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    1. 6-13-2013 Urban Nightmare

      by , 06-13-2013 at 11:44 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      So far, i've died plenty of times in dreams. I count a death as anything that happens in a dream that would kill me in real life. Most of the time, Dying doesn't scare me much at all. With that said, not many dreams i have manage to give me a good scare. However, there are rare dreams that for some reason, really scare my dream self. The dream i logged last night managed to scare me decently, it was a pretty neat experience xD.

      Urban Nightmare:
      Dream Summary: I go to some city, it's a very bad part of the city, it's nasty looking. It's also located by the coast. I go there because my friend invited me. I get there, we're on some grassy hill right on the outskirts of the city, i'm with a lady and so is my friend. Me and my friend decide to head back to his house. My friend's girlfriend goes with us, the lady that was with me stays there.

      We get to my friends house and we start watching the news. We see on the news something about a girl getting raped by two guys, or maybe it was the girl raping the two guys, i really can't remember. Either way, it was the girl i was just with. This wouldn't freak me out in waking life but my dream self got really disturbed by it, the fact that i was just there and i could have easily gotten caught up in it.

      The next thing we see is a man with a mask, it's security camera footage. The man is at one of those power generating areas ( my knowledge of electrical engineering is little to none so stick with me while i attempt to describe the place, the place is a caged in area with lots of transformers and things that generate electricity, it's not like a power plant or anything but an area that generates power for a small town ). The man has bolt cutters and the footage shows him cutting something which then causes the transformers to not function properly, causing a loss of power and an explosion of light.

      This really freaks my dream self out, i start thinking that the town is being sabotaged by bandits and everything is about to go to hell. My friend for some reason then gets on something similar to google maps and we see in real time, another electric area being sabotaged, and it's one near us. This utterly scares my dream self, i had to get out of there now and prepare. I leave and start walking down the city slums. No one is in the streets, i hear gun shots in the distance. I start trying to get out of there fast.

      I make my way to some chinese food place and attempt to call my mom for a pickup. She doesn't answer but thankfully my dad is conveniently already waiting outside. I get in the car and start telling him all these horrible things as we drive back to our house. We get a mile away and my dad gets out, apparently, he's going to walk there so he doesn't lead anyone to our house. As it turns out, there was about 4 people in our car listening to me as i described my situation. My dad also treats the 4 people as if he knew them as friends, is everyone i know against me?

      Those 4 people now know my situation and basically where i live. That worried me. The dream ended as i walked up my driveway after the 4 people went their separate ways.

      Thoughts: I thought this was a pretty cool dream. It's even cooler by the fact that today in waking life i saw on the news a power line getting hit. There could be some connection. Also, i like how the dream seems to hint at being aware of who you trust and protecting your privacy.

      Tree top Music: In this short dream, i climbed a really tall tree and tried to play air guitar at the top while hanging on to branches. This scared me, i mean, this is so dangerous, climbing a tree and pretending to play a guitar at the top. I thought i would totally fall and break something.

      Military Recruit: So in this one, i joined the military. My first mission was to go with a friend, who is also in the military, and protect this girl. We get to this like bonfire at night, the girl is with us. The girl goes and sits by the fire. Me and my friend sit on each side of her. We have batons made of Ice but they don't melt. I quickly get bored and go to hang out with the other people there. However, when i get back to like camp, a higher ranking officer takes our ice batons and splits them open. My friend's baton is melted on the inside, mine isn't. The point of the mission was to see if we followed orders. The batons didn't melt on the outside but they did on the inside. The fire caused the melting.

      Oculus rift demo: Me, my brother, and maybe our parents are at this convention thing i think. It's indoors. I walk around and eventually find an oculus rift and people can pick it up and try it out. (the oculus rift is like a virtual reality gaming headset that is in development, call me immature but i want one really bad, they look so cool! xD ). So i pick up the rift and i'm seeing things as if i were in a video game, and i start playing, it's really fun.

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