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    Five to Six Lucids, back to back!

    by , 09-05-2010 at 09:42 PM (653 Views)
    Date: Sept.5
    Time: 2:30pm-4:00pm

    So I tried a WILD and succeeded!, I was laying there for a good 20 minutes. Then SP came on, it scared the hell out of me. Anyways, I couldn't move and was trying to enter the void. My alarm went off but I ignored it. I fell asleep, but I knew I was in the void. I started to rock my conscious so to speak back and forth, and I slipped out of my bed into a FA. Once each dream ended, I would repeat the rocking method and do a DEILD. I at least had 5-7 lucid dreams. Maybe I can classify these as Astral Projections, since I used my conscious to get me into each dream.
    Description: I can only remember fragments of most of them, since I had so many. Except a couple I have a clear idea what I just experienced.

    LD 1: So I am waking up in my old childhood bedroom, I can't see anything, but I open the door in my room, and then I finally am able to "open my eyes" I start to walk through my door but stop. I realize I have to stabilize my dream, so I grabbed onto the wall, and started rubbing my hands. The dream became super vivid. I look to my right down the hall and see my parents room, it looks normal, I look down the hall and see my living room, but it was really different, it was a lot bigger than what it is. The room was mostly empty except for a brown desk/table in the middle. And a few boxes, I walk farther into it and see the two dog statues that we have in my real living room, but they weren't statues, they were real dogs. So I petted them. I black out, and I am back into the void.

    LD 2: Now I am waking up in my old bedroom again, it's like my conscious keeps going there, so I do the Roll technique and now I am standing with my eyes closed, I try to open them but I open my real eyes and wake up.

    I go back to sleep and reenter the void.

    Ld 3: So now I am redoing the roll to get out of my upstairs bedroom bed, so I don't wake my waking life body. I get out, as usual my sight is gone, but I can walk out the door, and I walk outside, the light outside in my backyard is enough for me to finally see everything, I rub my hands, and the dream gets super vivid, I look and see my sister Kim packing things into here old car. I walk towards the garage and here my sister say something, but I tell here I am dreaming, and I will be attempting to fly. She tells me I am crazy. So I step onto her car and make a dent and try jumping off of it, but I don't go anywhere as the dream begins to fade.

    Now I am back in the void, this time I am tapping my fingers for some reason. Kind of like how you do it when attempting the FILD technique. I wake up one more time, and fall back into the void.

    LD 4: I wake up in my old bedroom again, but I fall out of the bed. I go to open the door but decide to try the light switch RC, I start flipping the light switch, but it never turns on. I finally open the door but the dream fades.

    LD 5: I do the roll technique again, I walk outside into my backyard, I am standing near my gate. I remember what Stephen Laberge did, when I asked for the secrets of the universe. So I did the same thing, I screamed out into my dream to show me the secret of the universe. Next thing I know I am rising through the sky rapidly, I am now in space, it is very dark, but I am being taking deep into space, I see stars, purple cosmos, but I don't see any planets except for the earth when I passed it. The flight it takes me on ends in some weird looking temple, there are spinning stones. Floors have designs of swirls on them, with purple, pink, red, and orange, all blending in. There are countless doorways, and it drops me off at the center. Behind me there is a portal looking thing, it has water running down it, and I look around and there is little water ways all around, almost like an irrigation of some sort. I decide to go through the portal. I barely fit and I am taken back to the void.

    I remember waking up again at this point, but I decide to try to have some more. There are a couple but I don't remember anything but the attempts to get out of the bed, not my real bed, but the FA bed. And the following dream is the last one I had before I got to excited and woke up.

    LD 6: I wake up on in the front of some bar/inn. The dream looks like a cartoon, think of Arthur if you ever saw it. That is what it looked like. I enter the building and see a waitress walking around the some tables. I notice a guy talking to himself, I can't describe the guy, but I have a picture in my head. Again think of the cartoon Arthur, he looks like he came from one of those shows. I don't even know if he was human. I talk to him about getting married, somehow I knew what his problem was. He says no, that the love isn't there anymore, so he called it off. I asked about the family that was going to attend it, but he makes a really funny joke, I can't remember what it was but it made me laugh quite hard. He says some other things, but I can't remember them.

    I wake up for good, I rush upstairs and tell my mom about what just happened, she really doesn't care. So I started typing all of this.

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