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    1. 1-3-2014 Urban Exploration

      by , 01-04-2014 at 07:02 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Urban Exploration:
      Part 1
      After playing around on a computer at school and talking to some teachers, i decide to go urban exploring. I arrive at a place which looks a lot like where i live. Long driveway, surrounded by hilly fields and a big house at the top. As i walk up the driveway, i notice about 50 people sitting around and talking (they are all people i know). I need a group to go into the house with so some of these people will do but i can't bring all of them. I start walking around and hitting people on the head with a stick. I knocked out about 30 leaving 20 people left. I could then split these 20 up into two groups to explore the house with.

      I talk to the people sitting down and they walk up to the house with me. Once there, we split up into two groups. Ben declares himself leader of a group. (Ben is a guy i know and one of the people that were sitting on the driveway). We walk into the building and find ourselves at a sort of main chamber which splits off into two paths. One path on the right and one on the left. Ben and his group go left and my group goes right. We enter a room which has a shape sort of like a octagon. Small walkways were attached to the sides of the walls which went around almost the entire room. In the middle, there was a machine on a circular platform with pipes attached to it that connected to the back of the room. Around the middle platform, there were waterways which were about 6 foot deep. These waterways went around almost the entire room except when the pipes cut them off.

      As we approached the room, my stupid group decides to immediately jump into the water and start swimming. They went left around the middle and headed towards the back of the room. I went along the right wall staying on the walkway. As i approached the pipes in the back, the walkway ended and i had to start walking on the concrete which the large pipes were attached to. as i walked, my group talked about the stories of this room. It's supposedly here to take water from a lake and process it into drinking water but the previous owners used the room to kill people. I make my way to the pipes which connect to the middle machine and jump onto the concrete under them. The pipes here were elevated. They had sprinklers attached to them and constantly sprayed water below them. I quickly pass under the sprinkler spraying the least amount of water but the water it sprayed was dirty so i ended up sticking my head under one of the clean sprinklers. As i do this, i suddenly pass out.

      Part 2
      I wake up in the same room, except the water ways no longer exist, the room is level. There is no machine in the middle, it was replaced by a table and chairs. There are windows on the right wall letting light in from the outside, those weren't there before. Near the doorway to the room, i see my desk. As i stand up, i also see my jacket on the ground and a girl passed out near the wall. I put my jacket back on and attempt to go get the girl up but i hear footsteps so i get behind the table and look under it. One of Ben's group members is walking into the room. I relax a little and stand up, although i still have a weird feeling about all of this.

      Ben's friend shouts some nonsense and Ben eventually makes his way into the room. I subconsciously dislike him now because i get a feeling that all of this is connected to something he did. He starts talking, i think i forgot all of what he said, but a van backs into the room and in it is Ben's friends dressed up oddly, like all of them are about to perform a heist or something. Ben gets into the van and says something about urban exploring and leaves.

      I notice a fire in the main room. They kept it alive all night, throwing in old notebooks and paper to keep it burning. I walk over to my desk and out of habit start checking the stuff on it. I notice my wallet and check that to see if anything is gone. It really shouldn't matter since there's no way this could be my actual desk. I then start checking the drawers. One drawer has a dvd about militia from Chile and as i look at it, I enter a trance and picture myself actually in Chile watching events happen. But i shortly snap out of it and put the dvd up. The dream then ends.
      Tags: friends, house, urbex
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. 1-1-2014

      by , 01-02-2014 at 11:49 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Castlevania Escape:
      I'm at my grandparents house watching the matrix. As i watch, i notice this kid that keeps stealing my dvds. As I get up to confront him, the scene changes. I'm now on a rocky hill, surrounded by Africans. I'm taking part in some ritual of theirs and learning their culture. Then, the next thing i remember, I'm now near a building. The surroundings are tropical. The place seems to be in a valley. I'm watching the Africans from before performing a play. In their play, i notice that they are using my shoes. As i see this, i turn and start asking my mom why they have my shoes and we get into an argument. After that, i wander around and meet a group of women my age. One of them runs into me and seems to be really attracted to me. I get her phone number.

      Soon after, The world changes. Everything is dark. The building turns into a castle infested with monsters. There's also people fighting those monsters. It now has a fantasy setting and would be similar to an mmo game. I jump around along the second level of the building and then jump down. A group of players swarm by me followed by a large monster. I run out with the group of players and follow them up a hill which leads to a snowy landscape. As we head up the hill, a player transforms into a rainbow and takes out the monster following us.

      I then find myself at a safe town. Players are everything doing various tasks such as crafting and selling. One group i notice is building a machine which revives players but at a cost. I walk to a nearby tent and start repairing and crafting weapons. In my inventory, I notice i have obtained a key to a high level dungeon.
    3. 8-10-2013 Six Degrees of Inner Deception

      by , 08-11-2013 at 01:51 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Fragment #1:

      I arrive at this house. I then become afraid because i know i left my pet snake and lizard out here somewhere. I'm scared because they pose a threat and i can't locate them.

      Our Thoughts are your Thoughts:
      I pull up to my house with some friends and see multiple cars parked around my house. A group of people must have broken into my house. I panic a little. The next scene i remember, i'm in my room with my friends and i located some of the intruders in the room next to mine. I get a blade out and hide behind the door. One of them walks in and i swing but he is too strong, the blade surprisingly doesn't do a thing. As two of the intruders come into my room, i back off in fear and they attack and capture my friends, as they do, i run to a different part of the house.

      I get to my computer room and log on to my pc. As i log on, i find everything has been corrupted, they have done something to my computer. Then i find a note, the note tells me to find a person, do anything for that person, and fall in love with that person. The note then directs me to walk to the living room. However, i head someone approaching so i hide under my desk, a Hedgehog/human girl with two sets of tits drags me to the living room. There, i meet a bunch of people. All of them looked very strange.

      I find out that this group of people are very angry about the government or something and they plan to use me and other people to accomplish whatever goals they may have. They then take me to a big open room. Once there, they attempt to overwrite my personal opinions and ideas with their own. I resists and eventually, they push me onto a cart which descends into a dark pit. As the hedgehog lady activates the cart, i grab onto a wire and climb back up, but she closes some doors at the top. The bottom also closes up, now i can't go down or get out, i'm trapped inside a dark tunnel.

      The next scene, i'm in the desert, this time, some other people are trapped in the tunnel and the entrance is somewhat open. A guard accidentally drops their phone, another person beside me then picks it up and calls 911. However, the phone then gets the message "Service unavailable"

      Six Degrees of Inner Deception:
      I'm in my room, there's some other people there. I then get a feeling that aliens have altered my sense of perception. I then try to get the other people to help me break this effect and fight back but they disappear. I then walk to the barn and see my dad. I then show him my super powers i've recently been working on. I lift at least 50 bees into the air and form a ball and sort of swing it around. My dad then laughs and instantly picks up like 500 bees out of nowhere, flings them up and makes them shower down, i hit the ground to a take cover. I then start walking back home, i notice i have goggles on, with special lenses inserted, i see odd things such as little kids running around by me, but when i take the lens out, my vision appears to return to normal.

      Back inside , i walk into my room, i see snakes but realize they aren't real. I then look out into the hallway, i see an outline of a group of people, about 4 of the 7 people have images filled inside the outlines. The people with the un-filled white outlines must be the people i need to kill in order to break the effect. Then, i see this dwarf man coming down the hallway. He was apparently forced to fight me, he attacks with an axe, i dodge, strike and win the fight. Only 2 more to kill.

