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    7-13-2013 My attempt at world domination in 1 day

    by , 07-13-2013 at 08:58 PM (962 Views)
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    An interesting first day of school:
    So, by the title, you've probably guessed this is a dream about the first of school. Thankfully, school hasn't starting yet irl, but in my dreams, it apparently has.

    So, i'm the hallway dumping stuff into my locker. As i'm doing that , some girl tries to get my attention and i absolutely ignore her. Then another tries to talk to me and i cheerfully reply. I then think about what i've done and immediately apologize to the first girl. I tell her that i'm just really tired from getting up early and well, i was tired. Right now, everyone is supposed to be at some assembly or something, and since i spent so much time at my locker, i'm pretty late.

    They was a crowd of people sitting in chairs facing a stage, behind them were tables with like certificates that you had to sign and pick up. Well, i wasn't there so someone else signed my name and i went to pick it up. I then took a seat. I was sitting next to this person i hardly talk to. The kid then starts trolling me and i tell him to stop and he doesn't. So i take my hand and strike him in the neck, as i do that, he gets pissed and tries to like break my wrist. We eventually stop because well, we're in a room full of people and fighting wouldn't be a good idea. Next thing i know, i look over and the kid and someone else are singing dream theater songs.

    After that little assembly is over, i start looking for that kid again because since he listened to dream theater, he must be an awesome person ( Yeah, my dream self has some pretty bad logic ). I look around and see someone similar to him but it wasn't him. So since i couldn't find him, i decide to wander the school in search of something interesting. I eventually walk up to a dome shaped wall in the middle of the school, i walk up to the second floor of the dome and enter. A cheerleading competition is currently going on and i stand there and talk to some girls i know.

    After that, i get really hungry. So i call my mom up and tell her to bring me some food. I walk outside in front of the school doors. There's some tables out there. Soon, my mom drops off my food in a big black carrying bag ( the sort of bag you put a sports uniform in and carry with a strap over your shoulder). So i get my food out and then i see this other guy sit down beside me. We're slowly making our sandwiches. I see that my meat has expired and is bad but luckily, i put the meat container on top of another container and i hid some meat between the two so that it stays fresh ( wouldn't work irl but it does in dreams apparently!). So i'm then like "YES! HA, Take that! my meat is still good". My dream self thought that sandwich making was some sort of competition.

    I get done making my food and i'm about to eat it. This looks so yummy, can't wait to ea- "FUCK", I shout as this guy shows up and makes honey splatter over everything around me, and then it rains for like 5 seconds. Well great, there's goes my darn food

    I walk back into the school with my black bag. This security guard like man then sees the bag and questions me about it. I tell him it's for food. After i say that, he changes the subject and tells me he has something very important to show me. So my dream self follows him. He leads me to this room at the edge of the school. The room is dark. There's about 4 dentists there. There have some computers and flashdrivers scattered in various places. In the middle, there's some metal trays with organ looking fleshy things on them.

    The dentists tell me that some abnormality i had when i was a kid, has now developed and is threatening my life. One dentist then sits me down on a chair and squeezes me tight. I can't move or speak. As i struggle, i realize that i have been tricked. These people aren't dentists. Also, as this scene happens. I look over and the those organs on the trays are whispering things to me. But it's a sort of spiritual whisper that the other people can't hear. It was directed at me but at the time i couldn't tell what it said.

    So since i know i've been tricked. I start to scream. Eventually, three girls run in and the dentists get distracted and as they deal with them. I get up and grab a knife. I then proceed to kill the remaining people in there. I'm not quite sure what happened to the girls though. The dentists might have killed them. After that, i hurry and leave. I get to the school exterior and my parents are there in some golden cruiser. I get in and tell them to take me home. They start driving and when they get to the front entrance, i tell them to stop. I had forgotten my backpack and wanted to go get it. But not only that, i decided i should head back and grab the computers and flashdrives from that room so i can show the world what they were doing.

    As i get to that wing of the school. It's somewhat sealed off, other people had died and blood was scattered along some walls. But yet, it had a mystic atmosphere. There were spirit orbs floating around, possibly from the people that died. As i continue to walk. A girl appears in spirit form. I then realize she was the one whispering to me from the organs. It makes me sad to think of the cruel death she might have had. Either way, she sort of floats over to me and grabs my hands. At them moment, i get an extremely pleasing sensation. It totally caught me off guard. The sensation was amazing pleasure that lasted only shortly. The girl then let go and as i stood there shocked. She said something along the lines of "sorry for that, it was inappropriate to touch you like that but i had to" in a cheerful/serious manner. As she slowly disappeared, i nodded in recognition of her leaving and in a way, said goodbye.

    I get to the room and grab a laptop and then some flashdrives. I leave and make it most of the way to the road. However, the school grounds then turned into a digital area. An area in which players are transported and they are forced to fight monsters. If they die fighting in this digital area, they die in real life. So as i'm walking, titans attack ( geez, stupid titans >.< ) and people are getting eaten and the people are also fighting the titans. To my luck, a new round starts and i respawn on my farm which happens to be placed at the end of the school.

    As i spawn, i get chased by alien monsters, but i lose them as i run up to the barn. The alien monsters eventually run away and then i see these players running towards the school. In front of them, i spy out some eggs that hatch monsters. I know these people will die but i can't help them. They soon get to the school grounds and are killed by the hatched monsters. I'm then about to leave but i luckily see the giant jaguars hiding in the barn in front of me. so i walk around and in get in a tractor.

    Now, once i'm in the tractor and i start it up, Princess Cornelia and Euphemia suddenly appear inside it too. ( characters from code geass). Originally, i was just going to expose this evidence. But since i have these two here with me. I might as well play the role of zero and go for world domination. So i drive the tractor and smash through anything in my way as i make it to the road. I then get on a highway. I start driving. But then, in front of me, a mobile fortress appears and i don't have time to stop before i crash into it.

    Once i crash, the tractors falls onto the road below and lands perfect luckily. As i get surrounded by enemy troops. I get out, and then Xingke appears ( also from code geass). he asks me why i'm doing this and i show him the flashdrives and tell him that i must expose these people for what they've done. It's incredibly stupid but i feel as if it wasn't my true reason. As i'm about to get captured, i get another feeling. A feeling that this will go on and it doesn't end here, these people won't stop me, i will go on and take over the world. Then the dream ended. I hope this continues one day, i really would like to experience the ending.
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    1. Nelzi's Avatar
      Indeed an interesting school day... It had spirit orbs whispering through organs and everything
      Impressive recall of a long and detailed dream, thanks for typing all that
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    2. Subjects's Avatar
      Yeah, it was a really fun dream. And geez, don't even get me started on the typing It was a lot but i end up typing it anyway, because if i don't post a complete dream on here then i won't feel satisfied. That doesn't apply for fragments though, i'm okay with summarizing them.