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    6-17-2013 Jazz concert, Economics, and camping

    by , 06-17-2013 at 08:55 PM (359 Views)
    Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

    Time: I went to bed at around 12:05 AM, but the last thing i remember was my clock saying 2:54. So...hopefully what happened was i fell asleep and woke up at that time. Either way, my final awakening was at about 10:54 AM

    Jazz Concert:
    Summary: I'm in my living room with my music instructors. The background section is on one side of the room while the rest of the band is on the other. One of our instructors tells us we have a concert so i start to get my concert clothes on. All the others already have them so they head out, this leaves me in there with one of the instructors. I get the clothes on and decide i want a drink so i pick up the nearest bottle and drink it, i set it down to find out it was some nasty unfiltered cleaning water or something.

    We all get on a bus. I decide it was somehow a good idea to take all my clothes off except for my underwear. We get to a mall, and we all get off. I walk around, we do some stuff, and then it's time to get back on the bus. We all stop in a crowded hallway before we get on, i then realize i only have my underwear on and start to get embarrassed. The band starts like dancing and i'm sitting there with my hands over my face. One of the instructors asks me what's wrong, i say nothing.

    This is now the point where i realize i have no music. Thankfully, we go back to my house on the way to the concert. I get my music but now they left without me. Next thing i know, i'm a foreign person complaining about video games outside. Then after that, i find myself walking along a gravel road on my farm, Me and this person get attacked by a monkey and it jumps on the other person, so i try to kick it off. It then comes after me but i stand and yell at it, it seems to stop. After it goes away, i notice i have a huge spider on my hand and instantly wake up.

    Time: Logged at 7:20

    I arrive to a classroom. I'm apparently taking an economics class. The teacher isn't actually there so we have a substitute and he's very strict. I remember i leave the class to go do something and when i get back, the whole class is like cleaning the school. So much for learning anything.

    I'm outside on the garage floor, sleeping in a U.S military modular sleeping bag, while i'm in it. My grandfather decides to launch a firework at me and burn a hole in my sleeping bag. I instantly get up, like seriously? SERIOUSLY?!! why would he burn a hole in that >_<. This is where the scene changes, i'm now in a mountainous snowy place, i get up and bring the sleeping bag to a shack my father is in to complain. However he just sits there and trolls me with stupid remarks. i shot some mean things and leave. Next thing i know i'm waiting in a line wrestling this kid. Then all of a sudden, the snow melts and the ice rises. my view goes into third person and i see myself jumping between each glacier climbing up the hill before everything collapses. I make it. I find myself with other people. The dream then turns into a video game and ends with one of my team mates blowing themselves up.

    Time: Both economics and camping were logged at about 10:54

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