      Then the leader of the group and a man with a diamond column comes into my room. The leader swings at me with his sword but i knock it out of his hands. Then the leader and column man get into a fight, but eventually, they focus back on me. The leader knocks me to the ground with his metallic gauntlets and repeatedly punches me, i'm near death and see the column man swinging toward me, i then kick the leader, he flies back and intercepts the column mid swing. So instead of hitting me, the leader gets hit and shatters into pieces.

      Next thing i know, i wake up, look at my ipod on my alarm clock. The ipod has an album playing, the album has a similar name to "Six degrees of inner turbulence". The album cover has also switched to an alien walking down a hallway with a syringe sticking into the back of his head. I find this all very strange, and then i wake up for good.
    4. 7-30-2013 A Military victory mounted on innocent ground

      by , 07-31-2013 at 03:17 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      CSGO Lava temple:
      I'm in a match of cs:go and the setting is a lava temple, if i remember correctly, i get wounded pretty badly and i'm the only one left alive. Around the temple is a black rocky area with a grey sky and lava flowing in streams. I walk out of the temple and near a stream.

      A Military victory mounted on innocent ground:

      I'm at my house, having some kind of party or something. Or maybe i was working, either way, i only had a set time for lunch. In that set time, My dreamself would eat lunch and watch two episodes of dragonballz. I was outside by my pool. It was sunny and nice out. Eventually, our lunch ended and i get pretty mad because i didn't even get time to eat, let alone watch anime. So i stayed behind skipping whatever i had to do just so i could eat and watch anime. At one point, i had to go inside and yell at my brother because he was on my pc, and then i downloaded the episodes on my pc and put them on my laptop.

      As i'm outside, i see a girl i like and her family walking inside my house. I walk in behind them to see what's going on. They walk down a hallway and i get cut off as this person walks in front of me. I head back to my room and there i talk to dr.strangelove. He tells me that we're being attacked. Next thing i see is a scene of two mechs that look like their from code geass fighting two big battleships.
      The battleships are the enemies. They definitely have the upper hand in firepower. And not only that, we are also being attacked by other enemy forces which are surrounding the house.

      For some strange reason, the mechs are fighting the floating battleships in a hanger like area that seems to be far away from my house. Our two mechs in the hanger are getting beat pretty badly. Eventually, the two battleships form one, but our mechs unleash their full power and jump onto the battleship. As they do, the mechs turn into a black liquid and absorb the battleship. The mechs then take their original form.
      As that goes on, i run down my hallway and use a tank mech to fight off enemy units. It's quickly damaged so i run back into the house.

      The scene then switches back to the mechs. Even though we defeated the battleship, our enemy still outnumbered us so we had to surrender. Originally, the enemy was going to kill us all but since we defeated the battleship, the enemy decides to simply enslave us. Next scene, my comrades and i are dropping all of our personal items into crates as we move in lines.

      Next thing i know, i'm standing in bleachers ( stands ) which are positioned around a track. It's night. I'm standing in a straight line, with multiple rows of people going up and down the bleachers. As we stand, a drill sergeant is issuing commands. He's going through rolls. We received packages earlier with cassette tapes that when played, tell us what role we will fill in the army, which is our enemies army by the way. Back on topic, i didn't have anything that could play the tape so i couldn't tell the sergeant my role. Since i couldn't tell him, i had to go find a player. I jump down and start looking.

      I eventually find a small cave with a poor vampire in it. It sort of looks like shinobu from the -monogatari series. She obviously needs blood, so i cut myself and lie down waiting for her to suck my blood. However, another vampire comes along and takes shinobu. I quickly pop up and look back, it was a female vampire with a yellow shirt.

      --At this point, i wake up and log what you've just read. After i fall back asleep, the dream continues.

      I find myself with other prisoners who were captured in the attack. We're standing outside my house. It looks like a storm is coming. A man then tells me that i should get a better jacket since it might hail. At this point, we are only allowed to take a certain amount of personal items so i drop some of my stuff and run inside and grab a better coat. As i get out, most people have already been taken and i'm quickly called over to board a giant metallic vehicle. The vehicle is a troop carrier, so i suppose i'm going to go fight.

      Since i was called over so quickly, i had to leave some stuff behind. Either way, the vehicle starts moving. In the distance, you can see other vehicles with prisoner soldiers on them as well. We drive through trees and after a while, make it to our destination. The destination is an old torn down house in the middle of a forest. The vehicle gets parked and we are called over to the house. A higher ranking officer inflates the wreckage of the house and somehow rebuilds the frame.

      After the frame is rebuilt, he opens some sort of portal near the house. He then sends some people in. The portal seems to lead to a different zone. The zone in which the house is still standing and has yet to be destroyed. As we wait to see results, other vehicles pull up and park nearby. It's been a while and we are pretty sure the people who traveled through the portal into the house are dead. I head in.

      I find myself in an old dimly light house. There are various spirits and entities roaming the place. I get an intuition that if i climb the stairs to my left, i can get geass powers. I do this , but a seductive demon like lady stops me and starts seducing me. As she does this, two spirits come over and beat me up, they then drag me to the entrance and drop me along with some manual. I look at the manual and it details various military experiments they did by sending people to die inside this house.

      I then get up and try to head back up the stairs again. The lady then kisses me and i kiss back. She drains my energy while doing it, but i can't stop, and eventually, i guess i die. The ending is pretty immediate i know, this might be continued on some other night i hope.

      Super Hero movie trap:

      I'm outside by some largely populated area. I'm letting these people film me for a commercial. After i do that, i quickly go with the flow of the crowd. Apparently, everyone is going to see some movie. I'm initially with friends but they walk away. I find myself looking at a giant mushroom shaped metal construction, the bottom is hollow. At the bottom, an announcer is describing how the movie works. The people under the outer most edges of the top part of the mushroom will choose from a select group of heroes. Everyone else will take the role of some other faction.

      As the movie starts, im on the outer circular edge. So i get selected to be one of many spider mans. I instantly have the costume on. Then a ring starts spinning around the outer edge of the mushroom like structure above us. As the ring reaches above each of our heads, it instantly shoots us up in the air. Normally, the ring is supposed to catch us and act as sort of an elevator allowing us to reach the top of the mushroom structure.

      However, the glowing circle hundreds of feet above me sends me flying away from the top part, since i'm flying away, the ring won't catch me and i will fall to my death. However, i thought since i was spider man i should be able to shoot webs and i did that to save my life. I shoot around and soon make my way to the top of an apartment complex that is really high in the sky. As it turns out, a party is going on, half the people ditched the movie and ran off with their super powers and are partying. I join in and have fun.

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    5. 7-21-2013 Double Lucid and lots of nice sleep

      by , 07-21-2013 at 05:09 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      SO! Tonight, i finally got a ton of sleep! I'll start going to bed earlier i promise! Either way, i had a ton of dreams tonight, probably more than my record of twelve but some of them were stupid and i didn't want to log every single one of them so i just logged the lucids and some other ones in this log. Yeah, i know it's a bad habit to not log all of them but i will from now on, don't worry.

      Mysterious night ship and end of the world dome fields!:
      It's day time and i'm at some building in a part of my town. Some people from out school are asking who owns some computer parts they had. One part was a gpu with two fans on it. It definitely looked like a piece of trash but i went home and that night i looked it up on my computer. Turned out, it was a piece of trash. Either i then went on to eat some garlic bread and maybe the next night. I was alone and i looked out my front window and saw cars on a road not too far away.

      The cars looked like they had been in a wreck and had been abandoned, no one was in them, it was strange. I then looked out my back window, and in the night sky, i saw some spaceship in the sky far away from my house slowly moving across the sky. I went to door to get a better look at it, it was still moving but behind the clouds now, although i could still see it because of it's lights. Then, all of a sudden, the sky erupted in explosions, and a glowing dome shaped forcefield sprang up and covered the main part of town which i could see over the woods on my farm.

