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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 7-17-2013 Storming baseball

      by , 07-18-2013 at 01:00 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Church clothes:
      I find myself attending some church service, i remember that i don't want to be here but i had to. It's early in the morning. After the service was over, i start to go home and take a nap before i have to come back at 3. As i walk out of the church, i see a girl i know. I open my mouth to say something, but i'm in too much of a shock from seeing her that i can't say anything. I walk past her and i'm still a little surprised she was here. I get home and i'm at my grandparents house. I go to their bed and sleep. I wake up at about 2:45 and i start to get ready to go back. As i get ready, i notice i can't find my clothes. I start asking my grandparents but they don't help.

      Storming baseball:
      I remember being outside near my house throwing baseballs or something. Then it starts to rain hard. A person who appears to be my rival is next to me. It starts to rain so i get an umbrella and start to leave but my master tells me to stay. So i drop the umbrella and go back to throwing but in the rain this time. I pick up a baseball and as i squeeze the ball to throw it, there's a hole in the ball and this black oil-like substance is flowing out. That's about all i can remember, i know that this dream had a deeper plot to it but i forgot.

      Borderlands defense:
      I'm in borderlands 2 and me and a friend are on a tower shooting crawling monsters. I kill one and it drops health upgrades but a girl takes them.

      comments: Well, that wasn't really much at all, tonight, i will do better. ( i mean it this time!)
    2. 6-22-2013 7th Lucid and the Movies!

      by , 06-22-2013 at 07:14 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      7th Lucid:

      Summary: I just woke up from the first dream i had. I'm in my bedroom, but i suddenly got a feeling, something wasn't right, this didn't feel normal. It then occurred to me that this could be a dream.
      So i then did a reality check and it was a dream. I had a false awakening and was now lucid. The level of lucid was low however, i was still lucid but not all the way there. My room was dark. I quickly closed my eyes and tried to teleport to a beach. But it didn't work
      (if my level of lucidity was higher, i would have had the sense to try again), so i decided to look around my room some more, i saw a skeleton in my bathroom. Well, since i couldn't go to the beach, i decided i'm going to go over and kick that stupid creepy skeleton out of my bathroom. As i did this, i woke up.

      Time: About 4 and a half hours after falling asleep.

      Break in: I'm driving a car, i have two people in the back, i guess they are my partners, but half way to our destination, they jump out. (idiots) So i finally get to a room in some building, i have some gloves on and other materials with me, it looks as if i'm about to break in to some ones house. Well, my partners are gone so i wait there. Some one comes over eventually but their not my partners. it's a fat guy and some girl from one piece. The girl walks over and tells me that she doesn't want to hear my fucking complaining anymore. The expression on my face was kind of like: Umm, what? screw you too, go away.

      Information Runner: The dream starts off with me and my dad. We're on top of a building in the outskirts of a city. The setting is in the future, the government has messed like everything up, people are starving, and me and my dad are part of a resistance, we go and gather information. Anyway, at this point, we're looking for a doctor for some reason. We get down from the building and eventually find a woman with an injured child heading somewhere. We decide that she must know where a doctor is so we follow her. She turns between some houses but we stop. We come up to a house that's sort of elevated off the ground, and it has a very small crawlspace along the ground that we can use to get to the top of the house. So me and my dad crawl along the ground on this slope with the house floor above us. We crawl and i step on a nail with my right foot. That stung a little. Anyway, we get to the top of the house and walk in, there, my dad relays information while i stock up on some guns. The dream ended here.

      The movies!: I go with my friends to the movies. The movie we're seeing hasn't started yet so i go to the bathroom. The bathroom is freaking huge, there's even people taking showers in here. Either way, i go up and learn against a wall and start peeing. I literally set there and pee for like 2 minutes straight. When i'm done, i walk out of the bathroom and see a stand with people giving out candy. I head on into the theater, the movie has started. I desperately walk around to find my backpack, i finally find it after making such noise. I'm afraid to get up and find my friends because i've already made a lot of noise. But i don't care, i end up jumping over like 5 seats before i find my friends. Once i find them, these two fat blond ladies come up to our group claiming they know me. One hugs me and i freak out, i tell them to back off and tell me their names. They do and they sound vaguely familiar but i otherwise don't know them. The dream ended there.

