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    7-17-2013 Storming baseball

    by , 07-18-2013 at 01:00 AM (353 Views)
    Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    Church clothes:
    I find myself attending some church service, i remember that i don't want to be here but i had to. It's early in the morning. After the service was over, i start to go home and take a nap before i have to come back at 3. As i walk out of the church, i see a girl i know. I open my mouth to say something, but i'm in too much of a shock from seeing her that i can't say anything. I walk past her and i'm still a little surprised she was here. I get home and i'm at my grandparents house. I go to their bed and sleep. I wake up at about 2:45 and i start to get ready to go back. As i get ready, i notice i can't find my clothes. I start asking my grandparents but they don't help.

    Storming baseball:
    I remember being outside near my house throwing baseballs or something. Then it starts to rain hard. A person who appears to be my rival is next to me. It starts to rain so i get an umbrella and start to leave but my master tells me to stay. So i drop the umbrella and go back to throwing but in the rain this time. I pick up a baseball and as i squeeze the ball to throw it, there's a hole in the ball and this black oil-like substance is flowing out. That's about all i can remember, i know that this dream had a deeper plot to it but i forgot.

    Borderlands defense:
    I'm in borderlands 2 and me and a friend are on a tower shooting crawling monsters. I kill one and it drops health upgrades but a girl takes them.

    comments: Well, that wasn't really much at all, tonight, i will do better. ( i mean it this time!)

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