      I thought about what it was for, maybe our country was getting attacked and that would keep the city safe but at the same time, lock them out from the outside world. I also wondered if the dome was meant to lock the city and slowly kill the inhabitants because of lack of outside contact.

      I then found myself in a nice sports car under the dome. Everything looked futuristic. How did i get here? i wondered. I drove around and then wondered again, Do i really want to live like this? under a dome?

      A game of chess:
      I'm playing a game of chess with somebody, but it had some weird rules so i ask him how to play. As i do, the chest board forms an environment and i get sucked in and before i know it. I'm in what looks like a theme park but the people i'm with are sad because a person just died and they were attending a funeral.

      Alien death:

      I'm in a desert at some government test facility. They have these aliens lined up. The aliens have powers that let them control smart people. The government wanted the aliens dead so they brought in basically barbarians which killed the aliens. The government people then took the dead bodies for testing.

      Required skills:
      I'm with a smart girl who is older than me. And by smart, i mean really smart. I'm also with a group of other people. We're about to get on this platform that rises and acts as an elevator because there is a hole in the ceiling which allows the platform to rise through. I attempt to get on but i'm not fast enough because it went up too fast. Then, another platform with people on it comes down and hits the platform that's going up. This causes both the platforms to start going up again but since they hit each other. The platforms were damaged and were slanted sideways. The top platform then ran into the ceiling and crushed the people on it.

      After that, our group went on the regular elevator. As we got to the top and walked out. The girl told me she has enough skills to survive. I didn't have near as many skills as she did, it was weird talking to her.

      The paintings:
      I just got back from martial arts. I'm at my house now, it's night time. I look outside my window and i see black portals appearing all over the sky, cars were flowing out of them. I then yelled for my sister to come watch. She came but appeared outside sitting in a chair. I then wondered how she got through the window. I then realized that i must be dreaming, but first , i had to take this stupid retainer out of my mouth. I was too focused on that to solidify my lucidity so it went away and then my dream self went to bed. I woke up. Then went back to sleep, and woke again.

      This time, people i knew were in my room and i thought i must be dreaming. This got my lucidity back. I then wanted to change settings so i spun around on my bed. As i did that, i imagined a city. The city at first wasn't detailed, but i kept on imagining it and it soon got pretty detailed and eventually, poof! i was there! I then started to walk around, i stopped at the corner of some street to test my senses, it was pretty cool really. I was aware. I could hear, smell and etc. I then tried to rub my hands together, this felt a little weird but way better then my previous lucids.

      I kept on walking and eventually made my way to like a gallery of paintings. I then focused on the hallway lined with paintings and the detail instantly increased. I then walked up and checked out the paintings. The first set was the same painting but the face of each figure was different. At this point, i was completely amazed at the detail in the paintings. Then somewhere along the lines, i must have woke up or something because i can't remember past this except for a different dream that came after.

      Boss fight:
      I'm in a room, it's dark, and only me and this girl are here. I have a gun and she has a laptop. We're fighting some sort of boss monster. We eventually kill it.
      I then realize i must be dreaming. As i do, i try to change the scene to a beach but i didn't focus it like the last one so once i started talking to people on the beach, i transported right back to the room, except this time it had windows, it was night outside, and it was on top of a really tall building.

      A girl was tied up on a chair next to me. why she was tied up, i have no clue. either way, she wasn't the girl i wanted to ask but i'll talk to her anyway. I asked her what my true name was and she then started trolling me and giving me stupid responses like 'princess' and 'quantesia'. I wasn't getting any where with her so i decided to try it in a later lucid dream.

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    6. 7-13-2013 My attempt at world domination in 1 day

      by , 07-13-2013 at 08:58 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      An interesting first day of school:
      So, by the title, you've probably guessed this is a dream about the first of school. Thankfully, school hasn't starting yet irl, but in my dreams, it apparently has.

      So, i'm the hallway dumping stuff into my locker. As i'm doing that , some girl tries to get my attention and i absolutely ignore her. Then another tries to talk to me and i cheerfully reply. I then think about what i've done and immediately apologize to the first girl. I tell her that i'm just really tired from getting up early and well, i was tired. Right now, everyone is supposed to be at some assembly or something, and since i spent so much time at my locker, i'm pretty late.

      They was a crowd of people sitting in chairs facing a stage, behind them were tables with like certificates that you had to sign and pick up. Well, i wasn't there so someone else signed my name and i went to pick it up. I then took a seat. I was sitting next to this person i hardly talk to. The kid then starts trolling me and i tell him to stop and he doesn't. So i take my hand and strike him in the neck, as i do that, he gets pissed and tries to like break my wrist. We eventually stop because well, we're in a room full of people and fighting wouldn't be a good idea. Next thing i know, i look over and the kid and someone else are singing dream theater songs.

      After that little assembly is over, i start looking for that kid again because since he listened to dream theater, he must be an awesome person ( Yeah, my dream self has some pretty bad logic ). I look around and see someone similar to him but it wasn't him. So since i couldn't find him, i decide to wander the school in search of something interesting. I eventually walk up to a dome shaped wall in the middle of the school, i walk up to the second floor of the dome and enter. A cheerleading competition is currently going on and i stand there and talk to some girls i know.

      After that, i get really hungry. So i call my mom up and tell her to bring me some food. I walk outside in front of the school doors. There's some tables out there. Soon, my mom drops off my food in a big black carrying bag ( the sort of bag you put a sports uniform in and carry with a strap over your shoulder). So i get my food out and then i see this other guy sit down beside me. We're slowly making our sandwiches. I see that my meat has expired and is bad but luckily, i put the meat container on top of another container and i hid some meat between the two so that it stays fresh ( wouldn't work irl but it does in dreams apparently!). So i'm then like "YES! HA, Take that! my meat is still good". My dream self thought that sandwich making was some sort of competition.

      I get done making my food and i'm about to eat it. This looks so yummy, can't wait to ea- "FUCK", I shout as this guy shows up and makes honey splatter over everything around me, and then it rains for like 5 seconds. Well great, there's goes my darn food

      I walk back into the school with my black bag. This security guard like man then sees the bag and questions me about it. I tell him it's for food. After i say that, he changes the subject and tells me he has something very important to show me. So my dream self follows him. He leads me to this room at the edge of the school. The room is dark. There's about 4 dentists there. There have some computers and flashdrivers scattered in various places. In the middle, there's some metal trays with organ looking fleshy things on them.

      The dentists tell me that some abnormality i had when i was a kid, has now developed and is threatening my life. One dentist then sits me down on a chair and squeezes me tight. I can't move or speak. As i struggle, i realize that i have been tricked. These people aren't dentists. Also, as this scene happens. I look over and the those organs on the trays are whispering things to me. But it's a sort of spiritual whisper that the other people can't hear. It was directed at me but at the time i couldn't tell what it said.

      So since i know i've been tricked. I start to scream. Eventually, three girls run in and the dentists get distracted and as they deal with them. I get up and grab a knife. I then proceed to kill the remaining people in there. I'm not quite sure what happened to the girls though. The dentists might have killed them. After that, i hurry and leave. I get to the school exterior and my parents are there in some golden cruiser. I get in and tell them to take me home. They start driving and when they get to the front entrance, i tell them to stop. I had forgotten my backpack and wanted to go get it. But not only that, i decided i should head back and grab the computers and flashdrives from that room so i can show the world what they were doing.

