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    1. Lucid Nub Check

      by , 02-19-2012 at 10:25 PM
      I had been dealing with this dream for some time before I became lucid. There was so much going on, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what was happening. I was running around my house with only a bra and these pants that were decked out in some 80's band name that I cannot remember. There were already people there, but this girl was really short (shorter than me and I'm 5'1). This girl was somehow like our maid, or something. She was really young and about my age. She was just hanging out around the house at the moment, but there were boxes everywhere in the house making it REALLY hard to manuver throughout.

      Then suddenly my hubby comes home and me and this girl had been joking and playing, I can't remember what we had done, but I told my husband that "this girl is trying to kill me!" I was joking. The girl was playing along. I'm starting to really wonder who this girl is to me. She seemed like my best friend, but I had never met her before. She was so nice and sincere. Anyway, we were saying our goodbyes and I was extremely sad to see her go. I told her we'd miss her a lot, and she was crying as she was leaving. We hugged for an awkwardly long time and then she left.

      Soon, the house started piling with people I didn't know who were celebrating something. There were two guys in the hallway pointing guns at eachother. Mind you, I was not lucid yet, so that made me incredibly nervous. When one guy wasn't looking, I snagged the gun and distracted the other. The guy I had stolen the gun from was chasing me saying "Hey, give that back, I need it." The other guy was also chasing me saying to give him back the gun, lol. Weird0s. I ended up throwing the gun outside and they chased it like dogs.

      I went back into my bedroom and the whole arrangement of the bathroom and my bedroom were all different. The bathroom was quite large and the bedroom had a lot of my personal items in it, but it wasn't right. I felt like that girl in the movie "The Labrynth" lol.

      That's when I did a reality check, which, surprisingly I always check my hands now. It's so easy to do. That's where the nub check comes in. I looked at my hands and saw a growth of a finger coming out of my thumb, just a little nub. Even though I was done with the reality check I continued to stare at my thumb a few moments longer. I laughed and my hand would shrink and blurr.

      So I'm lucid now, and I go back through the house. Yes, again, first thought was sex. (I'M NOT A PERVERT I SWEAR. but being a girl, sometimes, you just aren't completely satisfied in that area... you know what... screw you, I don 't have to explain myself :p) Ahem, sorry. So I continue through this house and the first guy (one of the guys that had the gun earlier) was really hot. I made a gesture to him with my hands and he looked at me disgusted. My first thought was that he was gay and I shrugged and continued on.

      I ended up circling around the house, I went out the front door and found my hubby underneath the porch. It was like the whole "cool guys stance" thing at parties, I don't know. I giggled at his coolness in the dream and reminded myself to pay attention to more details. It was so hard though because there was so much I wanted to do. I did pay attention though and saw that it was lightly snowing, and you could barely see it. It looked more like dust.

      So I go down the steps and look over and there are about a dozen people out here, the majority of them in blue jock jackets, football players I assumed. Suddenly I felt naughty for preying on these men, but it drove me more. Surely, I figured, there would be one guy there who wants to bang. I walked around the corner of the house and suddenly felt like I was in some kind of fantasy land.

      The first thing I remember is that girl from earlier, my friend/maid/dream guide?, but she's not just short anymore, she's miniature and is running away from me. She looked like a little thumbelina and tried not to step on her, haha. She crossed my path and that's where I came to a strange occurence. There were three neon green bunnies (they could've been another fluffy critter) and on top of them lying down was some kind of miniature teletubby creature. They all looked so soft. The teletubby had been startled by my sudden approach and started wimpering, scared. One of the bunnies told the teletubby it was okay and soothed it back to sleep.

      Ok.. so after this strange part, I wandered a bit behind the house and there were giant headed dolls. They were all like older women who had once been famous on tv. Oprah was one of them. Her and another one were looking at this new doll's face and they looked disappointed. "Her?" I remember one of them saying, as if the girl wasn't classy enough to join their collection.

      So I turn around cause I don't really like what's been happening in that general direction. On my way back I decide to sneak behind these bushes that ran alongside the house. I peeked my head over and just then a football player in red this time passed. He saw me and backtracked. I looked up again and he was in front of me. He had found a little clearing in the bushes and surprised me by sticking his crotch in my face area. (Yes he was tall...) He wasn't that cute, but at least he wanted to. He kind of reminded me of this guy from the X-Files, Krycheck? anyway.

