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    7-9-2013 Focused dimension power

    by , 07-09-2013 at 08:10 PM (836 Views)
    Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    Third Person mission:
    In this dream, i spectate 4 different people. One person, which i think is me, is guarding something inside this huge machine carrier vehicle. Inside the vehicle is a mech, and behind the mech is me, as i'm guarding, another person lands on the vehicle with his mech, the person gets out and infiltrates the vehicle. He gets to my room and we fight. I can't remember who wins.

    The other 2 people i spectate are two people fighting in mechs.

    Burned betrayal:
    I'm in my house, and my mother is cooking something. As i approach, she then takes a hot pot with boiling water in it and smacks my hand. My hand then gets burned pretty bad. I run out of the house, outside it's night and the sky is abnormally dark.

    Dragon Truth:
    I'm on a bridge, people dress like they would in the middle ages. It's very crowded. There are various shops scattered around. As i see myself walking, a dragon awakens in a distant land. As it does, i'm forced to go around and tell the truth to people. This means i basically tell them what i really think about them. I remember walking up to some shops and shouting rude comment at people. I also remember getting a glimpse of a dangerous looking person that seemed to be located far away.

    Friends piano:

    I'm in my room with two friends i know, one is playing some sick dream theater tunes on the piano. After a while of that, another friend calls me up and tells me to meet in front of a store. I get to the store and my friend isn't there but rather, a group of other people i know. The group is being led by a mysterious painted talking face.

    Card shopping:
    I'm with my cousin, we're in a giant shopping mall, we're on like the 40th floor of this giant building. It's night time and the store is closing and no guards are around. So i tell my friend to steal some yu-gi-oh cards but then these two asian kids come around and they start trolling us. At one point, i'm pretty one of them sprayed some stuff in my face. However, two guards eventually come up and tell us to leave.

    Focused dimension power:
    It's daytime, and i'm at a park in some big urban city. I'm standing by a fountain, the fountain has tons of pretty girls by it. As i walk around, i eventually see my two friends waving at me from the top of a really tall sky scraper. I start running and make it up there. Once all three of us are out of public view, we unleash our dream powers and i open a dimension portal in which time is infinite. The portal only stays open for a short amount of time, so i quickly send my friend in there while casting various spells to maintain the portal, and as i have about 7 seconds left, i pull him back out.

    Foreign Half life:
    I'm watching this foreign person play half life 2. I eventually see him stop playing and i get to see his family and what not, he had a pretty chaotic house.
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    1. Nelzi's Avatar
      That's a good variety of fragments... I like how you give each of them a title, so it's probably easy for you to recall the whole scenery by just reading the key word.

      LOLed at stealing yu-gi-oh cards . And your fountain seems awesome!
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    2. Subjects's Avatar
      Yeah, i got the title idea from stephen laberge's lucid dreaming book.
      And about the yu-gi-oh cards, i normally wouldn't tell a person to do that but my dream self must have been feeling a little crazy in that dream