      As i get to that wing of the school. It's somewhat sealed off, other people had died and blood was scattered along some walls. But yet, it had a mystic atmosphere. There were spirit orbs floating around, possibly from the people that died. As i continue to walk. A girl appears in spirit form. I then realize she was the one whispering to me from the organs. It makes me sad to think of the cruel death she might have had. Either way, she sort of floats over to me and grabs my hands. At them moment, i get an extremely pleasing sensation. It totally caught me off guard. The sensation was amazing pleasure that lasted only shortly. The girl then let go and as i stood there shocked. She said something along the lines of "sorry for that, it was inappropriate to touch you like that but i had to" in a cheerful/serious manner. As she slowly disappeared, i nodded in recognition of her leaving and in a way, said goodbye.

      I get to the room and grab a laptop and then some flashdrives. I leave and make it most of the way to the road. However, the school grounds then turned into a digital area. An area in which players are transported and they are forced to fight monsters. If they die fighting in this digital area, they die in real life. So as i'm walking, titans attack ( geez, stupid titans >.< ) and people are getting eaten and the people are also fighting the titans. To my luck, a new round starts and i respawn on my farm which happens to be placed at the end of the school.

      As i spawn, i get chased by alien monsters, but i lose them as i run up to the barn. The alien monsters eventually run away and then i see these players running towards the school. In front of them, i spy out some eggs that hatch monsters. I know these people will die but i can't help them. They soon get to the school grounds and are killed by the hatched monsters. I'm then about to leave but i luckily see the giant jaguars hiding in the barn in front of me. so i walk around and in get in a tractor.

      Now, once i'm in the tractor and i start it up, Princess Cornelia and Euphemia suddenly appear inside it too. ( characters from code geass). Originally, i was just going to expose this evidence. But since i have these two here with me. I might as well play the role of zero and go for world domination. So i drive the tractor and smash through anything in my way as i make it to the road. I then get on a highway. I start driving. But then, in front of me, a mobile fortress appears and i don't have time to stop before i crash into it.

      Once i crash, the tractors falls onto the road below and lands perfect luckily. As i get surrounded by enemy troops. I get out, and then Xingke appears ( also from code geass). he asks me why i'm doing this and i show him the flashdrives and tell him that i must expose these people for what they've done. It's incredibly stupid but i feel as if it wasn't my true reason. As i'm about to get captured, i get another feeling. A feeling that this will go on and it doesn't end here, these people won't stop me, i will go on and take over the world. Then the dream ended. I hope this continues one day, i really would like to experience the ending.

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    7. 7-11-2013 C.C Betrayal and Dimension Trap

      by , 07-13-2013 at 01:46 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      C.C Betrayal:
      This dream takes place in a suburban area. In the center is a building that looks as if it's still under construction. To the left of that building is a road which cars only drive on rarely. To the north is a building complex. And to the south and east are residential buildings but hardly no one lives in this area. It's currently dusk, and I'm walking along the south side of the middle building in my Keikogi ( martial arts uniform, but i just call it a gi). Apparently the middle building is a dojo and i'm headed there to train.

      For some reason, i decide to take off running. The wind is blowing my gi a little so i take the top part off. I end up running completely around the building and i find myself to the east side of it now. As i start walking south, i notice my brother and my brothers friend launching fireworks. it turns night. I keep walking and as i get to the southeast corner of the middle building, my brothers other friend pulls up in his truck ( lets call him John ). John parks the truck and gets out. He apparently has bought me tons of taco johns. But it's all just those potato tots. Not very much of a meal but meh, i'll eat it. As he does that, the younger sister and brother of John ride by on skateboards going north and then everyone else decides to join them.

      John also grabs his skateboard and takes off, but i don't have one so john lets me on his skateboard and starts explaining how to ride one. I tell him i already know, so we go on to talk about different things. He asks me if i play any sports. i tell him i don't but i have gotten into martial arts lately.As we talk, we eventually ride into the complex north of the dojo. We all stop there. Turns out, johns friends from work have also joined us for the ride. The people from work start talking about a pet party they intend to have. They seemed like very sexual people.

      As they talk, i decide to go to the bathroom. I walk in and start peeing at a urinal. In the corner of my eye, i see something on my left, but i decide not to look because it might be another person. As i get done, i turn and look and it's a bathtub that is turning itself on and off. As i walk back to the truck, i realize i'm wearing a black jacket with red strips and same design sweatpants. Anyway, i get back to the truck and all the food has been eaten.

      Then C.C ( from code geass) gets in johns truck. John also gets in and so do i. As we get in there. John starts to look like clovis from code geass and starts rambling on about his final move and attack. As he talks, C.C betrays him, the next thing i see, C.C is in her mech, and so is john. C.C has john trapped in an energy field and is flying him away, she is yelling at him and accusing him of killing people and etc.

      As she flies away. I start to think, i used to have a contract with her, why didn't she do the same thing to me? and will she ever betray me?

      Alien hostage:
      It's mid day, i'm out in a desert place. There's a facility and a space ship behind me. A group of people from star trek are being held hostage by some alien race. Our queen then comes out of our space ship and makes peace with the aliens. Initially, we thought the aliens were being led by one of our enemies, but we found out they weren't so that's why we made peace. So our people are returned.

      I start walking towards the facility after everyone is gone, then i see someone i know, lets call him Tom. Tom is partially covered by a door, and below him is a girl he has captured. Tom has also managed to give himself super mutant powers. Tom takes off running away. Then as i'm about to pursue him, another person starts driving up behind me, they're planning to run me over. He's probably a guardian of that girl so i quickly point to my side and he gets the message.

      He gets out and we start going after the girl. As we get to the door of the facility. It opens up to my driveway except there is a zip line going all the way down it and a train station up at the top where i'm currently at. I jump up on the parked train and grab on to the zip line. I see the girl farther down the driveway at the entrance. So i continue going down. As i look back, The guardian is going on foot but behind him is Tom which quickly takes the man down and starts running after me.

      As i get to the girl, i see that's she tied up to another girl and touching her would cause a bomb to detonate. I look back again and Tom has a gun to that guys head. What a sticky situation.

      Amusement Park Gold:
      I'm at an amusement park. There's a decent amount of people there. Me and a friend are at like a slot machine thing. My friend is playing. He then wins $9999 and starts to cry because he can't believe it. As he is there, i somehow make my way down some steps and i'm in a fairly open area. I then get in a fight with like Zeus and i'm like shooting lighting at him and he's shooting stuff at me and the battle is generally getting no where.

      Next thing i know, i'm in my bathroom with C.C and my friend might have been there. We're talking about various things. I then tell my friend and C.C to walk out because i was taking my clothes off. At least i think that was the reason, i know i did take my clothes off but we might have been hiding something in the bathroom and there might have been people outside the bathroom so we needed to make sure the people outside didn't figure out what was going on. But then again, it's only a feeling, i'm not entirely sure.

      Either way, i walk out of the bathroom in my underwear. C.C is on my bed and there's some other people there. I think i remember telling C.C to wait for me on the bed so i was fine with her being there but i wasn't expecting the other people.

      Dimension Trap:
      I'm in a game of TF2. I'm the only one left alive on my team. I'm being hunted by the other team. I'm in a desert mountainous place with a saw mill in front of me and further back a hill leading to a cave. I kill some enemies on my way to the sawmill. However, as i get there, i'm being shot at by people on the hill. I keep trying to shoot them but i miss. I eventually hear them talking about how they plan to ambush me by using c4. Since i overheard that, i shoot the c4 that's planted beside me to stop it from blowing up unexpectedly. I then run into the sawmill and hide as i wait for them to come down.