      I lead him around back the house again as we look for a place to do it. We get inside the middle bedroom of the house and shut the door behind us. The house is still really cluttered and it's hard to get around, so this took us a few minutes to get here. Finally we were though and I started to take my clothes off. Then I heard a strange sound in the bathroom. I opened the door to the bathroom and didn't see anything so I shut it again. Then I hear it again and this time I recognize it as my son's baby talk. I open the door again and search with my eyes, but I don't see him. That's when I looked behind teh door I had opened. He was standing there crying and afraid.

      I picked him up and apologized over and over. I knew I was dreaming, but I felt bad anyway. I can't neglect my dream son, can I? Anyway, his eyes were really red and he was itching them. My first thought was that he got something in his eyes so I rushed out the bathroom to where that guy was standing and waiting. I pushed him aside and grabbed my phone as I headed out the door. Even as I was calling 911 I knew it was a dream and there should be another way to fix it. Emergency services answered but I hung up trying to figure out how I could help him.

      That's when I woke up. Like I said there was a LOT going on, so I tried to use detail when I could.
    2. A Lucid

      by , 02-12-2012 at 08:52 PM
      I'm a little confused about this WILD thing, but I think this is my second time doing it. It's not quite like I thought it would be.

      Anyway, I laid down on my couch about an hour ago and simply closed my eyes, thinking about lucid dreaming. I tried to keep them closed and not pay attention to what was going on around me. My fiancee had come and sat down beside me for a moment, when he realized I was asleep, he went and turned on his video game. I wasn't sleeping just yet, but I didn't want to be bothered.

      Soon I was having strange thoughts that only made sense for a second, and I was getting vague images. I think I noticed I was asleep when I felt my fingers tingling. It was still blackness in front me. I reached my hand up and lightly brushed my face. The sensation was amazingly real. I thought for a moment I was sleepwalking in a way, but I quickly shut that thinking up because usually, when I start to worry about my body making movements in my sleep, I wake up.

      The first thing I really remember doing is sitting at my computer and pushing my fingers through one another and my head. It was so weird. It made me start thinking about energy, like, how people feel energy when we're not asleep.

      This entire dream I basically explored my house and it was really fun. I live in a trailer, so, you might be able to imagine the layout. We have a really long hallway and fake wood paneling throughout the house. I never went into the kitchen in the dream, but I walked down the long hallway that leads to mine and my fiancee's bedroom, where my son was sleeping.

      I suppose in my head I really felt like what I did might affect my awake fiancee and son. So I chose not to go into the bedroom for fear of making him wake me up in real life. When I did get to my bedroom door though, it wasn't there. There was a strange cut out shape of a door, but no door to go through.

      I could've still gotten to my bedroom had I went through the bathroom joining the hallway and our room, but I turned around and went into the middle bedroom instead. I was surprised to find it completely empty. There were pieces of yellowish white tape on the wall, in little X's and stuff.

      I went back to the living room and my fiancee was laying on the couch. I tried having sex with him. It was normal until I got to his pants. His penis was... like... the size of a baby's penis so I quit because it was disturbing, lol.

      I wanted to go outside, but like usual, I had trouble getting there. I didn't want to try the door for some reason. I think I tried going through the ceiling but quickly stopped because I didn't want to wake up.

      I had a false awakening. My fiancee was playing his game but everything was dark like it was nighttime. I asked him "Am I still dreaming, baby?" He shook his head. I just kept asking him, "are you sure? I think I'm dreaming. Am I dreaming?" he kept saying no.

      I didn't believe him so I looked at my fingers and counted an extra thumb. "You jerk," I said, "I am too."

      Just then I noticed the window behind the T.V. (doesn't exist). It was pouring what looked like rain, coming through hard. I got up thinking I should close it. When I got up though it was suddenly snowing inside my house. When I got a close look at the snowflakes, they were tiny music notes. It was so cool. I also saw equations.

      This is pretty much all I can remember right now. It didn't last too long, but long enough for me to start getting the hang of my own dream world.
    3. Boring dream...

      by , 02-10-2012 at 04:35 PM
      I can't remember too much.

      I was walking around a grocery store in nothing but a towel. I heard the name of the store several times but it's nothing I can remember, and it was a really long name for a grocery store. I saw a sign on the wall that said they were hiring. When the manager saw me he was shocked to see me in a towel, but he anxiously walked over to a box where applicants would put their apps. He was asking me if I had applied and I said no. I asked him how many people he was hiring and he told me two. He told me he just needed people to do prep work. I saw that he had already had two apps in so I just shrugged, "I don't really need a job, sorry." I said.

