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    The Mayor Was Involved??

    by , 08-31-2010 at 09:27 PM (407 Views)
    Date: Aug.31
    Time: 3:45pm

    Description: I was attempting a WBTB, but never got lucid. But had a couple of interesting dreams.

    Dream 1: Sitting in Wendy's with my sister and somebody else. I was eating some breakfast stuff, and I kept on having food appear in front of me. Anyways I remember talking to 2 kids, and a mother who really didn't care about her children. They snorted cocaine, and my sister and I were trying to find some place. All we kept getting were bags of cocaine in an evidence bag from a homicide. I kept dumping out the bags every time I got it, and then asked my sister if they were cocaine. She said yes, it tasted like cocaine. So we get to this rockstar's party where there are tons of these bags. The dream ends.

    Dream 2: I am in my brothers old house. We are looking through a fridge and find a mini burger that I eat. We here something about people being contacted, and their homes being broken into. My brother gets a call from some guy. He heads for the door, and a bag is hanging on the doorknob. He goes outside and gets beat up. He rushes back inside and we get details about the truck he was driving. I write down something about his truck and pass it to my brother who is on the phone with the police. We go outside, I go into the backyard and spot the mayor of the city (Some old guy not really the mayor of the city where the house is.), and someone else. So I chase after him into my current backyard. They run around the pool and are trying to boost one another onto the fence to get away. I pickup a baseball and whip it at them. Then I wake up.

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