      Tractors: I'm outside with my dad, and someone is selling guns. this guy is selling an ak-47 for $10,000 dollars, and a grenade launcher for $50,000. I get into an argument about how crazily overpriced the grenade launcher is. ( my dream self doesn't seem to realize that the ak-47 is $10,000....that itself is insane). Either way, i give up and walk into my house and sleep. However, in the middle of the night, i see lights outside. I get excited and i'm like "Yeah, time to see what's going on out here". i look out and i see two of our tractors driving around the yard. I look closer and notice no one is driving them, the tractors are driving themselves. This was freaking weird, i didn't know how to respond to that. I then go to my dad, and he replies "Oh yeah...that sometimes happens" in a casual voice. How is this not a big deal for him?!?!

      Skateboard rivals:
      The only thing i remember about this one, is that i'm in a futuristic looking town in some park. I notice that two rival skateboard gangs are challenging each other ( yeah...skateboard gangs that are fighting over which skateboard style is better ). They do some crazy tricks and i think i remember something about them eventually blowing up the park because one guy jumps up like 2 miles into the air and on impact...his skateboard exploded. xD
    3. 6-07-2013 False awakening, some fragments and sex change

      by , 06-07-2013 at 06:16 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid Dream , Side notes.

      False Awakening: So last night, i woke up and logged some dreams. However, When i woke up for good, i found i had no dreams logged... it was just a false awakening. Well darn D:

      Well, mostly dream fragments since i didn't log last night:

      Dirt Bike Riding: I remember riding on some hilly countryside with a bunch of maybe adult people i don't know. The country side had a house off in the distance which was behind me, a barn to my right and woods that spanned from my right all the way to my left ( the barn was infront of the woods ). The other people were ahead of me and were maybe coming to a stop. We were approaching the woods anyway so i turned around and rode off a hill. ( this to my surprise sent me at least like 30 feet into the air which would totally never happen ) I start to worry a little bit but my dream self thankfully landed on top of the barn but somehow got bounced back up. I then managed to land on the house. ( All i can remember )

      Another Zombie apocalypse Dream:
      ( I probably have at least like 16 zombie dreams logged on my phone ) So i'm pretty sure that it was a zombie apocalypse so i went into this house to kill this god person for some reason. He might have been the one controlling the apocalypse, but whatever he had done, my dream self was determined to kill him. So i'm in his house and i think i like take his book or something and then chaos literally starts raining outside, everything zombie and human is being like burned. So i put the book down and i maybe went to check outside. But when i come back into the house, i see the god Zeus like guy and he had for some reason killed his wife and got wounded himself. So i kill the guy, how i do it i don't remember. And then the next thing i remember is, i'm outside, it's a wasteland. I remember scavenging a bus for supplies and throwing a grenade at some kid.

      Sex Change (Semi-Lucid): So it starts out with me in a hotel pool. I'm my sister ( First time being a girl in a dream, i guess this is an accomplishment? xD It's also odd that my sister has been in two recent dreams, that usually never happens ) and i'm practicing fencing with this other lady, the sword i have is like bent and a piece of crap. We stay and practice for a while and then here's where the semi-lucid part comes in, i don't gain consciousness but my desire to see what it feels like to masturbate as a girl kind of transmits to my dream self and so i start getting out of the pool and walking up to my room on the second floor. I get to two rooms, they have a list of names of who is currently rooming in them. I attempt to read the signs to figure out which one i was rooming in but it takes too long and before i know it, my dream is starting to fade and i wake up.