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    6-18-2013 Secret Club and jail

    by , 06-20-2013 at 12:25 AM (578 Views)
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    Secret Club:
    I was on some mission to find treasure. I remember going to a pyramid/temple looking place in a jungle because i heard there was treasure in a cave that was inside the temple place. So i get to the temple and explore the cave and travel 2 layers underground. ( imagine a layer as like a floor in a tall building, that length) I find a treasure room, i can't remember if i take any or not, but i do remember going back down a second time but the second time, i find a bunch of corpses coming back to life and i immediately panic and run out.

    The inside of the temple then changes from a cave entrance to a cave entrance separated into two by a wall. I then reach into a hole that is in my face and i feel a cube. I pull the cube out, the cube covered another cube which is attached to the inside of my face by skin shaped like rope. I then figure out that the cube will dissolve and poison me if i don't put the bigger cube back over it. The bigger cube also turns out to be a tracking device. While i find out all this, i see my dad on the inside of the temple, For some reason, i challenge him to a duel, i say if i win, he has to cut the skin holding the smaller cube in.

    Next thing i remember, i'm at a party on the back of my farm. I'm leaving it with my friend. The cube is still in my face, i must have lost the duel xD. Anyway, me and a friend are going to a secret club room that is located under my barn. Now the back story about this club:
    One of my teachers
    (lets call him Teacher #12) started a secret club, the rules went like this - If teacher #12 isn't in the secret club room, then he will act like any other teacher and punish students who talk of secret club nonsense.

    Once me and my friend arrived at the barn, i went inside and my friend walked around the barn to go do something. At this point, i was about to enter the secret club room when i heard Teacher #12 walking outside, Since he wasn't in the club room, we were at risk of being punished/kicked out. My friend outside the barn didn't hear him and teacher #12 yelled at him.
    "You think this is okay!?!? that you can just be in a secret club in THIS SCHOOL??"

    Once my friend was yelled at and walked away. I started to panic because my ipod was playing out loud and teacher #12 was about to enter the barn. I finally shut the ipod off and hid, but teacher #12 was entering so i decided to exit. I made it safely out of the barn without being spotted. I then walked down a hill about to leave the area when i saw Teacher #12 in front of me. I started to wonder how he got in front of me so fast but i decided it didn't matter since he didn't see me. He was rambling on about what my friend did. "When i was a kid, i never did stupid stuff like that" Teacher #12 was commenting on my friends poor stealth on entering the club and how when he was a kid, he was excellent.

    Then, as i'm walking behind him, i trip over something. I look up and there's teacher #12, He cloned himself! Him and his other body come to me and try to fight me. What surprises me even more was the fact he could stretch out his arm and hit me from a distance, He's a rubber man! But i quickly grab one of his bodies and use it to shield his fist. Thankfully, his bodies act like same-charged magnets, the body i had repelled his fist. The dream ended here.

    It was a hot summer day. I was bored so i got on a bus with friends. I brought a drink and sandwich with me but this one fat ass kept trying to take my food. I solved the issue by taking another persons soda and putting it on the floor closer to him than my soda was, Obviously, he didn't want to reach the extra distance for my soda Success! Eventually the bus got to some place and i got out.

    The next thing i know, i'm in some kind of rebellion and i'm currently helping to steal guns. Me and a group of people enter a house, i grab the guns. We make a move to leave but the police are surrounding us. We move to the next house and go out a window and then into some woods. We look back only to find drag marks from the guns and our footprints. This isn't a safe hiding place for the guns so i look around some more, and quickly lay the guns in a bush and start running.

    As i'm walking back home, i see a lady on a swing, and she has a sad look. She says she knows i'm involved with the recent break in and that the police are after me. I decide to give up and i take a seat on the swing beside her. As i'm waiting there, it turns to night and i see lights in the distance. My mom is riding with the chief of police in a utv. They aren't looking for me but rather taking a casual stroll. I decide this is my chance, i could take the chief of police hostage and turn the situation around. I take the utv this lady has and set out after them. When i get close, i start to ram them. But soon after, the police come and i'm arrested. I'm taken to a dark room, i'm waiting to be taken to jail but as i'm sitting there, a mysterious man comes in and frees me from my jail time.

    Another dream continues on the basic concept of my stealing weapons. In this one, i'm with two friends sneaking in this persons house. The house is an exact copy of my house. We steal the guns and go out some windows at the end. At this point, i take two quarters and seal my friends' bodies inside them and carry them in my pocket. This allowed for faster travel. I ran and ran and made it to the edge of the woods. Once i got there, i found two other people i know trailing behind me, they were interested in what i was doing and called the cops. This time, i'm arrested but sent to an underground hellish looking place. I find an android and have sex with it, and that's all i remember.
    (That all took a lonnggggg time to type )

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