      Then I walked around the store some more, but I don't remember much of the detail. I grabbed a fresh onion and started eating it in the store. Nobody cared. On my way out to leave, I recognized the produce boy as this guy I used to work with in fast food. He smiled and I waved. I grabbed a bell pepper and kind of floated over the stand of vegies. The guy checked behind himself real quick to see if the manager had seen me.

      The last thing I remember before I woke up, Floyd and Harry, from Dumb and Dumber, were given their shaggy van (with class) back and they were being promoted to MIB by some old lady who seemed really familiar, like she had been in my dream the whole time, I'm not sure.

      sigh. how exciting, right?
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Water

      by , 02-09-2012 at 09:05 PM
      I had a dream that my hubby and I were packing up boxes (we're getting ready to move in RL) and I went into our bedroom. When I walked by the bathroom I noticed something unusual. I walked inside and the tub was filled up with water. Not only was it filled up with water, but it was like... filled up PAST the line but it wasn't over flowing. It was like looking at water through an invisible tub, if that makes sense. Like glass was surrounding it but it wasn't. As I was staring in wonder at this piece of work, I noticed that I was standing in water. The whole bathroom was now an invisible force holding up water. I pulled the plug out of the tub to let it drain. Then I noticed something else strange. The water was now only water-like on top, on the surface and it was just air below. It's so hard to explain.

      Anyway, I stepped out of the water-filled bathroom and ran down the hallway. "T, I think we have a big problem. I let the water out of the tub and now it's flooding our bathroom and bedroom." He ran with me down the hallway. The water was in our bedroom now and we were trying to save our stuff. I picked up my son and told T to get our clothes and stuff together so we could leave and that I would get my son's stuff. He said ok and then we both started to leave the bedroom. T put my son down in the hallway and we stared in horror at the door to the bathroom. There was a strange shadow figure standing behind it. I picked up my son to protect him from whatever it was and T opened the door. There was nothing there but the strange water.

      Then I turned suddenly down the hallway and there was something, I think, standing by the baby gate that we keep there. I couldn't look at it directly, like it was in a blind spot. But my first instinct told me it was alien. So without hesitation I ran towards it to attack. ( I always, ALWAYS, approach aliens like this in my dreams.) I remember thinking, oh my god, it's happening, it's just like in my dreams. (stupid.)

      I went to kick it down and woke up making a strange sound in my bed, kicking my leg. I was too scared to go back to sleep right away.

      After finally convincing myself that it was just a dream, I fell asleep.

      I had a long and interesting dream about one my teachers. She's my online teacher and I've only met her once on campus in person, but her name was different and it started with an L. I had been on a stage with this girl that I used to be best friends with in high school. We were goofing around, spinning around on chairs and stuff. I thought we were going to get in trouble but Ms. L was laughing at us like we were her favorite students. We were there for some kind of audition, but we never did anything but spin around on chairs, goofing off. We were selected anyway.

      Then we were living on some kind of campus with Ms. L. Ms. L and two other teachers lived in this little area where there were three houses. There was a gate though. I went to visit Ms. L for some reason and rang a bell at the gate. I didn't know which one I had rang because they weren't labeled. I was hoping I'd get lucky though. I waited for a while and kept wondering if I should have come this late. I realized it was like nine at night. Finally I figured nobody was coming and nobody had heard me, but I was thankful they didn't because I didn't want to get in trouble. Before I turn to leave the lady who lived on the right side was checking her mail. She was kind of rude, but I said, you're Ms. (something) right? She was like yea, you should go to bed now.

      So I turn to leave and I ran into this kid. (This kid looked like a character in the X-Files episode I watched right before bed.) He wanted me to follow him so I did. He broke through the gate and everything is hazy after that. I remember it feeling like some sort of video game, like we were in a pinball machine. Then he took me into this room and he started throwing knives down at this person on the ground. He wanted to kill the person, but he was just messing with him. I was begging him to just let me out and I swore I wouldn't tell anyone what he was doing. I was trying to act nonchalant about it, like "who cares what you do." but I planned to call the cops if he let me out. I was really freaked out. He just kept throwing down the knives and this poor victim on the floor had knives sticking out of his skin and he was crying and screaming for help. I didn't know what to do.