      They make their way down. I jump out a window over a heavy, and kill most of them. I run up the hill and into a cave. The heavy chases me into the cave. I keep running and running. I eventually jump into a cavern, the place has lava flowing down below. I look back and notice the heavy stopped chasing me as i jumped into this area. I then realize i stepped into another dimension and it's an area of no return to other areas. Well great.

      As i wait, a spy comes into the zone with a really fast car. He stops as he drives to where i'm waiting. The heavy comes in as well. They don't attack, rather, they think and then realize what they've done. They have now trapped themselves in here as well. Since they're trapped, they try summoning a digital girl to help solve the issue, but she's dies almost as soon as she's summoned because the zone is messing with her data and she can't maintain form in this place.

      The only thing i remember next, is, there was a room full of people stuck in this zone. I get accused of something on television and come into the room with a mech and kill all of the survivors.

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    8. 7-7-2013 The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness

      by , 07-07-2013 at 06:15 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness:
      Me and some other person are driving up the driveway of my house at night. We pull up and there's this weird old man standing there. We get out and give this old man some pictures we found, they were painted by this old lady ( who i assume was also weird because her paintings were weird ). The old man sits down and goes through all sorts of pictures, he seems very sad and focused, i believe this lady was someone he knew but died and these pictures were the only thing that was left. Either way, next thing i remember, i'm in my room staying the night at the house of this old man ( which is my house irl)

      Now, you might be asking why i pulled up to my house in the first place or why i decided to stay the night there with that old man. Well, i vaguely remember something about me being the savior of the universe last night so i'm just going to assume this has something to do with that.

      Now, it's night and i'm in my room and the creepy old man is in his room. I walk out into the hallway and i see a basket full of possum skeletons and intestines, that is absolutely disgusting. I somehow figure that this basket is a chinese shrine to his cat and he plans to put shrimp on top of the skeletons and have his cat eat them. Okay, well that was messed up. Stupid old man.

      After that, i see an advertisement or something on my tv and it basically tells me that if i kill this old guy, then one of my friends will have to give me a video game. Now, i'm not sure if i killed him but i remember the old man dying.

      After that, i find myself standing on a highway at night in an urban area talking to some other people, we're part of some rpg game and i'm picking my class and then there was also probably some other weird dream concepts involved with that but i don't remember. Next thing i see is this guy making his way to rescue me. The guy is in some rank nasty looking water, now imagine an ocean full of that nasty water. That's what he's in right now, and behind him is a settlement on the water, there's a couple of people on the dock next to him and an abandoned battleship, it's also night here.

      The guy is in the water connecting boats every two feet. The guy just wants to get to his destination so he asks the people on the dock why he has to tie the boats and the people tell him that its because the water rises 3 feet. As the man said that, i instantly become the guy i'm spectating and the water starts rising fast, and before i know it, the darn water sinks that old battleship fast and it creates a big wave and it drags me under the water. Before i went under, i looked at the big wave coming and my face was like ' -_- really, the water has to rise now".

      I eventually come up and i'm there laughing with a bunch of friends. I get out of the water onto the dock area. There this guy invites me to some organization with a funny name, but i forgot the name so i just named it The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness.

      Once i join, i got to move over to the other side of the dock and hang out with the members. There was a bunch of people i know and it was really fun, then one of my friends takes me down a corridor into a room.
      As he does this, i start to focus on my sleeping body and start to lose the dream but as i'm doing this, i also gain lucidity and as that happens. I yell in the dream really fast "Are you lucid?" at my friend, The idea was to focus my mind more on lucidity and the dream and well it worked.

      I then found myself looking at the floor, i looked up and my friend had turned into a child. Then i notice something written on the floor, it says "Valve: 91% happy". I thought this was hilarious and started laughing but it woke me up.

      Deal Breaker:
      I had remembered a lot of this dream and was going to log it last night but i fell asleep. The basic concept was me making some deal with this person but then he betrays me and starts trying to kill me.

      Vampires - Survivors:
      I'm a vampire and i'm in a group with other vampires. We are in this suburban area, the settings appears to be 1930's ish , the buildings are no more than 2 stories high and it's mostly residential.

      However, almost all of the residents are gathered not too far off in the town square for some big party. What the residents don't know is that the government are slowly approaching the town square and are going to kill everyone.

      Our vampire group is a little ways off from the town square, we are running fast, we're trying to escape the government. But first off, we need outfits to blend in with the current population. So we go into an alley in which i find some people, my group goes on ahead of us and i kill the people and take their clothes. i meet up with our group outside a hotel. Me and a girl in our group go into the bathroom and start changing into the clothes i picked up. The other members went into different rooms.

      Next thing i remember. It's about 12 years later and i'm in an area in the northern part of the town. I walk into this dark hotel place. I'm there with just a couple of other members. They stay in the lobby room and i head down a hallway lighting up various rooms, i get to the end of the hallway and see a very creepy looking room, i decide not to look into that room and head back to the lobby. As i get there, one guy says he will join and we should head down the hallway.

      Well, with him here, i suppose we can investigate the room. We find the room and once it's lit up, it's apparently the room of a beautiful vampire princess. After that, we check out the two remaining rooms, one room is a secret garden that contains magical properties that we must protect from the werewolves. As i meet back up with the remaining members in the lobby, the girls decide to go into the room of the vampire princess and start changing clothes in her shower.

      I try to explain that the princess can see them changing in plain sight but they take their clothes off anyway. After that, i go to the airport where some members are waiting there for me. I find out that they got a plane taking us to vail colorado, nice!. As we get on the plane, this cute girl walks up to me and i grab her hand. Next thing i remember, the plane crashed into a mansion with an outside garden. As we crash, i receive objectives to complete. One objective was to collect some objects and i start doing that, one of the other objectives was to kiss something. For the kissing objective, i immediately start trying to find that girl that got on the plane with us.

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    9. 6-30-2013 Russian father

      by , 06-30-2013 at 07:05 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid.

      I'm playing TF2 ( team fortress 2) and i'm inside the game. At first, the map is a canyon sort of place. I've ran out of ammo on my main weapon but a person from the other team is attacking me so i hide behind a boulder and occasionally pop out to shoot with my pistol. Next thing i know, i'm in a respawn room moving through all sorts of teleporters not having an idea of where i'm going.

      Then this girl finds me lost and tells me how to play. She puts me in like an arena and there, i'm forced to melee various enemies as they spawn. After that, i'm free to go and i spawn to the map, which is now my farm, and i'm a pyro class but i don't do too good so i respawn as a sniper. As a sniper, i totally kick butt and do an awesome job.

      I'm outside of my house, doing something, then my mom comes out and tells me the police are coming to search our house. After hearing that, i run inside and lock our doors. The police search outside first and then begin to knock our doors down. As they do, i grab my phone and knife and then go to my bedroom.

      There, i find some girls and other people i don't know. We all sit down , We talk and stuff. Then i realize i haven't brushed my teeth and that these girls probably think my breath smells awful so i go to brush my teeth, but for some reason, i come back without brushing them to find the police have broken in and are searching our computers and what not.

      Hotel repeat:
      Now this one is pretty interesting, it takes place in the same hotel as one of my previous dreams ( i looked and i don't think i have it logged on here, oh well ). Either way, i'm in a fancy hotel located in florida and i ask the people at the front desk if the concert was on the second floor or first. For some reason, i was looking for something up there, but i forgot what.

      I see my friends sitting in chairs around me. They were watching game of thrones on tv. I ask one of them and he tells me i'm looking for a girl. Then i say goodbye as i start to leave, and one of my friends like tackles me and it pissed me off.

