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    A WILD Lucid at School.

    by , 10-01-2010 at 04:34 PM (881 Views)
    Time: 9am-945am (Sometime Between These)

    Note: Okay so it has been a really long time since I had a lucid, but this was short and sweet. It was scary though cause I ended up in SP, and my legs hurt bad cause of the position I was in. My dream recall has been off, and I just seem to have enough time to dedicate to LDing. This was a would be considered a WILD, but I really think it was an OBE.

    Description: So I put my head down at this table we were sitting in for class, and people were presenting their power point presentations, I am going on very little sleep since school started. I fell asleep, but could still hear people talking, and at points I could actually see the screen we were looking at with my eyes closed, then went blind for a few seconds till I thought of the idea of windows.

    Lucid Dream: So I put my head down, and close my eyes. Could still hear voices in the background, but I fell into a trance. Then the vibrations started happening, my legs felt really weird, my heart started to beat fast, and my head felt like energy was just rushing around there. I end up seeing the screen we were looking at, but I knew my eyes were closed. I instantly knew I was dreaming, since I had the dream body feeling. My body was completely heavy and hard to lift. I actually felt like I was being pushed downward. I grabbed onto my desk that I was sitting at and lifted my head trying to do a pull up. I sink through the chair into the void. I start imagining that my eyes are opening, so I end up in my bedroom at home. I still hear the voices in the background. I roll of the bed , and onto the floor as I try to walk. I go blind again. This time I pry my eyes open, and see my classmates sitting across from me, but I still feel incredibly heavy, so I stand up on the desk and it becomes a portal to the void. Once again I find another window to go back into the class, I pull the portal (Was edge of desk, but it was like a mirror, only without reflection) around my head, and end up back into my class. So I stand up and try to walk, but I was to heavy. I end up just wanting out, so I force myself out of the dream and open my real eyes. But my legs feel like they are still incredibly heavy, but the feeling wears off as I awaken.

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    1. Ray23's Avatar
      A WILD in fucking school? Nice
    2. SuddenGun007's Avatar
      lol, it was probably the scariest shit i have ever been through. having SP and not being able to move, having auditory hallucinations. That shit was crazy as hell. What a rush I tell ya.