      I woke up.
    5. Ex-lovers.

      by , 01-10-2012 at 07:52 PM
      M a y n a r d.

      But I'm going to be selfish and keep that part to myself.

      I really don't feel like explaining the entire dream, but there is one part that is bothering me. In the dream, my fiancee's ex-girlfriend came by while he was sleeping. Her hair was purple instead of blonde and she wore a strange hippie/hobo outfit that matched her hair. I didn't even know it was her until she started to leave. She came to the door and was trying to keep her head down while telling me to give 'these' to T. 'These' was a portfolio of paintings she had made and had wanted him to see. I asked her who she was and she just hurried off. Then I realized who it was and called her by name. She turned to look at me, but continued to leave. As I was standing in the doorway, I called T's name to wake him. She protested with a gesture and was gone. I went back inside and hesitated about opening the portfolio. I decided not to and laid it on the counter. I went off to one of the bedrooms. I was talking to someone (my ex I believe) but he actually looked and sounded like my fiancee. He was commenting on what just happened, saying, "that was weird." When I went back into the living room, the portfolio was torn to pieces. My "ex" picked up some pieces and said, "Wow, these are actually really good." I was scared. I hadn't expected my fiance to wake up so soon or what kind of reaction he would make. I wandered down the hallway after hearing his voice. He was talking real muffled and I thought it was him crying for a moment. He was in the bathtub and I peeked it. I felt bad for him and asked if he was okay. He directed all of his anger at me by shouting at me to leave. I began to cry.

      Then in the same dream, but much later, one of my REAL ex-boyfriends was trying to hook up with me. I don't know what this was all about, but I wish I hadn't had the dream about my fiancee's ex, those are ALWAYS bad for me. But, I think about my Maynard dream and smile.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Still here, writing and dreaming :)

      by , 12-29-2011 at 07:10 PM
      No lucidity yet during this break. I have been enjoying my dream time though. I suppose I do have moments of lucidity that I can hardly remember. I just get brief flashbacks randomly throughout the day. I love those feelings.

      During these brief spurts of lucidity, sometimes, I am just lying there and everything is beautiful like an acid trip. I smile and my body begins zooming through some sort of portal (you could describe it as). It's such an amazing feeling. I may not be fully lucid and able to prolong and actually do things, but I know I can still do it when I'm ready to start again.

      I wish I was like some on here that can become lucid every night, any time they want. Props to you guys and your contributions to this awesome community of dreamers. It's been a year since I've joined and not a day goes by that I don't think about lucid dreaming. Motivation is always there, it's time which is the problem.

      I've always been interested in lucid dreaming since my accidental lucid dream when I was 11 or so. It's always been a goal to become better at it. I always felt kind of weird for it though because I didn't know anyone else who was practicing this. So it was an off and on interest throughout my teen years. When I found this forum I was hesitant about joining and posting. I was welcomed with the warmest greetings and made some awesome friends who share a passion for dreaming and all other things expanding consciousness.

      I guess this post is really just to shout out to the community. Iím still here and checking in.

      To businessóhereís a glimpse at my dream life as of late, not any particular order or dated either.

      The first dream I want to share here is yet another alien dream. =/

      I was living with my two sisters and my sisterís husband. My oldest sister, D---, was asleep in the bedroom with her husband and I had come home late. We were all living in my house, but it was hers. Anyway, it was late and I snuck inside. I went to the bedroom and crouched down behind her bed, smiling. I have no idea why. I began to hear someone at the door and knew it was my other sis, De----, coming home late also. I ran down the hallway to greet her, knowing Iíd probably scare her. I went around the corner and ran into her and we laughed. Then I saw something move behind her. It was really small and I feel like if I hadnít said anything, then nothing would have happened. But I did say something, ďWhoa, what was that? Did you see that?Ē She had no idea what I was talking about. I shh-ed her and turned her around to look. I pointed at something in the dark and suddenly it ran around the room and towards us. It was really short, maybe a foot high but I knew it was alien. I canít remember any details about it because it was dark, but it was wearing a cloak, and suddenly I find myself thinking about Nibbler from Futurama. It was really scary, though. We freaked and moved forward in the dark to spot it again. It had run around us and was standing to my side. I was so scared I woke myself up.

