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    6-27-2013 Betrayal on the island

    by , 06-27-2013 at 09:51 PM (500 Views)
    Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

    I'm on some sort of tropical island with some friends. If you walk up the shore, there was a pretty big castle, there was an amusement part inside it. One of the areas inside was like a lego land, me and a friend i don't know rode mine carts in some hellish looking lava place. It was fun though. As we walk outside and back toward the coastline, we notice a Hummer was about to be given away. I enter the contest and win by chance.

    Soon after, i walk down toward the shore line and talk to my friends, then i start talking to random people i don't know. After that, everything goes to hell, the FBI start shooting missiles all over the place, and because of that, i take shelter inside the castle. Eventually, the people inside start going insane and every one is killing each other. After a while, most lights are out and the place is blown to hell. I soon find a group of mercenary like people and hang with them.

    Our group soon makes it's way toward an exit which leads outside, the bombing has stopped, so me and another person go outside. The guy i'm with says "Sorry about this" and then shoots me with his submachine gun. I feel the bullets hit in various places on my body. After about 18 shots, he stops and then fires one more time to finish me off. One of the bullets hits the right side of my neck and i feel blood come out. I instantly drop after that, i'm not dead though but decide to lay there so he thinks i am.

    He eventually leaves and i get up, i feel my neck and there's a little blood but everything else is fine. I guess i'm like a vampire or something. Either way, i start walking and eventually end up at a place that looks like my backyard, i find my dad there but in this dream, i don't recognize him as my dad. I walk up to him and he gives me food and guns for protection. And i find out, not only have people gone crazy, but monsters have invaded, how nice.

    He gets up and we go out to this mountain woodland place, we're hiking up the trail to some destination, but a fire has started spreading and we decide to go back. We head back to camp, the only people there now are a guy and a younger girl. My dad disappeared. Anyway, those two are friendly and they go out to collect monster souls which they then use to make potions.

    My dream has a medieval setting. I'm in some watch tower at night, there's a busy town below. I take a broadsword off a stand. I then exit the tower. As i stroll around the town, i see a computer with skyrim loading, i decide to go over and mess up some settings hehe. But then this ladies mother catches and chases me into this alley. While we were there, i take the sword and stab her. I then flip a secret door open and drag her down into it.

    Once we get down there, we're in a room full of my slaves, i lock her up on the wall. As the slaves eat. One asian slave takes her drink and she gets mad, i set there and laugh.

    Engineering sector:
    I'm in some sort of big rpg world with a team. As we're walking, me and this other lady fall off the bridge, we land in a high level engineering area we haven't unlocked yet. There's some people down here building jets and stuff, the lighting is dark. However, i luckily find my way up and talk to an engineer from tf2. I tell the engineer to go back down and help the lady but he shows me his paintings instead.

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