      A new game:
      I'm in some sort of 3rd person strategy/action game, sort of like final fantasy. Either way, our team enters a building, it turns out that it's home to like those titans from the anime "Attack on titan". We run around and manage to steal a skill card or something and then we get out of there alive. But we die soon after from scorpions attacking us. This dream also took place in a canyon/desert like area.

      Signs on the road:

      I was on some sort of road painting a sign on the ground so i know where to drive later on. I was there with one of my friends and his mom. He was telling me about a vacation he plans to take and how he's going to play some game the whole time, he didn't say the name but it was the game from the previous dream.

      After that, for some reason, i meet up with mikasa from the anime "Attack on titan" ( i think her name was mikasa at least, i only watched three episodes ). After that, we get in like a corner and start killing enemies as they come up to us, we're farming for xp or something. After we're done, i realize i haven't brushed my teeth again, so i go to do that but i looked back and couldn't find mikasa. Another dream where i didn't get to brush my teeth and my breath probably smelled bad, my dream characters are going to start thinking i'm nasty xD.

      Russian Father:
      Our family buys a new house and we have a pool party. Lots of my friends are here, but i get out of the pool and take a walk. I end up in a village. At that village, the military and a gang are fighting each other. I help the military and after the battle, i see my grandfather arresting some one.

      After that, i find myself back at my house, i get into a car and start driving. At one point on a road, this cop is driving really fast behind me and i really need to stop so i do a sharp turn into like a parking lot. Apparently, the cop thought i was stopping so he like turned and ended up crashing. I call my mom and she sorts it out. The cop was actually a really nice person.

      My mom takes my car, so i end up walking. I end up back at my old house, a little weird. I walk down the driveway and see my mom riding away in the distance. i text a family member to come pick me up so i can pursue her. But i find a car next to me so i take that. I chase her and we end up at a dock at night time. There, i ambush my mom, but then my dad comes over to me with some black foreign substance covering his body and he absorbs me.

      I'm not sure if he destroyed my moms car or she drove away, i can't remember. However, my dad explains to me that he's russian and that when i was a child, he injected me with some weird substance which gave me super powers. I see a flashback as he's explaining, i see my newborn body in a hospital bed and my dad arguing with a nurse. After that flashback, i find myself in the present, my dad has defused with me and is showing me my new power.

      I now notice i have the black substance over my skin as well. He tells me it can form anything i want it to or absorb anything. So i form an exoskeleton with a shoulder machine gun. It works and i can control the machine gun simply by thinking.

      Thoughts: I find it a little weird that most of my dreams tonight revolve around video games, it's kind of embarrassing really, i don't even play video games that much. Also, i only watched three episodes of attack on titan and 2 dreams involve that anime. Oh well, it was interesting none the less.

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    10. 6-27-2013 Betrayal on the island

      by , 06-27-2013 at 09:51 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      I'm on some sort of tropical island with some friends. If you walk up the shore, there was a pretty big castle, there was an amusement part inside it. One of the areas inside was like a lego land, me and a friend i don't know rode mine carts in some hellish looking lava place. It was fun though. As we walk outside and back toward the coastline, we notice a Hummer was about to be given away. I enter the contest and win by chance.

      Soon after, i walk down toward the shore line and talk to my friends, then i start talking to random people i don't know. After that, everything goes to hell, the FBI start shooting missiles all over the place, and because of that, i take shelter inside the castle. Eventually, the people inside start going insane and every one is killing each other. After a while, most lights are out and the place is blown to hell. I soon find a group of mercenary like people and hang with them.

      Our group soon makes it's way toward an exit which leads outside, the bombing has stopped, so me and another person go outside. The guy i'm with says "Sorry about this" and then shoots me with his submachine gun. I feel the bullets hit in various places on my body. After about 18 shots, he stops and then fires one more time to finish me off. One of the bullets hits the right side of my neck and i feel blood come out. I instantly drop after that, i'm not dead though but decide to lay there so he thinks i am.

      He eventually leaves and i get up, i feel my neck and there's a little blood but everything else is fine. I guess i'm like a vampire or something. Either way, i start walking and eventually end up at a place that looks like my backyard, i find my dad there but in this dream, i don't recognize him as my dad. I walk up to him and he gives me food and guns for protection. And i find out, not only have people gone crazy, but monsters have invaded, how nice.

      He gets up and we go out to this mountain woodland place, we're hiking up the trail to some destination, but a fire has started spreading and we decide to go back. We head back to camp, the only people there now are a guy and a younger girl. My dad disappeared. Anyway, those two are friendly and they go out to collect monster souls which they then use to make potions.

      My dream has a medieval setting. I'm in some watch tower at night, there's a busy town below. I take a broadsword off a stand. I then exit the tower. As i stroll around the town, i see a computer with skyrim loading, i decide to go over and mess up some settings hehe. But then this ladies mother catches and chases me into this alley. While we were there, i take the sword and stab her. I then flip a secret door open and drag her down into it.

      Once we get down there, we're in a room full of my slaves, i lock her up on the wall. As the slaves eat. One asian slave takes her drink and she gets mad, i set there and laugh.

      Engineering sector:
      I'm in some sort of big rpg world with a team. As we're walking, me and this other lady fall off the bridge, we land in a high level engineering area we haven't unlocked yet. There's some people down here building jets and stuff, the lighting is dark. However, i luckily find my way up and talk to an engineer from tf2. I tell the engineer to go back down and help the lady but he shows me his paintings instead.

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    11. 6-18-2013 Secret Club and jail

      by , 06-20-2013 at 12:25 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Secret Club:
      I was on some mission to find treasure. I remember going to a pyramid/temple looking place in a jungle because i heard there was treasure in a cave that was inside the temple place. So i get to the temple and explore the cave and travel 2 layers underground. ( imagine a layer as like a floor in a tall building, that length) I find a treasure room, i can't remember if i take any or not, but i do remember going back down a second time but the second time, i find a bunch of corpses coming back to life and i immediately panic and run out.

      The inside of the temple then changes from a cave entrance to a cave entrance separated into two by a wall. I then reach into a hole that is in my face and i feel a cube. I pull the cube out, the cube covered another cube which is attached to the inside of my face by skin shaped like rope. I then figure out that the cube will dissolve and poison me if i don't put the bigger cube back over it. The bigger cube also turns out to be a tracking device. While i find out all this, i see my dad on the inside of the temple, For some reason, i challenge him to a duel, i say if i win, he has to cut the skin holding the smaller cube in.

      Next thing i remember, i'm at a party on the back of my farm. I'm leaving it with my friend. The cube is still in my face, i must have lost the duel xD. Anyway, me and a friend are going to a secret club room that is located under my barn. Now the back story about this club:
      One of my teachers
      (lets call him Teacher #12) started a secret club, the rules went like this - If teacher #12 isn't in the secret club room, then he will act like any other teacher and punish students who talk of secret club nonsense.

      Once me and my friend arrived at the barn, i went inside and my friend walked around the barn to go do something. At this point, i was about to enter the secret club room when i heard Teacher #12 walking outside, Since he wasn't in the club room, we were at risk of being punished/kicked out. My friend outside the barn didn't hear him and teacher #12 yelled at him.
      "You think this is okay!?!? that you can just be in a secret club in THIS SCHOOL??"

      Once my friend was yelled at and walked away. I started to panic because my ipod was playing out loud and teacher #12 was about to enter the barn. I finally shut the ipod off and hid, but teacher #12 was entering so i decided to exit. I made it safely out of the barn without being spotted. I then walked down a hill about to leave the area when i saw Teacher #12 in front of me. I started to wonder how he got in front of me so fast but i decided it didn't matter since he didn't see me. He was rambling on about what my friend did. "When i was a kid, i never did stupid stuff like that" Teacher #12 was commenting on my friends poor stealth on entering the club and how when he was a kid, he was excellent.