      When I did wake up I woke up gasping for some reason and really freaking scared. My fiancť woke up and had to soothe me for a minute. Alien dreams reallllllly freak me the fuck out. Pardon the language.

      After describing that dream Iím having trouble recalling other ones, except for last nightís, which was just weird and uninteresting. The main mission of mine in the dream was to find water, tea, milk which is the usual dream content when I drink (tequila in particular) the night before. And some girl wrecked my strange little car. I didnít care, I laughed when she did it and then I told her to get me some sweet tea from Sonic. Ha-ha. And that is all for now. Keep dreaming friends.
    7. Dream-self says no to lucidity. =/

      by , 12-12-2011 at 06:34 PM
      I didn't get much sleep last night. I remember one dream and pisses me off. I "woke up" on my couch and instantly knew I was dreaming before I even looked around. I knew I was dreaming because I could feel this dread and I want to say "fear" but it was just a heavy feeling, being in the dream. I've been wanting to become lucid, but when I was presented my chance, I didn't actually want to be in the dream. I was irritated rather than excited.

      The second I was lucid I got up and walked to my front door; already wanting to wake up. I don't know why I went to the door, but I guess in the dream I knew it would wake me up if I opened it; so I did, and woke up.

      It's like my dream-self doesn't want to be lucid. I felt completely different about lucidity when I was in the dream than I do in waking life. Any thoughts as to why this happens? Is my subconscious telling me that I don't need lucidity right now, but sleep? That is how I interpret it.

      [Two finals down and three to go; wish me luck.]
    8. Screw you Bigfoot, I'm lucid

      by , 12-03-2011 at 06:34 PM
      I probably could remember my whole dream, but I'm too tired to try.

      On the other hand, it was really fucked up and I woke up gasping (you could say..)

      I was being chased by a creature that looked very much like "Bigfoot". We were in a jungle, and I knew there were other bigfoots around too. As I was running, I noticed that I could push the trees down as I ran. This helped me get where(ever) I was going to a lot faster. I had just lost one bigfoot and then one appeared not far in front of me. I tried to hide but he saw me and started running at me.

      Instantly, I was fed up and out of options. I knew I was dreaming at this point and I didn't think about what I should do. Instead, my fear and anger took over and started growling. I raised my arms above my head and I grew about triple the size of the beastly foot man. Suddenly I was on top of him, choking him, hold him down.

      The next part is disturbing, so I'm going to stop there. Really don't want to think about it anymore.

      Side notes: I think I've been more aware throughout my day. I really feel a change in the energy of my dreams. I just feel like I'm becoming more in tune to my dreams, because sometimes (most recently) I feel like I'm playing a role. It's kind of like I know that I'm dreaming, but I'm playing along with the script. I can't say that I've been "lucid" though. I was lucid in the last dream for a moment to know that I could control it, but then I began playing along again.

      The things I've been doing differently are listening to binaural beats (gamma and beta) for a while during the day, and my choline intake has increased.

      So, I'm very excited for a break from school and looking forward to my dreams over the next month.
    9. A couple from last night.

      by , 11-04-2011 at 11:32 PM
      Last night, I had some long and vivid dreams that I attribute to some good wine and some tequila (what a mix, right?)

      The first dream was about some sort of plague, or virus that had spread. Very cliche. However, it was just me and my son and we were staying in some sort of hotel with a bunch of other survivors. Everybody was cautious of eachother. There was a main apartment where a man lived who sort of ran the whole thing. He was the leader, or the person who was keeping tabs on people and what not. I was a second hand to him. He trusted me and I trusted him. I went up to his place where some others were and I remember I kept discovering these vents under the carpet and I was cutting out the carpet so that the vents were showing. We didn't know what these meant, but we thought that the "others" were somehow infiltrating us through them. A few girls showed up. One of them was "infected" so we thought. We started testing her. I could tell she was infected because her pupils were dilated so big that you couldn't see any color. She was really scared and I was trying my best to comfort her at the same time I was trying to figure out if she were sent. The other two were crying.

      I remember making it back down to my apartment with my son. I shut the door and locked it. The place looked exactly like a portion of my house. The middle bedroom, small, and a small bathroom connected to it. There was an armchair and a crib. I think I had a T.V. also.

