avoiding the enemies and compete the mission. I do this one more time but this time, the mission is harder but i complete it and earn a massive amount of in-game cash, like really massive, enough to practically buy every thing the in-game shop has to offer. However, in order to protect your in-game character from losing the money you earned, you have to deposit it in a bank. I go to do this, but as i do this, my friends all say they want to play in-game volleyball. This absolutely pisses me off because i was forced to play and lost all of my money. I mean seriously, what in the heck. It would of taken all of like 2 seconds to deposit cash, only two seconds! but no, my friends are impatient so i had no choice. The bus is still stopped, so i walk outside and pee by a tree (the temple is out in the woods so i can go to the bathroom where i want ). I'm furious so i sit there and pee for like a straight minute, i'm even more angry at the fact my friend brought his girlfriend out and started talking to her close to the place i was peeing. What a showoff bastard.

    Eventually, we get back on the bus, this time it's leaving. As we travel down the road, my backpack falls out of the bus as we cross into another road, i'm panicking . Now my backpack is sitting on a road that connects the two roads, I think hopefully that it may stay there. But nope, a giant cargo truck comes through, the backpack gets stuck on the truck front and whats worse is that the truck is going in the opposite direction and away from our temple home. I'm setting in my bus sit and i can't even say a word, my face is just full of disbelief and shock. First i lost my money and now my backpack, the only emotion that went on at the moment was: F*CK!. My anger was through the roof.

    The bus gets to a temporary stop, and somehow but luckily my mom is there and she has her car. I grab one of those fold out plastic lightsabers. ( my plan was to reach out the window and scoop my backpack up with the end of the lightsaber when we got close to the truck, not that it would ever work though... D: ). However, my mom says she hears noises outside. It's night so i can't really see much. However, i hear the sounds that the predators make. (hopefully you all know what im talking about, the sound the predator made from the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger). It's night but i can still make out shapes and believe it or not, it's those damn bobcats from last nights dream. At this moment, i was feeling this: "You have to be kidding me " And that's how it ended.

    My thoughts: This dream really pissed me off. It was pretty cool though, seeing how my emotions could be like that, even in a non-lucid dream. Makes me want to try to lucid dream even more.

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