      Then, as i'm walking behind him, i trip over something. I look up and there's teacher #12, He cloned himself! Him and his other body come to me and try to fight me. What surprises me even more was the fact he could stretch out his arm and hit me from a distance, He's a rubber man! But i quickly grab one of his bodies and use it to shield his fist. Thankfully, his bodies act like same-charged magnets, the body i had repelled his fist. The dream ended here.

      It was a hot summer day. I was bored so i got on a bus with friends. I brought a drink and sandwich with me but this one fat ass kept trying to take my food. I solved the issue by taking another persons soda and putting it on the floor closer to him than my soda was, Obviously, he didn't want to reach the extra distance for my soda Success! Eventually the bus got to some place and i got out.

      The next thing i know, i'm in some kind of rebellion and i'm currently helping to steal guns. Me and a group of people enter a house, i grab the guns. We make a move to leave but the police are surrounding us. We move to the next house and go out a window and then into some woods. We look back only to find drag marks from the guns and our footprints. This isn't a safe hiding place for the guns so i look around some more, and quickly lay the guns in a bush and start running.

      As i'm walking back home, i see a lady on a swing, and she has a sad look. She says she knows i'm involved with the recent break in and that the police are after me. I decide to give up and i take a seat on the swing beside her. As i'm waiting there, it turns to night and i see lights in the distance. My mom is riding with the chief of police in a utv. They aren't looking for me but rather taking a casual stroll. I decide this is my chance, i could take the chief of police hostage and turn the situation around. I take the utv this lady has and set out after them. When i get close, i start to ram them. But soon after, the police come and i'm arrested. I'm taken to a dark room, i'm waiting to be taken to jail but as i'm sitting there, a mysterious man comes in and frees me from my jail time.

      Another dream continues on the basic concept of my stealing weapons. In this one, i'm with two friends sneaking in this persons house. The house is an exact copy of my house. We steal the guns and go out some windows at the end. At this point, i take two quarters and seal my friends' bodies inside them and carry them in my pocket. This allowed for faster travel. I ran and ran and made it to the edge of the woods. Once i got there, i found two other people i know trailing behind me, they were interested in what i was doing and called the cops. This time, i'm arrested but sent to an underground hellish looking place. I find an android and have sex with it, and that's all i remember.
      (That all took a lonnggggg time to type )

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    12. 6-13-2013 Urban Nightmare

      by , 06-13-2013 at 11:44 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      So far, i've died plenty of times in dreams. I count a death as anything that happens in a dream that would kill me in real life. Most of the time, Dying doesn't scare me much at all. With that said, not many dreams i have manage to give me a good scare. However, there are rare dreams that for some reason, really scare my dream self. The dream i logged last night managed to scare me decently, it was a pretty neat experience xD.

      Urban Nightmare:
      Dream Summary: I go to some city, it's a very bad part of the city, it's nasty looking. It's also located by the coast. I go there because my friend invited me. I get there, we're on some grassy hill right on the outskirts of the city, i'm with a lady and so is my friend. Me and my friend decide to head back to his house. My friend's girlfriend goes with us, the lady that was with me stays there.

      We get to my friends house and we start watching the news. We see on the news something about a girl getting raped by two guys, or maybe it was the girl raping the two guys, i really can't remember. Either way, it was the girl i was just with. This wouldn't freak me out in waking life but my dream self got really disturbed by it, the fact that i was just there and i could have easily gotten caught up in it.

      The next thing we see is a man with a mask, it's security camera footage. The man is at one of those power generating areas ( my knowledge of electrical engineering is little to none so stick with me while i attempt to describe the place, the place is a caged in area with lots of transformers and things that generate electricity, it's not like a power plant or anything but an area that generates power for a small town ). The man has bolt cutters and the footage shows him cutting something which then causes the transformers to not function properly, causing a loss of power and an explosion of light.

      This really freaks my dream self out, i start thinking that the town is being sabotaged by bandits and everything is about to go to hell. My friend for some reason then gets on something similar to google maps and we see in real time, another electric area being sabotaged, and it's one near us. This utterly scares my dream self, i had to get out of there now and prepare. I leave and start walking down the city slums. No one is in the streets, i hear gun shots in the distance. I start trying to get out of there fast.

      I make my way to some chinese food place and attempt to call my mom for a pickup. She doesn't answer but thankfully my dad is conveniently already waiting outside. I get in the car and start telling him all these horrible things as we drive back to our house. We get a mile away and my dad gets out, apparently, he's going to walk there so he doesn't lead anyone to our house. As it turns out, there was about 4 people in our car listening to me as i described my situation. My dad also treats the 4 people as if he knew them as friends, is everyone i know against me?

      Those 4 people now know my situation and basically where i live. That worried me. The dream ended as i walked up my driveway after the 4 people went their separate ways.

      Thoughts: I thought this was a pretty cool dream. It's even cooler by the fact that today in waking life i saw on the news a power line getting hit. There could be some connection. Also, i like how the dream seems to hint at being aware of who you trust and protecting your privacy.

      Tree top Music: In this short dream, i climbed a really tall tree and tried to play air guitar at the top while hanging on to branches. This scared me, i mean, this is so dangerous, climbing a tree and pretending to play a guitar at the top. I thought i would totally fall and break something.

      Military Recruit: So in this one, i joined the military. My first mission was to go with a friend, who is also in the military, and protect this girl. We get to this like bonfire at night, the girl is with us. The girl goes and sits by the fire. Me and my friend sit on each side of her. We have batons made of Ice but they don't melt. I quickly get bored and go to hang out with the other people there. However, when i get back to like camp, a higher ranking officer takes our ice batons and splits them open. My friend's baton is melted on the inside, mine isn't. The point of the mission was to see if we followed orders. The batons didn't melt on the outside but they did on the inside. The fire caused the melting.

      Oculus rift demo: Me, my brother, and maybe our parents are at this convention thing i think. It's indoors. I walk around and eventually find an oculus rift and people can pick it up and try it out. (the oculus rift is like a virtual reality gaming headset that is in development, call me immature but i want one really bad, they look so cool! xD ). So i pick up the rift and i'm seeing things as if i were in a video game, and i start playing, it's really fun.

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    13. 6-08-2013 Three movie trilogy

      by , 06-08-2013 at 05:19 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side Notes.

      Fragment #1: I remember something about snowy flat lands, a fortress, a girl and some sort of point system.

      Fragment #2: I remember being on a sandy beach talking about dreams

      Bed Camping: So i'm in a field at night with a couple of friends, and we're camping on a bed... And we start to hear weird noises. I take my Ultrafire flashlight out and turn it on (it works! but instead of being like my Ultrafire, it now has the intensity of a small red flashlight D: but it works nonetheless and i can see) I shine the flashlight across the field and see a ton of caribou (i think that's spelled right, the deer looking animals). They are just standing all around our little camp site. I decide it's now a nice time to get out of here so i start to collect my things when my friend says "Baraka!" I think he was trying to say barracuda but either way, i shine my light over to where he is looking and i see a bobcat, my other friend starts screaming and that causes the bobcat to start attacking us. My two friends get on atv's and get out of there but this leaves me with no way out but running D: and this is where i wake up.