      Something changed in the dream and suddenly I was exiting and entering through a door on top of my place that lead to a street. The street was full of broken down cars and it was chaotic. People running around, being chased. I was sitting at the top of this with my son below me. Two people approached me, I guess they were my friends. They wanted me to come with them somewhere but I told them I couldn't because of my son. Then this guy walked up, perfect looking. He was attractive but that's not what I mean by perfect, I can't explain it. He was just caring and he offered to watch my son while I went with them. I told him thanks and that he was amazing for doing this for me. He said he enjoyed kids and that he would take care of him and protect him. I kissed my son on the head.

      That's the last of that dream I remember.

      The last dream I had before I woke up, I was at school. It was kind of like high school. I had just left one class and was on my way to another and there was a woman in a little booth selling necklaces. For some reason I thought they were really pretty, even though they were very child-like. There were green and black beads strung on a string. I was really interested in one that had turquoise beads with black. I was talking to her and we had some sort of connection. She was really cool. Then she asked me something strange, and somehow it was related to the necklaces. She said, "Do you have dreams often?" I laughed and nodded. She then asked me, "Do you remember them?" I said yes, and then I said "I actually practice Lucid Dreaming," she gave me a funny look and I went on, "The first thing I have learned to do is to remember my dreams." She seemed interested and gave me a knowing look.

      I haven't thought about lucid dreaming in a while and I feel like that should have made me realize I was dreaming. I hate that.

      I went on to my next class and I took a seat. It was Biology class. I noticed a couple of friends of mine, M and S. M was talking to S and I was just watching them. Then my husband came into the room and woke me up. I hadn't realized I had been sleeping straight for almost 10 hours.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Your Thoughts are Welcome here.

      by , 10-04-2011 at 07:32 PM
      My dreams have been the most vivid lately. I don't think I've been doing anything different except choline caps every now and then. I only take a couple every few days, but my dreams have been so strange.

      I've been having a few alien dreams lately, not UFO's, but aliens. I've had at least 5 in the last month and it's always me encountering an alien of some sort. Some are hostile and others are subtle in their intentions. I've noticed that I become more hostile when I encounter them and also I become more animal like. For instance, I start hissing like a cat giving a warning. I feel different when this happens, like I'm semi-lucid.

      My dream from this morning: I was in a house I used to live in before I graduated and my ex was there. I was hanging out with him and confessed to my fiance that I'd been talking to him a lot. He didn't mind because he admitted that he was talking to his ex, too. (god knows.) - This made me wake up really missing my ex, whom I run into often between classes at the college. I didn't see him today, which is probably best. I miss him but I don't know where that feeling is coming from.

      Anyway, I was hanging out with my ex and he and I were talking about school and then I got this feeling that something was happening. I peeked outside my (former) bedroom door and even though there was nothing visible, I could almost see a spiritual prescence. I got paranoid and later I found myself in a mall. I can't remember what I was being attacked by (mall ppl, thx Bill) but I got caught up in a mob of either zombies or alien beings who were trying to kill me.

      Now, I'm not religious really. I come from a southern baptist background and my dad is practically a preacher, but I don't consider myself to be of any religion.

      However, in my dream, in the middle of this mob I stopped and started praying. I was saying to myself, "God is on my side." and I don't remember really thinking of a particular god, but I assume... anyway. As soon as I prayed, I lifted off the ground and began soaring to the (very high) ceiling. I think I became lucid midway and felt really happy and in control. I woke up and was late to class.

      I always tell people like I've read, the best interpretations of your dreams come from you. I always keep this in mind, but I've noticed a theme in these dreams and it definitely has to do with what I think about during the day. My dad read me a scripture from the bible (whenever I talk to him about lucid dreaming, which surprisingly he finds interesting but who wouldn't?), the scripture goes: " And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams." What this really means, only God knows, but it stuck with me and the aliens and all of this I find somehow connect.

      I'm not saying I think I'm having visions, but if anyone has any thoughts on what I've said about ANYTHING. That'd be wonderful. Sorry for the bad grammar. Sometimes my thoughts get ahead of my fingers.
    11. Just a dream

      by , 10-03-2011 at 04:36 PM
      There was a storm that was going to hit the town I live in. The news reporters were saying that they expected at least 100 families to be wiped out due to being low on the ground. I told my parents immediately that there was a storm and they needed to get to higher ground.

      I woke up reciting a poem, but now I can't remember what it was. I do remember the word "about" rhyming with something else.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Dreaming, you are.

      by , 08-31-2011 at 08:06 PM
      I looked out the window and up to the sky and there I saw a giant Yoda floating down from a huge white cloud. His skin was all shiny like he was made of plastic (looked like the Toy Story martians). I yell at T, "OMG! Yoda's here!" He laughed at me like it was a joke. Then I said, "No, I'm fucking serious. Look for yourself, Yoda's coming to the door." lol

      Sure enough, Yoda knocked politely and suddenly my excitement vanished. I tried to push him out the door because he was really creepy in person. But he came inside all non-chalant and polite, like he was the pope.

      Another dream:

      My sister comes over and she accuses me of sleeping with her boyfriend. I say she's crazy and that I'm her sister, that she needs to believe me. T's in the bathroom. I thought my sister had left and I went into the bathroom to find them kissing. I'm enraged. I punch T in the face, pretty hard. Then I start yelling at my sister. I couldn't believe what she had done. She didn't care. I told her she needed to leave now. T starts to leave for work but he has my purse over his shoulder. I follow him out and keep telling him to give me my purse. Then I see that my sister was in the car that he was going for. I get angry again and say fuck it. I take off my engagement ring and throw it on the ground. Then I go inside.

      Later on, I'm sitting in a church I used to go to with my parents when I was younger. My mom and dad are next to me but my mom keeps speaking over the pastor. That's when I realized she was drunk. My dad's scolding her and I tell mom we should go downstairs. Finally I get her to come with me and we go into a playroom. I had my son with me and I put him down and he started crawling all over playing with toys. There was a pool in the basement of the church, a really fancy pool, and my sister's there. She keeps leaving her cigarette underneath the table, like hiding it. I keep picking it up so it doesn't set fire. I realize that my sister's drunk too. We're sort of getting along for some reason.

      Then there's some sort of graduation going on for a school choir. For some reason, I'm in their way and one of the people setting up the graduation keeps telling me to do things. I don't know why I was helping him but then I go to find whoever has my son. There's a ton of people around all of a sudden and I'm working my way through a crowd. Finally, I spot my son in this guy's arms that I used to work with. I freak out for a second cause the guy's kind of retarded and I didn't want him holding my son. I walk over to them, and he hands me my kid. Then I tell W, my son, that we're gonna go swimming. And I go into the pool with him in my arms.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Apocalypse Hero

      by , 08-28-2011 at 11:06 PM
      Been reading a lot about "2012" stuff and the other natural disasters that are happening right now, earthquakes and hurricanes, so I'm not surprised that I had a dream last night where the world was washed up by the ocean and somehow Batman swooped in and saved us all. <3 danananananaaaa thanks Batman.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. My Prince

      by , 08-14-2011 at 08:01 PM
      Before I get to the prince part, I was in a drive-by. I know the drive-by dream was long and vivid, but I woke up and went back to sleep and now I don't recall it so well. In fact, I JUST remembered it. There was a long ordeal, me and some other people were running. I don't think I was involved in this "gang" if you call it that, but I was tagging along with them and I can vaguely recall some familiar faces. The only parts I really remember was being in a house, one of our people was injured and they were off in the kitchen. I was standing next to the door. Someone yelled "drive by!" and I got down in time to the floor. They started shooting up the house and then some of the rival gang were coming in. As they reached the door, I pretended I got shot. I started holding my neck and gasping, doing my best to pretend. One of them rushed passed me to the kitchen and another stayed and she put her hand out to see if I was really dying, to check my pulse or something. I pretended it hurt really bad and started gasping again and turned away. Next thing I know I'm running across a parking lot trying to dial 911. The lady I called was talking about how she would have to investigate if it involved gangs. I said fine, that they needed to send an ambulence. I even had the address. I gave it to her and suddenly I'm walking into walmart. That's all I remember.

      So, the prince dream. I go to this mansion to visit my fiance, it was incredibly beautiful.