      Part 1, Fugitive: I think i remember either killing some one or stealing something, either way, my dream self is on the run from the law. My dream self also happens to be blind in this dream , my eyes are kind of rotting out but i can still see so i don't pay much attention to it. Anyway, there's a huge shopping mall on this big farm, i'm running away from the mall and into the woods. I think i remember being chased and i somehow decide to turn around as i get somewhat deep in the woods in the direction i'm going which is south (mall is north). So i go back north to the mall and go east. I go through some woods and get to a canyon mountain place, there seems to be a military base on top of these rocky hills. I'm almost spotted so i turn north and climb around the small mountain, i find some gear and manage to make a spear. I then continue north towards the treeline. As i make my way back north, i find myself approaching the mall again....? I decide to go south back into the woods. I go south and then west a little and find myself at this abandoned house. It's now night time. i go into the house and look out the window back at where i came from. I see a trailer with people in it, it's a group of about 4-5 people. Their heights are all mixed, some are tall, some are short, one was a girl. Their age may have varied too. They are also all wearing crowns on their heads. I start to get a strange feeling of fear, my dream self thinks these people have some sort of super powers and are very dangerous. They notice me and i duck down, i then think i remember hearing a knocking at the door, i use my spear and kill the person on the other side. Next thing i know, i hear police approaching so i run as fast as i can. Yet again, i end up back at the farm with the mall, except this time i'm by the house which is east of the mall. I walk over to the fence and see a boy and a man talking. Even though i may be captured or they may report the police i walk over anyway. I introduce myself to the boy, his eyes are rotting out too, and he looks like he's on the verge of death. I then head back south into the same woods for the third time but it's getting dark and machines with bright lights are tearing away the woods looking for me. I dodge a machine and get into the woods, i won't last long here. I eventually get trapped and decide to hide in a bush, however, people in suits find me, the lights are very bright, i can't see their faces and i wake up.

      Part 2, Killing machine: This dream seems to have the same beginning plot as the last dream except this time, instead of running, i'm literally gunning my way through the mall that was mentioned in the last dream. I have a rifle and shotgun. I battle on the bottom floor of the mall for quite some time. I'm killing creatures that look as if they came from Left 4 dead. After it's safe enough, i make my way to the second floor of the mall, i'm in an enclosed room , i see luffy from one piece in this room, He doesn't threaten me and eventually makes his way out of the room. I also see a survivor from my battle downstairs so i freak out and shoot him with the shotgun and then somehow set the room on fire. The fire forces me to leave. Next thing i remember i'm in a gun store at the north most end of the mall, i gear up and then i proceed to make my way into the last room at the end of the mall but metal detectors some how have forcefields connected to them now so i jump over the metal detectors guarding the room. This is all i can remember of this dream.

      Part 3, Movie time: This dream also has the same beginning as the first dream. Except this time, i find out that this dream and the past dreams were all nothing but movies i made for a class and the different dreams were different edits i did to see which movie plot i liked better. In this one, it's sort of hard to remember but i think i somehow blasted the mall into space with me on it, i then traveled to the outside mall wall and shot something which causes the mall to fall back down to earth. I then quickly traveled to another dimension and fought the spirits of the mall as it was crashing back down. When it got there, i remember waking up and traveling to the north end of the mall, it was mostly destroyed, it was night out and the police were coming to arrest me. I looked around at the moderate sized pit created from the crash. I then remember the movie award being given to a friend and me getting second place. I was mad but there was nothing i could do, i was wounded and the police were coming. Sounds strange since it was a movie but i guess it was a mix of both.

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    14. 6-06-2013 Bunker Scientist , Blockbuster, and lucid #5

      by , 06-06-2013 at 06:30 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Lucid Dream , Side notes.

      Bunker Scientist:
      I'm underground in some metallic looking silver bunker. I'm walking down a corridor and as i pass through a doorway, i notice two guys on each side of me. They instantly spring forward in what looks like an attempt to attack me, However they stop before they actually hit me. They realize i'm not the person they were waiting for. There's also some other people around me, they seem disappointed, they must have been waiting to see a fight. There's one person that is especially mad and he decides to try and lock me in a jail like cell with some creepy looking guy in the corner, i fight him off and continue down the corridor. I eventually get to a room with a mix of kids and adults. There's lots of advanced looking equipment scattered on the walls and about the room. I notice a screen with all the sub-atomic particles on it
      ( the ones from the standard model of physics ) and my dream self some how comes to the conclusion that they are all here using a particle collider to perform tests and do research. I also see that the collider itself is just in the next room. next thing i know, a thief sneaks into the collider room and steals all the equipment, everyone rushes out to see and the scientist here starts to cry and yell. The thief must have be generous because everyone but the scientist magically received envelops with money in them.

      It's late and i'm tired. I'm on the bed in some house i don't recognize. My friend calls me up and asks me to come over and spend the night. So i go over to his house and notice that he is really really poor. I even start to wonder if he has clean running water because his house is so rundown. Anyway, for some reason, i leave my stuff there and go home. My grandmother is there waiting for me and makes me go to blockbuster and rent some game i've never played nor heard of. So we pull up and i walk inside blockbuster. I tell the man at the counter what i want and he hands me a bag with the game and...clothes in it?
      (i guess they want me to wear a suit and play the game at the same time xD) I say to myself forget about it and i keep moving. We keep home and i spend the rest of the night on the game.

      Lucid #5:
      I'm in a city like area, it starts off as a normal dream and i'm standing on the corner of a street with my friend and two girls. Then i suddenly take in the surroundings and become aware. I then do a reality check, and after that, the fact i'm dreaming really sets in.
      I become lucid, However there's still some dullness to my senses, like my ability smell isn't all the way there. My ability to feel is mostly there and my logic is still lacking a little. I also have no control except for what i do.
      As i realize i'm dreaming, i really focus on what's around me. I'm in a huge city, there are tall skyscrapers everywhere, and people moving about the streets but there aren't that many people which gives me some room. After i look at the surroundings, i notice my friend and the two girls around me. Me and my friend are sitting on a bench while one girl is literally eating out this other girl in public
      (giving her oral sex). It's odd but it's a dream so i go with it and wait for her to finish. one of the girls walks off and i make a remark to the girl doing the licking. I say something like "I thought you would never stop" (she was at it for a while) in a joking sort of voice. I remember her saying something back but i don't know what she said. Anyhow, we start off walking to my left and i ask her for a blowjob and she says no in a determined voice (well screw you too dream character!) and we arrive at like a residence for women only. This girl with us is not a member of this place so my friend says "Wait, they won't let you in" or something like that and she replies "If i take my clothes off, they will think i'm changing clothes and won't dare stop me". That was bold of her xD but there was nothing we could do to stop her so we head off. I wanted to check out more of the city so i head to the backyard of a nearby house, it's grassy and in the distance, i see a huge vast forest with a big river running through it. it's very beautiful. As i turn around to look at the this persons yard, one of my other friends tell the friend with me to shoot me in the back of my head and before i move, my friend shoots me ( what an ass ), i instantly lose my vision and my body violently vibrates for a second ( it actually hurt a little ). I still can't see but i can move and hear so i turn around and tackle him, i grab the gun and aim it back at him and pull the trigger, but to my luck, there were no more rounds left. So we sit there and wrestle for a bit and i eventually get him up and push him to the street and i get my vision back. Now that i can see ( i still have hold of both his arms ) i go through the kicking combo my martial arts instructor taught me. I kick him about 6 times and then i kick his chin and while that forced his head up, i then go for his throat and then BAM! he's done for xD I drop him wounded on the street and walk back over to the corner. I decided i really want some sex so i start to head over to a town square/park like place because it looks as if a festival is going on and since there's a festival going on, there's going to be women. So i walk over and as i'm about there, i start to lose it. My vision starts to fade, i realize i'm waking up and i try to hold on but it's no use, the dream fades.

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