      It was just like this, middle of the ocean, but more round and more glass. I realize that T's a prince, but I'm visiting him like we're dating again or something. I remember laying on the couch with him in one room, and there was a sun roof. The clouds were incredible, unreal, even. They looked like a painting and I was in awe of them. T even asked me if I could be dreaming. I said nooo way (damnit.) His little brother had come down and had my son's pacifer in his mouth (his brother is 9 years old.) I took it out of his mouth and told him to go get his other one from upstairs, then me and T laughed as he walked away. T got up to do something and I browsed around. I found these shirts in these tubs, and was trying to compose an outfit for myself. I tried on a few shirts. All of the shirts had some funny comments on them. One was like.. a picture of a comic, it was familiar, it might have been an anime, but it had some joke on it that I really didn't get. Some of the shirts made me think that he had bought them for his ex-girlfriend, which kind of made me feel like shit. Anyway, he comes back and says let's take a ride in the ocean. I didn't even know we were on the ocean yet, but when we got outside, we rode these jet ski's out pretty far. That's when I got a view of the house. There was a random bar in the middle of the ocean out there. We stopped to get a drink but I started to get scared, because it was small and the waves were even rushing over it. Then I saw a shark under the water and me and T took off, and this sounds weird, but we started riding these two mexican servants. O.o

      We get back in time and it was like a race. I pull myself up onto a ledge, still freaking out about a shark being in the water. We go inside and we're in the living room with some of T's family. I start to walk into another room but I hear part of the conversation from the mexicans. They were saying that no one took Spanish classes anymore, but that they had gotten good jobs for it. I turned and said, hey, I'm taking a Spanish class this semester! They both smiled at it and I said, when I come back on the weekends you two will have to help me out. They laughed and said of course. Then I walk into this middle room. I asked T what it was supposed to be. There were shelves everywhere, but a couch and what not. He just said it was the back room and I said, "well, you need to do some rearranging." lol

      This is pretty much all I remember now. I can't express how real everything felt. I woke up pretty happy.
    15. Drunken Dreams

      by , 08-14-2011 at 01:27 AM
      Crazy dreams last night. I'm surprised I even remembered them, they were surprisingly vivid for me being incredibly drunk. I can't remember the order of events really, and I do believe it was all the same dream. I'm just going to log them how I think it might have went.

      I remember being at a pool with my son, an indoor pool. Then I was at this house with my sister and she had some friends over. I was standing in a long hallway and her friends were behind me. I thought they were acting kind of stupid, loud and obnoxious. I had walked past them and made a comment about dumb bitches. They started teasing me. I sort of ranted at them for a minute before I realized they were making gestures with their hands on their stomachs. I got the idea that they were saying I was a dumb bitch for like.. having a kid or something. I got pretty pissed off when I thought they were talking about my son. I went up to them, my sister watching with surprise, and I sort of shoved them. "You think I'm a bitch for being a mother?" I said. We started fighting, but for some reason they're movement was slow and predictable. They would swing at me and I just grabbed their hand and misdirected it. Then I took a few swings. Since there were two of them, I got caught up slapping this bitch around that the other one decided to throw a punch. I remember being surprised by it and barely grabbed her hand before it hit my face.

      After this, I'm back at the pool, but I had left my son at home for some reason. I was checking the place out before I went back to get him and I see this girl that used to work with me and she had two kids with her. She said something about sitting around the house got boring. There were a bunch of computers set up, like library computers, next to the pool. Everyone was playing the sims, like it was some kind of lan party. Tommy Chong was there and some other old hippie lady that I recognized IN the dream, but have no idea who she was now. There was some conspiracy about the sims and they were getting riled up about it, like someone had been messing them up. I had sat down at one of the computers at one time and was playing the sims, but I had to log on. I had asked someone next to me how we save the game and they raised their eyebrows. Then they asked me if I had an EA account. I said yea, and typed it in. I get up to go outside and I realize I'm on the college campus. I started to walk home and after about a block I turned right and there was an empty parking lot and across from it was a tall fence that had a bunch of houses behind it. A car comes from around the corner of the fence. It's these guys that look like they're all in their 30's. They were like, small-time business types. All wearing polos. The driver was yelling at me and they were all laughing making fun of me. They wouldn't leave me and they were moving along slowly beside me and kept yelling things. Finally I decided to pick up a few rocks and throw it at their car. The car was shiny silver, sort of looked like a bmw, Idk. I threw the rocks one at a time and they hit, but not very hard. The driver finally speeded up.

      Don't remember much else, at the moment. Except I think I went back to the pool and those guys in the car had apparently been harrassing people around these parts. Strange crazy dreams. I also seemed to have a false awakening. I had gotten out of bed and went and got a glass of water with a LOT of ice and could've swore I had a conversation with my fiance about the details from last night's drunkeness. I woke up with deja vu and went and got a glass of water and talked to my fiance. lol Crazy night.
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